Jul 312013

This is a rant, so if you’re not in the mood, just skip it. Won’t hurt my feelings.

I got pissed off by something that happened on the NCS Facebook page yesterday. That’s pretty rare. The fact that I’m still pissed off is even more rare (I’m old enough to have figured out that although giving in to my temper occasionally has its uses, most of the time it accomplishes nothing good).  So, dumbass that I am, I’ve stewed about it, trying to understand why.

In a nutshell, I wrote a post yesterday about a re-recorded song by Deprecated. Like just about everything I write here, I was excited about it. Like everything we post here, I added a status on our Facebook page about the post for people who follow us there. In my FB status, I asked the rhetorical question whether people would like to hear some brutal death metal performed by Derek Boyer and Terrance Hobbs of Suffocation, Matt Sotelo of Decrepit Birth, AJ Magaña (ex- Disgorge (USA), and drummer Torrey Moores, and then I added, “I’m going to assume you said yes”.

Someone who shall remain nameless put this comment on the status: “I really really don’t like suffocation or decrepit birth. I’ll pass.” I suppressed the desire to respond with some snarky retort, and simply wrote, “I guess I made an erroneous assumption. :)” To which the original commenter wrote: “It happens when you’re trying to promote something. c:”

And that’s what pissed me off. Maybe I’m misinterpreting that crack (I guess “c:” is some variant of a smiley face), but it seemed like he was insinuating that I had some ulterior motive for writing about Deprecation, something other than the simple fact that I was excited about the revival of that band and about the new recording, as if I was whoring myself for the band or the record label based on some kind of deal, like a PR agent.

I should know better than to be affected by someone exercising his god-given right to be cynical and ignorant on the internet. Maybe it’s because that kind of horseshit is so rare on this site and on our FB page, but it still got under my skin. So I thought about it, more than it deserved (it really deserved no thought at all).

I mean, I’ve said it before, but maybe I need to say it again for the cynical and the ignorant in the audience: The only reason any of us here devote our time to this blog is because we love metal. It’s not a job, no one pays us to do it, we don’t take money from anyone for anything, and we’re not beholden to anyone. We write about what we like, to support bands we think are good and to help other people discover something they may like as much as we do, not because we feel obligated to.

Yes, there are perks that go along with this — it’s fun to get to know musicians and other fans, and it’s cool to get access to releases before they become public — because like any other fans, we’re impatient, and getting to hear something that we’re curious or excited about sooner rather than later is a plus. But that hardly makes any of us “promoters”.

We have our share of flaws, and inevitably we’re going to praise something that someone else thinks is awful. But the one thing I guarantee you we have is integrity — we’re being honest about what we feel, even when someone else thinks our taste is for shit. My biggest regret is that we don’t have the time to write about everything that deserves to be written about — because THIS ISN’T A FUCKIN’ JOB — but I know damn well that all of us are doing what we believe in.

It’s a shame that the scene is such that some fans apparently assume or suspect that people who write about metal for a reasonably popular site must have some kind of hidden agenda or some kind of side business that they’re trying to pump up without anyone knowing about it. I guess that may happen, but it doesn’t happen here.

End of rant.

P.S. That somewhat nausea-inducing cat image at the top of the post has nothing to do with anything. It just puts me in a better mood. No one paid me to put it there.


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