Oct 272016



Tomorrow (October 28), Black Lodge Records will release The Grander Voyage, the new fourth album by Sweden’s Netherbird, and on the eve of the release we are pleased to bring you a full stream of this diverse and dynamic new album — prefaced by this statement from frontman Nephente:

“I am very pleased to now finally release The Grander Voyage, our fourth full-length album. It is clearly a new chapter for Netherbird and I think it is easily the best album we have written and recorded. It will be evident that we are taking more risks and also showing more of the broad spectra of influences that we have as a band, though our base is and will always be the Scandinavian black and death metal underground.

Oct 272016



Tomorrow — October 28 — is the date set by Malignant Records for the release of Calm Morbidity, the tenth album by the Dallas duo of J. Stillings and L. Kerr known as Steel Hook Prostheses. Although the band have been churning out death industrial music for roughly 15 years, assembling an extensive discography along the way, Calm Morbidity is our site’s first exposure to their music. And so, much as we’d like to provide comparisons and to describe the musical place that Calm Morbidity occupies within the context of the band’s previous releases, all we can do today is take this new album on its own.

It contains nearly an hour of music — although “contains” is a misleading term for sounds that are constantly clawing through cage walls and coming for your throat, and your sanity.

Oct 272016



Discerning and adventurous listeners know full well the ground-breaking impact of Singapore’s Rudra over the course of a career that dates back to 1992, and yet, at least in the West, their profile is not as elevated as it should be. We can only hope that the band’s eighth album, Enemy of Duality, will win the widespread attention it deserves. The striking song from the album that we’re bringing you today — “Ancient Fourth” — is certainly compelling evidence of Rudra’s remarkable talents.

Rudra claim for themselves the genre term “Vedic metal”, which is a form of blackened death metal in which the band (who are themselves of Indian lineage) have often incorporated elements of music rooted in Hindu traditions (including the use of Indian classical instruments), with lyrics often drawn from Vedic Sanskrit literature and philosophy. About a month ago, we premiered a fantastic track from the album named “Abating the Firebrand”, but this new one is, if anything, even more striking.

Oct 272016

Photo by Håvard Nesbø


A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of premiering a highly infectious song called “Wolf” from Vidsyn, the new album by the Norwegian band Slegest, and now we’re bringing you an official video for another track from the same album, “I fortida sitt lys“.

We’re told that the video “was recorded at an old mountain barn abandoned by time in a valley in Leikanger”, and that the concept was the brainchild of Håvard Nesbø:

“Like the song, the theme of the video can be placed in the light of the past — in the intersection of the now and the ever present whiff of olden times. Nesbø also produced the video, on a budget of pure idealism and a case of home brewed lager.”

Oct 262016



I laughed when I looked up Chicago’s Arriver on Metal-Archives after listening to their new album, curious as to how our esteemed Encyclopaedia Metallum would classify the band in genre terms — and the only word to be found there was: “Various”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before in the site’s genre descriptions, but I can’t say I blame M-A for admitting defeat.

The new album, which is named Emeritus, is indeed stylistically kaleidoscopic and inventive. I doubt that there’s any one song that is truly representative of the album as a whole, but we do have one for you today in advance of the December 2 release date that’s at least a sign of the head-spinning music that lies in wait for you, and its name is “Liquidators“.

Oct 262016



Almost exactly one year ago Metal Blade announced the signing of the Greek black metal band Ravencult, and now, roughly five years after their last album, a new one is on the horizon. Bearing the name Force of Profanation, it’s set for release on November 11. We previously praised the album’s first advance track, “Beneath the Relics of Old”, and now we’re fortunate to bring you the premiere of another song from the album, “Tormentor of Flesh“.

“Beneath the Relics of Old” is a truly electrifying riff monster, one ripper after another, heavy on the thrash end of the aggression scale and with an evil aura that grows even more sinister as the song progresses. “Tormentor of Flesh” is, if anything, even more turbocharged and savage.

Oct 262016



We are very fortune to be the bearer of wonderful gifts from Greece today — specifically, a stream of all six songs gathered together on the new album Mayhem In Blue by Hail Spirit Noir.

The band’s first two albums, Pneuma and Oi Magoi, were so good and so distinctive that it’s fair to say fan expectations for the new album are high — and they’re not going to be disappointed, because Mayhem In Blue is the band’s best work yet.

Oct 262016



(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of the new album by Michigan’s Thoren.)

A number of different factors explain the rising popularity of instrumental metal of all stripes. Some say it’s because not everyone likes “extreme vocals”, others say it’s because groups like Animals As Leaders and Chon (among many others) have helped prove that you can be popular in the metal scene without having vocals. Whatever the reason, I support it as a long-time fan of instrumental metal dating back to the early days of Spastic Ink and other groups.

With that in mind, we’ve got an early stream for you today from the Sterling Heights, Michigan, group Thoren, an instrumental metal act that falls less on the bright and melodic side, and more on the dissonant and chaotic side.

Oct 262016



Earlier this month we had the pleasure of premiering a video for a song from Lunaris, the new album by the Polish black metal band Arkona, and today we have the chance to bring you a second song from the album in advance of its November 4 release by Debemur Morti Productions. This one is named “Śmierć i odrodzenie” (death and rebirth).

For those who missed our earlier premiere and may not be familiar with Arkona, they must be considered among the pioneers of Polish black metal, with demos that date back to 1994 and a first album (Imperium) that was released in 1996. Lunaris is the band’s sixth full-length in that long career, and the second one following a span between 2003 and 2014 when the band only participated in a few splits. This is their first album on the Debemur Morti label.

Oct 252016



Way back in May we had the pleasure of premiering a mammoth, intoxicating song called “Wander” from the debut album Forlorn by Sweden’s Seedna. The album was released in July and has racked up a long list of reviews extolling its many virtues, but some folks still may not have explored Forlorn, and so today we provide a further inducement as we premiere a video of the band’s live performance of the song “Frozen“.

While “Frozen” is anchored by enormous, hammering grooves that will get your head moving (as the band do their best to crack it open), the atmosphere of the music is also chaotic and hallucinatory, distraught and deranged.

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