Feb 052012

(Almost exactly one year after we first wrote about Eschaton HERE, BadWolf reports today on the projected release of their next album and a brand new Eschaton single.)

Eschaton have been on my personal radar for some time, first because they operate completely independently and second because they make some killer tunes. These four (unnamed) Austrian heathens play a very modern style of blackened death metal with melodic death metal influences. I know, it sounds ho-hum. Fear not! Their interpretation of the sound recalls Behemoth, and Andy Synn’s 2010 band of the year, Dark Fortress.

Unfortunately, Eschaton’s record is quite sparse. They released an album called Godmode in 2004, and then a two-song single called An Instrument of Darkness in 2010. I’ve been waiting for a second album ever since.

That wait is over. Eschaton’s second album, Isolated Intelligence, will be released on March 3rd. In anticipation, the band released a single, “Current Void”, this morning. Oh boy.

It’s an eight-minute vamp-fest, completed by some female co-vocalizations that bring a more In Flames inspired sound into the mix. Usually such things would be a turn-off, but I find myself quite enjoying “Current Void” and eagerly anticipate Isolated Intelligence.

Oh, did I mention it’s free?

Yes, it’s all free, “Current Void” and Eschaton’s complete back catalog. Just check their BandCamp HERE: http://eschatonchaosworks.bandcamp.com/

They even provide mediafire links in case any of their records exceed BandCamp’s free download limit. What nice guys.

3 Responses to “ESCHATON: “CURRENT VOID””

  1. byrd36 says:

    Yes! Godmode and An Instrument of Darkness were both killer. Add me to the list of those eagerly awaiting Isolated Intelligence and downloading Current Void now!

  2. groverXIII says:

    I didn’t know about GodMode, but I loved An Instrument Of Darkness. And now there’s new stuff? Huzzah!

  3. simon says:

    in flames? because there’s a girl in the background? come on …

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