Aug 042015



Steel yourself for a harrowing experience, for we’re about to bring you a full stream of Revenant, the new third album by New Zealand’s Creeping.

This isn’t an idle warning. Making your way through the album is like a brutal descent into a sodden catacombs inhabited by damned and vengeful spirits. The deeper you stagger and stumble into its depths, the farther the light recedes above you, replaced by an ever-increasing sense of implacable menace and wrenching loss. You are about to join the company of phantasms, and Creeping make their terrors your own.

Mostly slow or mid-paced, the songs are often as crushing and remorseless as the most catastrophic doom album you’re likely to find this year. Anchored by titanic, distorted riffs and earthquake drumming, the music is laced with eerie reverberating guitar melodies which enhance the supernatural atmosphere that surrounds the entire album.

Aug 042015



On August 30, Satanath Records and Sevared Records will jointly release the second album by Costa Rica’s Inhuman. The album’s name is Conquerors of the New World, and today you’ll find out how it begins, as we premiere the title track.

Different bands have different philosophies about how to begin an album. Some prefer to set the stage with an instrumental track, something designed to set the mood or begin building an atmosphere (though as often as not that kind of introduction has little to do with the music that follows it). Not this band. They jam the accelerator to the floor without giving you any time to catch your breath — and you’ll have difficulty finding a moment to breathe before it ends, too.

Aug 032015

Black Queen-The Directress


It’s not uncommon for metal bands to concoct their own genre terms for the music they create, though more often than not the new terminology is just a grab at attention for music that really sounds no different than what you’ve heard countless times before under age-old genre labels. But after you hear blackQueen’s new album The Directress, you’ll probably agree that the band’s description of their music as “Witch Metal” is just about exactly right — and that no other genre term you’ve heard before does a very good job capturing the album’s esoteric variety.

The Directress was released via Bandcamp on August 1, and those of you who have already discovered blackQueen’s black magic through their previous releases will have already pounced on it. For those who are new to the band or aren’t quite as quick to make the leap, we bring you a full stream of the album at the end of this post, as well as a look at the new video for the album’s opening track, “The Olde Religion”.

Jul 312015

Bittered-Hubris Aggression


Today, Friday, July 31, Virginia’s Lost Apparition Records will release Hubris Aggression, the debut album of Bittered from York, PA, and we have a full stream of it to share with you.

Bittered was spawned in 2014 by Paul Folk, founder and long-time guitarist for the Maryland death metal band Exterminance and drummer Dennis Matos, both of whom had played together in other bands that had their roots in punk and grind. Paul Folk and Bittered’s vocalist Kasey Harrison are also members of a grind band called Police State. But although Bittered’s lyrical themes share a political focus with some of the members’ other projects, the music goes off in different musical directions — and there’s not much light at the end of those tunnels.

Jul 282015



In the wake of a successful crowd-funding campaign this past spring, the multinational group Raising the Veil are now releasing their debut album Bosonic Quantum Phenomena,. Last month we premiered a single from the new album, and today we’re helping bring you the premiere of a full album stream.

This new album is the band’s second release overall, following their 2012 EP Yucatanimvs, and the limited CD version of the album not only includes eight new tracks but also a re-mastered version of the three songs from the EP. Our stream includes all 11 songs.

If you’re not familiar with this band, their membership includes Austrian vocalist George Wilfinger (Monument of Misanthropy, Disfigured Divinity, ex-Miasma), Canadians Daniel McLellan (guitar) and Denis Landry (bass), and Necrophagist drummer Romain Goulon from France. This is one of those cross-border collaborations that would not have been possible without the advent of such things as home studios and file-sharing technologies. But although such creative partnerships may have become more common with the advance of those technologies, the results in this case are unusually good.

Actually, “jaw-dropping” and “head-spinning” would be better adjectives.

Jul 282015

Clay Davis-BCGC


We tend to pay close attention around these parts to the releases of Baltimore-based Grimoire Records, not only because the label’s owner Noel Mueller takes the unusual step of actually recording the music of the bands he releases, but also because the string of performance/recording collaborations the label has released has been so consistently good. And now we have one more coming our way — the 10-track debut by a grindcore duo who call themselves Clay Davis (a name that will resonate for fans of The Wire). The title of this new release is B.C.G.C., and while half the tracks have been previously released for streaming, we’re bringing you a full blast of all 10 of them right now.

You did read that correctly — Clay Davis are a duo. You could guess that one of them (Mike Barth) is a drummer. You might not correctly guess what the other one (Thor Buntin) does, but here’s a hint: The band’s motto is “No Gods. No Guitar Players.”

So, what kind of racket do a grind drummer and bassist get up to on B.C.G.C.? You’re about to find out, but here are some further hints:

Jul 282015

Hollow World-The Wrath Kept WIthin


One thing leads to another, and in this case three good things have led to five.

Yesterday my comrade DGR praised the first three songs he had heard from the second EP by Australia’s Hollow World (here). That led to some communication with the band, and now we get to bring you a premiere of all five tracks in advance of the EP’s official release on July 31.

In case you missed DGR’s write-up, I’m going to quote part of what he had to say about the three tracks he heard, and then toss in my two cents on the two we’re adding to the collection in this premiere.

Jul 272015

Internal SUffering 2014


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of the title track to a forthcoming album by the mighty Internal Suffering.)

It’s been nine grueling years of waiting for a new Internal Suffering record, but finally all the pieces are in place for a fall/winter release of their new full-length, Cyclonic Void Of Power, through Unique Leader Records. Some of you may remember the lyric/song video premiere for “Vanished From Cosmos” that we presented last year here at NCS, which was the first glimpse of this ravenous release and triumphant return by the band. And now we have a second song/lyric video to bring your ears and eyes: “Cyclonic Void Of Power”, the decimating title-track from the new record.

While it’s not the most important thing to say about this band or this new song, it’s worth recognizing that they were so far ahead of their time that even now their unique brand of  brutal, technical death metal as captured well more than a decade ago sounds modern, and just as face-melting in all its twisted glory. As far as hyper-blasting, brutally minded metal bands with a hint of slam go, they are in a sense the grandfather of the current crop of bands playing in these styles. If you’re interested in death metal that’s a full-throttle stampede, and also somehow memorable along the way, then draw near to your speakers and prepare to headbang.

Jul 242015



Today is the day, the day when Hells Headbangers opens the cage door and allows Destruktor’s new album Opprobrium to run rampant across the world. It’s the band’s first full-length since Nailed emerged in 2009, and it’s one hell of an album.

The first minute and a half of “Priestiality” might seem at first blush to function as a statement of intent, its slow, dismal chords and funereal drum rhythm casting an aura of gloom right from the start. But slow and dismal isn’t really what Opprobrium is about. It’s about ripping big bleeding holes in your body while giving your head the kind of enthusiastic whipping it deserves.

With the exception of a few astutely placed breaks in the onslaught, Destruktor deliver one furious, fast-paced blast of energy after another, mixing together elements of black metal, thrash, and death metal into music that’s vicious but tremendously infectious (in both senses of the word).

Jul 232015



The Polish death metal band Ogotay have completed a new album (their second) named Dead God’s Prophet that will be released by their new label Selfmadegod Records on August 1. We were given the opportunity to premiere a new song from the album of our own choosing. After listening to the album and liking it a lot, I agreed.

But picking the song turned out to be more difficult, because there is a lot of good stuff to choose from on this release, and the songs certainly aren’t all alike. The one I eventually chose was “Entering the Void”, which is the album’s fourth track.

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