Dec 082016



On January 6, Werewolf Records in cooperation with Hells Headbangers will release the debut album by a Mexico City black metal trio who call themselves Mordskog. The title of the album is a Roman numeral — XIII — and from that album we bring you the premiere of a hellish track called “Mors Est Vitae Essentia“.

The riff is king on this song — or more accurately, the riffs are kings. Anchored by a driving drum rhythm and bursts of double-bass thunder (with nary a blast-beat to be heard), the song moves from one infectious piece of poisonous black guitar magic to another. It only takes one listen for the song to get stuck in your head.

Dec 082016



The cover art for the new album by Kratornas could hardly have been better conceived. Like the artwork, the music pours sulfurous satanic hellfire down upon the damned (and everyone else) in a superheated torrent. The album’s name suits the music as well: Devoured By Damnation. And there’s no reason to just take our word for it, because below you’ll find our premiere of a full album stream to coincide with its release today by Grathila Records.

Kratornas began in the early ’90s as the solo project of a musician in the Philippines named Zachariah — though the debut album of Kratornas didn’t appear until 2007. In 2011, after the release of the second Kratornas album, Zachariah moved to Canada. And here we are, roughly 7 years after the last album, ready to be scorched by the new one. For this album, Zachariah is accompanied by a human drummer, GB Guzzarin, though he continues to handle vocals, guitar, and bass by himself.

Dec 062016



Oneironaut is the new album by Crimson Moon, this project’s first full-length in more than a decade and only the third since its inception in 1994. The album is an imposing, hour-long work, with five of its six tracks exceeding 8 minutes in length, including the closing title track, which nears the 20-minute mark. But it’s also one of the most captivating, most multifaceted, and most compelling black metal albums you’ll encounter this year, even as it comes when 2016 is about to gasp its last breaths.

Oneironaut is being released today by W.T.C. Productions, and to help spread the word of its advent, we have a full album stream for you.

Dec 062016



The song you’re about to hear bears numerous hallmarks of skull-cleaving brutality even before you hear a single note. The song’s name is “Horrific Existence“. The album’s name is Horrific Existence. The band call themselves Cranial Engorgement. And feast your eyes on that album art up there by the renowned Pär Olofsson. The message comes through loud and clear, doesn’t it?

But all of those hallmarks still may not prepare you for the traumatic effect of the music itself, which we’re bringing your way through an official music video, or for the album as a whole, which is this California band’s debut full-length, scheduled for release on February 10 by Gore House Productions.

Dec 062016



NekroRegime is the second album by the Swedish black/death band Omnizide, and it will be released on December 16 by Carnal Records in Europe and Daemon Worship Productions in the U.S. The album’s title track has already surfaced, and now we bring you another one, a massively infectious dark beast named “Deathwomb“.

Omnizide was originally created under the name Belzen by AE and Nox in 1995. A few years later, it split up before releasing any recordings, with AE moving on in the band Avsky and Nox becoming the frontman for Craft. Years later the two joined forces again under the banner of Omnizide, and with additional allies in the line-up they released a debut album named Death Metal Holocaust in 2014.

Dec 062016



Ten years after Black Hole Generator released the debut EP Black Karma, they have returned with a debut album. Bearing the title A Requiem For Terra, it has now been released by Dark Essence Records, and today we are delighted to share with you the premiere of a fascinating video for the album’s third track, “Moloch“.

The song has a cold, midnight-dark, hallucinatory quality as well as an occult atmosphere of building tension and threatening peril that spills over into fusillades of violence. The video created by Romanian artist and musician Costin Chioreanu (a name that will be well known to our readers) makes a perfect match for this gripping but unnerving song, and is also an unsettling but thoroughly engrossing panorama of bleak visions all by itself.

Dec 052016

A DREAM OF POE - A Waltz For Apophenia


With the new album A Waltz for Apophenia, A Dream of Poe concludes a conceptual trilogy that began with The Mirror of Deliverance (2011) and continued with An Infinity Emerged (2015). The new album is being released today by Solitude Productions, and to help spread the word we bring you the premiere of all 8 new songs.

On the new album, composer and instrumentalist Miguel Santos (a native of The Azores islands but now living in Edinburgh, Scotland) is again joined by lyricist Paulo Pacheco and clean vocalist Kaivan Saraei, with both Santos and João Melo voicing the harsh growls.

Dec 022016



Today is the release date for Incantations Inciting Demise, the debut EP by an anonymous black metal collaborative who have adopted the name Thy Sepulchral Moon. Encompassing five aural “spells”, it’s being released by Signal Rex on black cassette, limited to 66 hand-numbered copies. We give you the opportunity to become ensorceled by them through our premiere of a complete stream of the EP.

I should warn you that these aren’t the kind of spells you might first imagine. They aren’t hypnotic or entrancing in any conventional sense. But for those interested in entering an adrenaline-charged fugue state brought on by unrelenting chaos and bestial violence, they do have their charms.

Dec 022016



Last month we premiered a song from the debut EP Döda Vägar by the mysterious Swedish band Mylingar. At that time I decided to defer my thoughts about the EP as a whole, with the idea of completing a review closer to the release date. That’s one plan I managed to complete, and just in the nick of time, because the EP is being released today by Amor Fati Productions and can now be heard in full.

The music on the EP is a nightmarish hybrid of black and death metal that seems designed with the objective of inflicting torment and terror on a thermonuclear scale. It ignites one violent hurricane of hate after another, each song ravaging the listener’s head with horrendous and even stupefying power. The effect is to produce the kind of adrenaline surge in the listener that I imagine is akin to a near-death experience in a midnight war zone, where you’re surrounded by combatants that aren’t fully human.

Dec 022016



As a genre term, “technical death metal” covers a lot of ground. It’s applied to bands ranging from Suffocation to Spawn of Possession, from Cryptopsy to Atheist, from Decapitated to Behold the Arctopus. It has been applied to the band whose new song we’re premiering in this post, but despite the broad landscape of sounds the term has come to encompass, the music of The Replicate still seems out on the fringe of the territory — if it hasn’t crossed over into a new and strange frontier altogether, at least compared to the modern drawing of the boundary lines.

The Replicate is the solo project of an Indian musician named Sandesh Nagaraj. Before moving to Los Angeles where he now lives, Nagaraj was a member of other extreme metal bands in his native land over a decades-long life in music, including Myndsnare, Extinct Reflections, and Stranglehold. On The Replicate’s debut EP A Selfish Dream, he is accompanied by drummer Ray Rojo as well as a trio of vocalists and other “cunning pals”. But Nagaraj is a damned cunning ringleader himself.

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