Nov 222010

Last month in one of our MISCELLANY posts, we wrote about a Danish band called The Burning and their then-forthcoming new album, Hail the Horde. We featured a song from the album called “Bait the Hook”, which we described thusly: “It’s a nasty piece of stripped-down, mid-tempo, power-groove with an absolutely killer, headbangingly-compulsive, main riff; a gritty low end that vibrates in the gut; expressive, throaty vocals; and a nice old-school, grinding breakdown that just churns and churns. . . . If you can stay still while listening to this baby, you may have narcolepsy.”

Well, the album is now out — and the band has just released an official music video for that “Bait the Hook” song.  Holy hell, I do love this song. Take firm hold of your chains and prepare to get your fuckin’ groove on.  (Thanks to the excellent Metality blog for the tip on this video.)


  1. Niek says:

    I love those sliding and bending harmonics they put in as a little break/bridging part between chorus and verse. It’s a lovely piece of work this song!

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that many Danish bands seem to have a more machinal approach to their music? Slightly industrial; pumping, churning, highly rhythmic, like an industrial complex. Or am I the only one to hear this?

    • Islander says:

      Well, Mnemic and Psy:code certainly come to mind. What other bands are you thinking of? I’m certainly no expert on the Danish metal scene, but most other Danish bands I know of are thrash purveyors (Hatesphere, Demonica, Battalion) or black-metal bands.

  2. Niek says:

    Well, death-thrash too, indeed.

    I’d check my own site for a list of Danish band and give you some more names, but my hosting provider messed something up, because of which my site is now down. Though I did pay for my continued subscription (I’ve had it for exactly a year now) and they confirmed reception of the money, they somehow didn’t continue it. I have no idea whether or when it’s going to get fixed either… They’re working on it…

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