Feb 242017


We’ve had some enthusiastic words of praise for North Carolina’s All Hell going back to their second release, The Red Sect, in 2015 (“It’s a thoroughly electrifying romp, a ripping rampage of thrashing riffs, punk rhythms, and mad-dog snarls. Hooky as hell and as nasty as a famished wolverine…. It hits that Toxic Holocaust/Goatwhore sweet spot”). Prosthetic Records soon signed the band and reissued that album on LP and CD, and now Prosthetic is bringing out the band’s new album, The Grave Alchemist — from which we gleefully bring you the premiere of a black thrashing track aptly named “Vampiric Lust“.

The new album was produced by Kris Hilbert (The Body) and was mixed and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), both of whom also worked with the band on The Red Sect. The album is described as “a narrative-driven horror concept album that weaves a tale of alchemy, necromancy, and vampirism over the span of three centuries.”

Feb 232017


The timer on a bomb has been ticking down, and tomorrow time runs out. February 24th is the release date established by Unique Leader Records for Palace of the Pessimist, the new album by L.A.-based So This Is Suffering. But we’re speeding up the clock and providing a premature detonation today as we host a full stream of the album.

So This Is Suffering were founded in 2006, self-releasing a trio of previous albums, including 2012’s A Deathscene on Delay. This new one marks their first release on Unique Leader.

Feb 232017


Mountain God‘s new album Bread Solstice is a fascinating trip, an immersive, trance-inducing affair that’s nevertheless harrowing, and as heavy as an avalanche coming through your splintering skull. The centerpiece of the album is an 11 1/2 minute monolith named “Nazca Lines“, and we’re giving you the chance to hear it now in advance of the album’s March 24 release by Artificial Head Records.

Brooklyn-based Mountain God first began to take shape in 2012 and the band’s line-up now consists of guitarist/vocalist Ben Ianuzzi, bassist/keyboardist Nik Kamineni (ex-Alkahest), and drummer/vocalist Ryan Smith (Thera Royal). This new album follows the band’s 2013 EP Experimentation On The Unwilling and their 2015 single-track monument, Forest of the Lost.

Feb 232017


Last October we had the pleasure of premiering an absolute bonfire of an album by the French band Sordide, displaying (at a high level) a kind of dissonant, atmospheric, intricate, multifaceted black metal with progressive and doom inclinations and a display of technical prowess that frequently veers into jaw-dropping territory. And if that seems like a wordy genre description, it’s because the music resists a simple classification.

That album, Fuir la lumière (“escape the light”), was my introduction to Sordide, and it made me an instant fan. Now we bring you another Sordide premiere, a cover of a song named “Industrielle“.

The song was originally recorded by the French grind/black-metal band Satan (on their 2015 album L’Odeur du sang), with whom Sordide will be releasing a 7″ split in April, timed to coincide with a European tour by the two bands. Although Sordide’s cover of “Industrielle” won’t appear on the split, it will be released on-line as a digital download at a future date.

Feb 232017


Plague Throat are a death metal power trio from Shillong, the capital of a state in northeastern India named Meghalaya, which is separated from the main body of the sub-continent by Bangladesh. Located on a highland plateau surrounded by rolling hills, it’s the wettest region in India and one of the wettest places on earth, yet also one of the most elevated regions in the nation; Meghalaya means “the abode of clouds” in Sanskrit. From my reading, it looks like a beautiful and interesting place, with its own very distinct history, tribal cultures, and languages.

I mention all of this because the Plague Throat song we’re premiering today, which comes from their debut album The Human Paradox, itself bears a traditional name — “Ma Nga” — and the lyrics are in a native language rather than English. I also learned from an interview that the recording of the song was interrupted by an earthquake — though when you hear it, you might be inclined to suspect that the song is what set off the tremors.

Feb 222017


It’s so very satisfying to come across a piece of metal extremity that succeeds on multiple levels, one that’s deeply (and ominously) atmospheric and yet also vigorously bends your neck to its will. And that’s what Valgrind have done with the song we’re about to premiere — “Ekphora’s Day“.

The song comes from this Italian death metal band’s new EP, Seal of Phobos, which will be released by Everlasting Spew Records on April 14th, and it includes guest growls by Jonny Pettersson of Wombbath, Ashcloud, and Henry Kane, as well as the first studio appearance of the band’s new guitarist, Umberto Poncina, who also engineered and mixed the EP .

Feb 222017


The painting by Italian artist Paolo Girardi that appears on the cover of the self-titled debut album by ORM provides meaningful clues about the music. The gigantic tentacles of a sea beast roil ocean waters beneath a threatening sky as trees seem to recoil in fear and a city high above the frothing waves is engulfed by fire. The scene is riveting, apocalyptic, and mythic. As you’ll soon discover, those same qualities come through vividly in the music of ORM as well.

This new album will be released digitally and on vinyl by the Danish label Indisciplinarian on March 24. It consists of five long tracks, and today we present one of them, which bears the name “Apotheosis“.

Feb 212017


With two EPs and a split to their credit, the release of Rozamov’s debut album This Mortal Road is now fast approaching through the joint efforts of Battleground Records and Dullest Records. In advance of the March 3 release date, Revolver magazine has already premiered the title track, and now we have another one for you to stream, a soul-crusher named “Wind Scorpion”.

Rozamov have explained, “We wrote the album during the snowiest winter in Boston history, making life in the city just a constant draining struggle. It was a really intense time to live in New England, and the cold and isolation of that winter worked its way into the riffs and the lyrics, giving the record the feel of a long and intense journey.” There’s certainly no shortage of intensity in “Wind Scorpion”.

Feb 212017


What you’re about to experience is a full stream of the new album Impuritize by Minneapolis-based Reaping Asmodeia, which will be released by Prosthetic Records on February 24.

As you approach the album it may help to imagine yourself being strapped into some futuristic road machine with a deranged yet precise artificial intelligence of its own, one that rockets ahead with all the turbochargers and afterburners wide open, veering and careening with abandon, leaving the road (and the surface of the earth) with no warning, plunging into ravines, crashing through stands of timber like they’re blades of grass, scattering combatants in an active war zone, jamming on the brakes one minute, flooring it the next, and shaking your skeletal structure to pieces at the same time as it scrambles your brain over high heat into a foaming froth.

Feb 212017


Last April we premiered the self-titled debut EP of a Norwegian band named Gjendød, released by Darker Than Black Records, and now it’s our pleasure to premiere a stream of this duo’s first album. Entitled Nedstigning, it will be released on CD by Hellthrasher Productions on February 24th, with tape and vinyl editions to follow from Darker Than Black.

The album is dramatic, ice-cold, and beguiling, equal parts majestic and morbid, incinerating and depressive. While it’s a devoted embracing of Nordic black metal traditions, it provides changing shades of frost-bitten intensity while never relenting in its exposition of a pitch-black hopelessness.

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