Feb 102013

This may be a Sunday, but it’s not a sleepy one here on our metallic island. I have many new musics to spread around — so many that I’m dividing this round-up into 3 parts, this being the first. So as not to get too bogged down in rolling these out, I will attempt to minimize the verbiage, which of course goes against every fiber of my being. Ready, set, GO!


Let’s start with metal from Finland. I’ve been following this band (whose name will be recognized by sharp-eyed fans of the movie Silence of the Lambs) since 2010, and have reviewed both of their EPs, which I recommend. For background, and a link for free download of their last EP (which we hosted), see all my previous blather here.

Bill Skins Fifth have now completed work on yet another EP, this one with the title For the Threat, and on Friday they premiered a lyric video for one of the new tracks, “Spotlight Junkie”. As I’ve come to expect from this band, “Spotlight Junkie” is a hook-filled slice of galloping/jabbing melodic death metal, with skull-scouring vocals, tasty dual-guitar dueling, a catchy chorus, and high energy. Check it out next (the EP can be pre-ordered here):





And here we have yet another blast from the past. I first wrote about these dudes in a MISCELLANY post two years ago when they released their first single, “Slurry Dogs”. And now, today, two years later, they’ve released a second song — “Well Seasoned Piece of Loose Meat”.

I found out about the new track from multi-talented musician Ray Heberer (the man behind Haemic and many other projects), who composed the demented little ditty used in the song’s first 35 seconds. Actually, it’s not just the first 35 seconds that are demented — the whole songs is nuts. Though it includes melodic parts that include (gasp) clean singing and a big load of head-smashing riffs, lots of other things have been thrown into the blender to keep listeners off balance.

The song is streaming at this place, where it’s accompanied by trippy visuals and can be downloaded for free. If you’d rather not jump over there just now, you can also listen below. The band’s FB page is here.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


I’ve only had the pleasure of catching one live show by Sacramento’s Conducting From the Grave, but I’ve retained vivid memories of that beatdown. I also still have bruises to show for it. Both DGR and I have written about them in the past (those posts are collected here), and they’re now far along in the work on their third album. Thanks to a tip from the aforementioned DGR, I learned that late last week they released a teaser for the album, consisting of a series of song excerpts.

The song clips haven’t been through the final mix and master yet, but they’re nonetheless attention-grabbing. They bring blast-furnace intensity with a full complement of pummeling riffs, melodic leads, and flash-fire solos. I was caught off guard by one episode of clean vocals in the midst of all the blasting and howling. Still thinking about that . . . .

Have a listen below.



  1. morbidcorpse says:

    I really enjoyed CFTG’s first album. They lost me on the second effort though. It was so boring and monotonous. Not one memorable moment on the whole disc. I’m willing to give them another chance at redemption so we’ll see how this new one shapes up.

    • Matt says:

      You clearly didn’t listen very closely to the second album. Different? yes. Boring, monotonous, or unmemorable? Not even close. “willing to give them a chance at redemption” Like they need to prove anything to some idiot internet kid like you. Let me know when your album drops and we’ll compare.

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