Mar 262015


Brothers Jerred and Wyatt Houseman were formerly members of a brutal death metal band from Colorado named Execration. They have turned their talents to a new project — Helleborus — which is the scientific name for a genus of beautiful but poisonous flowers that bloom in winter. Their debut album The Carnal Sabbath will be released later this year, and today we bring you the premiere of one of the album tracks — “Coils” — plus the chance to download it for free.

Helleborus is a departure from the brothers’  previous work in Execration. It’s a psychedelic black metal project created to explore themes of sexual mysticism, the Qabalah, and the Esoteric.  About “Coils” in particular, Wyatt Houseman explains:

Mar 252015


Following the release in 2013 of a debut EP (Tranquility) and a split with Thaw, Poland’s Outre will see the release of their debut album Ghost Chants next month. Today we bring you a first taste of this new work as we premiere its final track, “Arrival“.

The combination of piercing and groaning tones that introduce the song immediately fashion an atmosphere that’s both eerie and ominous. The titanic, distortion-drenched pounding and dynamic, deranged vocals that follow only deepen the sense of impending calamity, and when the song erupts in an explosion of jagged riffing and blasting drumbeats, the tension breaks and the threatened destruction becomes a reality.

Mar 252015


(Austin Weber presents our premiere of a song by Indiana’s Breeding Filth.)

While talking to Dawn of Dementia guitarist Derick Harshbarger recently, he mentioned to me that he is a part of another new group from Indiana called Breeding Filth, and that they were close to having a single drop. So we at NCS are now proud to help spread the word about them with the premiere of “Exhibit Of Perverted Lunacy”, the debut song from their upcoming full-length, Perverse Devolution.

Anyone who is a fan of Dawn of Dementia will easily dig “Exhibit Of Perverted Lunacy”, especially because of a similar melodic focus on sheer darkness and skull-crushing fury. Stylistically, Breeding Filth are different — they have a more brutal/slam character than Dawn Of Dementia – but there is still a fair bit of technical death metal riffing woven in.

Mar 192015


We’ve been beating the drums for Gruesome’s debut album on Relapse Records, Savage Land, since first hearing a couple of early songs that emerged last June. Earlier this month Relapse premiered the album’s fourth track, “Hideous”, and today we’ve got the pleasure of bringing you the debut of the title song.

Gruesome’s membership roster is damned impressive. It includes Exhumed’s Matt Harvey; ex-Malevolent Creation drummer Gus RiosPossessed guitarist Daniel Gonzalez; and Derketa bassist Robin Mazen. The idea behind their joining together is equally laudable: Their collective mission was to record music in tribute to Chuck Schuldiner and the almighty Death. Fittingly, they turned to illustrator Ed Repka (Death, Megadeth, Massacre, Athiest, et el) for the gruesome cover art.

Mar 182015


(TheMadIsraeli provides the following brief introduction to our premiere of the new EP by Tennessee’s Animality — with a link to a free download of the music.)

We posted a premiere of a song by these Tennessean tech death/deathcore bruisers a bit back, and I’m proud to present not only a stream, but a free download of their newest EP. It’s a self-titled one, and I think you’ll really enjoy it. It’s three songs of purely merciless bludgeoning, and Animality are particularly gifted at administering this kind of punishment. I hope you enjoy.

Mar 182015


The music on Obsequiae’s debut album Suspended in the Brume of Eos was a magical spanning of widely separated musical eras, as if the band had discovered the secret of being in two places at once, widely separated in time, and finding a communion of the spirits of each age. It was a remarkably imaginative work, something deeply felt and beautifully realized. Everyone who fell under its spell has been waiting for what would come next, and our patience is about to be rewarded.

On May 12, 2015, 20 Buck Spin will release the band’s second album, Aria Of Vernal Tombs. Fittingly, as the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere approaches at the end of this week, we are proud to bring you the premiere of not one but two new songs from this brilliant new album. They are the album’s first two tracks: “Ay Que Por Muy Fremosura” and “Autumnal Pyre”.

Mar 162015


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new song by Scalafrea.)

Today we have an incredible new song to share with the fine readers here at NCS. The track in question, “Perceptions Of Time”, comes from a new EP, Opposites In Polarity, by Colorado-based technical death metal trio Scalafrea. I’ve been following this band for several years after stumbling onto them through Metal-Archives. While they might not be the household name they should be, these guys have previously released an EP and a full-length that are head and shoulders above most of their peers in their style of metal.

The reasons they are so good bring to mind parallels to what Cephalic Carnage have done so well: They have a hodge-podge style that draws from all over the musical map and they couple that style with a penchant for writing songs, as Cephalic Carnage used to do, that are rather non-linear and that generally avoid repeating parts.

Mar 132015


Australia’s Abominator have been awfully quiet. More than eight years have passed since their last album, The Eternal Conflagration. But at long last they have a new one named Evil Proclaimed that Hells Headbangers is slated to release on March 24. This will be their fifth album overall, in a career that stretches back 20 years.

We’ve previously featured the album’s title track, and today we bring you another — “The Brimstone Nucleus”. It’s a four-minute barrage of machine-gun percussion, deep, thrumming bass rumble, and venomous, grinding riffs. The lead guitar writhes like a serpent attempting to consume itself and explodes in spurts of flame-throwing solos, while the vocalist barks and growls like an enraged mastiff. But while merciless attack is the principal strategy, the band also punctuate their slashing assault with an off-pace segment that oozes with a sickening pestilence.

Mar 122015


This is a song made especially for you, and you know that because the name of the song is “Miscreants”.

It comes from an album entitled Prime Incursion by the Dutch band Apophys, an album soon to be released by Metal Blade that we’ve been eagerly awaiting since first learning that it was in the works, our eagerness only magnified by the interview we did with the band’s vocalist Kevin Quilligan earlier this year (and yes, we’re mentioning that because we think you should read it).

As for the song, you will enjoy “Miscreants” even if you’re not convinced that it was named for you. The pummeling begins immediately with a phalanx of hammering riffs that seem dedicated to pounding you into the ground like a nail driven through wood, and the start-stop jackhammering doesn’t stop. The music is a ticket straight to headbang city, but that’s not all it is.

Mar 112015


On March 24 Metal Blade Records will release the debut album of Seattle’s Theories. It’s an event that makes me very happy, in part for reasons that may not mean much to most people who hear the album. For one, I know all of the people in the band, some better than others, and they’re the kind of people who make you happy for their success (getting signed by a label like Metal Blade would certainly qualify as success in most people’s books). For another, I’ve seen the band perform live, everywhere from Seattle to Maryland Deathfest XII to Denver Black Sky II, and they seem to be even more perfectly destructive each time I see them.

So, with that said, you can imagine how fucking delighted I am that we’re premiering the lyric video for a song called “Burnt Concrete” off Theories’ debut album Regression. It’s the opening track and it starts off the festivities with a full-bore blast of grindcore fury.

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