Nov 302012

Feast your eyes: The artwork for Suffocation’s next album, Pinnacle of Bedlam.

Created by: Raymond Swanland (who did similarly awesome deeds for the likes of Deeds of Flesh and Psycroptic)

Projected release date: Sometime in February 2013

Label: Nuclear Blast

Me:  Having some wood right now.

Is that too much information?

Here’s a nice Suffocation band photo:

That is all. Ain’t that enough?


  1. digitaldemon says:

    I’ll definitely check this out, but I honestly think everything they have put out since reforming has been mediocre at best. Human Waste and their first three albums (yes even Breeding the Spawn and its horrid production) set the bar so high not even they can match it.

  2. Kazz says:

    Suffocation! No breathing! Don’t give a f— if I cut my arm bleeding!

    Wait, that’s not the right band. This band is much better. Looking forward to it.

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