Mar 272015


(Responding to my constricted blog time, our Norwegian friend eiterorm has graciously compiled a round-up of new music and news for your entertainment and edification.)

The winds whispered in my ear that Islander has a lot of news to dig through (and a wife to persuade) before he can resume his passionate blog work. Here’s a guest entry to keep you slightly occupied in the meantime.


Because I decided to do this in alphabetical order, the news about Abbath is first out. Some of you may already know that the members of Immortal have been involved in a legal dispute over the band’s name. Due to musical disagreements, the long-running black metallers and weather forecasters have decided to go separate ways. Apparently, Abbath wanted to continue his career under the old monicker, something the rest of the band wouldn’t allow.

Mar 262015


I’ve finally reached what should be the last day of the project for my fucking day job that has kept me away from home for the last month and severely interfered with the all-important task of spilling my guts about metal on this site. I really can’t wait to get home.

I have a ton of new music to catch up on, but I probably won’t immediately dive back into blogging for a day or two since I also have about a thousand hours of sleep to catch up on, assuming my wife still recognizes me and will let me in the house.

I had a bit of free time this morning, so I pulled together this small round-up of music that grabbed me by the throat as I made a quick dash through the interhole looking for new songs.


I’ve been anxiously awaiting the time when a first advance track would emerge from Four Phantoms, the new album by Seattle’s Bell Witch, and it happened yesterday. The song is “Judgement, In Fire: I — Garden (Of Blooming Ash)”, the second of the album’s four long tracks (and at 10 minutes, it’s the shortest one). Here’s the complete track list:

Mar 172015


I got enough of a break from my day job over the last two days that I was able to listen to some new music, and I’ve collected some of what I heard in this post. I knew the previous work of some of these bands and therefore wasn’t surprised by the quality. Other songs came as complete surprises — and very nice ones.


I had lost track of this Italian duo. The last time we wrote about them was two and a half years ago. Of course, that was around the last time they released any music, and their last album was 2009′s The Isolation Game. Thanks to Andy Synn, I made the happy discovery yesterday that they have a new album coming out in June on Coroner Records named Cold Inferno. There’s a big head on the cover.

Mar 162015


If you’ve been paying attention to our persistent frothing at the mouth over the forthcoming album by “super-group” Alkaloid, or if you only happened to catch our premiere of the title track from The Malkuth Grimoire, then we have some very good news for you. And if the band’s name is still one you haven’t yet come across, look at the line-up, and then we’ll give you the news:

Morean (Dark FortressNoneuclid) – Vocals, Guitars
Christian Muenzner (Spawn of Possession, Ex-Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist) – Guitars
Danny Tunker (Aborted, Ex-God Dethroned) – Guitars
Linus Klausenitzer (ObscuraNoneuclid) – Bass
Hannes Grossmann (Blotted Science, Ex-Obscura, Ex-Necrophagist) – Drums

 And the news is that the entire album can be streamed in its entirety as of today.

Mar 152015


(In this post Austin Weber updates us with news of forthcoming metal tours.)

Metal Injections Presents: Cryptopsy/Soreption/Erimha US Tour

It’s been several years since Cryptopsy have toured the United States, but now they’re coming back, and they’re bringing along some sick support acts to sweeten the deal. Soreption is definitely a favorite around here at NCS. Their sleek combination of mechanical grooves and technical death metal is incredible, and last year’s Engineering The Void was an amazing effort by the band. US Death metal act Disgorge and Montreal-based black/death group Erimha round out the tour bill.

Mar 152015


(Our Norwegian friend eiterorm has stepped up to assist with a round-up of recommended new music.)

While Islander is away on duties, I promised to do a quick round-up of some of the news I find. Due to my music-to-words converter running at low capacity at the moment, I’ll leave it to you to find descriptive words for the music. So if you find that adjectives and metaphors are lacking, feel free to add your own in the comment field below. Despite the scarcity of words in this post, however, all the music below is highly recommended. Don’t just take my word for it; stream it all and hear for yourself.

Macabre Omen

Macabre Omen was founded in 1994 on the island of Rhodes in Greece. For the next decade, they recorded a variety of demos and splits until their debut album, entitled The Ancient Returns, was released in 2005. Now, another decade later, the Hellenes have unleashed their sophomore album upon us. The new opus, entitled Gods of War – At War, is an hour-long collection of epic hymns to Hellenic warfare, in the musical vein of Bathory. The entire album can be streamed below for your auditory pleasure.

Mar 142015


(Having heard of my job-related inability to assemble round-ups of new music for the last week (and the one that’s coming), Austin Weber has once again graciously stepped up to fill the void. This is Part 2 of a round-up of new music, which began here.)

Dawn Of Dementia

Both Islander and I have written about Lafayette, Indiana-based technical death metal act Dawn Of Dementia before. The band traffic in a highly melodic form of technical death metal, and their newly dropped track, “A Subterranean Exposure”, shows them executing at an even higher level than on their previously released (and amazing) EP, Residuum.

I had the honor of getting to see Dawn Of Dementia play live in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, last fall, and these guys are the real deal. Their forthcoming album, Immolation Of  Avernis, is shaping up to be quite an impressive debut.

Mar 092015

photo by Samantha Marble

Yesterday, while on a short work break, I took a quick scan through my Facebook news feed and quickly discovered an invitation to a new Facebook page for a band named Missing. And when I saw who was in the band I got bug-eyed with excitement:

Charlie Fell (Abigail Williams, ex-Lord Mantis)
Fade Kainer (Statiqbloom, Theologian, Batillus)
Sanford Parker (Corrections House, ex-Nachtmystium)
Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, ex-Lord Mantis)
Jef Whitehead (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice)
Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Chrome Waves, Abigail Williams)

An official announcement about the band was released today, about a half hour ago. But yesterday, before the news became official, I reached out to Jeff Wilson and persuaded him to answer a few questions about this new project and what it holds in store.

Mar 062015


I have a lot of new music and videos that I spotted earlier in the week that I still need to throw your way, and with luck I’ll be able to do that later today, but for now, here are the first two things I saw this morning after firing up my computer and visiting Facebook.


My NCS comrade Andy Synn posted the album cover that’s at the top of this post. It appeared on the Facebook wall of Gorgoroth, with this announcement:

Gorgoroth has signed to Soulseller Records, who will release the band’s new album Instinctus Bestialis on 8. June 2015 on CD/vinyl and digital (available through Amazon, Spotify, iTunes etc.)

Mar 052015


I’ll just leave this here because it makes me so happy, since I missed these bands when they came through town with Dark Tranquillity not long ago:

Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum will be touring North America together later this summer. This is the schedule:

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