Sep 252017


I’m a relative latecomer to the music of Golden Bats, a distinctive one-man mauling machine from the vicinity of Brisbane, Australia. The first release I heard was the Falling Sparrows EP that surfaced last spring. It made an impact, something like a grenade going off inside my skull. I’m now keeping a close watch on what Golden Bats is doing.

Today Golden Bats has revealed a new two-song EP named Superplateau, which I had the shivering pleasure of hearing in advance of the release, and I’m helping spread the word about it… because it’s very good.

Sep 252017


Even if you’re not familiar with the previous releases of the Portuguese band Annihilation, you wouldn’t need to be clairvoyant to foresee that they are a death metal band and that their music is likely to be obliterating. Their name, after all, is Annihilation. And yes, ruthless brutality is indeed a key part of their sound. But that’s true of scores of death metal bands. What makes this one special?

I do think Annihilation stand out from the brutal death crowd with their new second album The Undivided Wholeness of All Things, and the qualities that make their music interesting as well as… annihilating… are powerfully demonstrated in the song we’re presenting through a lyric video in this post. Its name is “Universal Dismal Collapse“.

Sep 242017


Руины вечности (whose name translates to “Ruins of Eternity“) look like a small army, one based in Krasnoyarsk in Siberian Russia. Their music is a fascinating cornucopia of sound that reflects the diverse contributions of all those members gazing at you from the photo above. As a demonstration of that, we present the premiere of a song named “Танк” from their forthcoming debut album Шёпот забытых холмов (“The Whispers of Forgotten Hills“).

The album represents the culmination of a decade-long journey which saw an original trio of musicians (bassist Zubarev Arseniy, guitarist Clindukhov Ivan, and drummer Terentyev Konstantin) expand their musical ambitions and draw additional creative people to their side, which resulted in further changes to the band’s evolving sound. That has resulted in a stylistic amalgamation that isn’t easy to sum up, but could be said to incorporate elements of doom, melodic death metal, and gothic metal, with the compositions displaying a certain avant-garde flair at the same time.

Sep 222017


There’s nothing clean or pure about Sacroscum. Not their name, not their outlook on life, and definitely not their music. They revel in deviltry and filth. And even though they don’t know you, they’d probably be happy to read your obituary, as long as the cause were listed as alcohol poisoning.

Listening to the music won’t make you feel clean either. More likely, it will make you feel violated. But goddamn, it sure is a hell of a lot of vicious, desecrating fun. Take “Skin Canvas” as an example.

Sep 222017


The power of the riff is important in most forms of metal (though certainly not all), but it’s perhaps especially vital in forms of traditional occult doom and stoner metal. A band in those related genres can go a long way riding a well-muscled riff steed, especially if they can mess with your mind while they’re moving your head. The Brazilian doom metal band Dirty Grave have proven that on their debut album, Evil Desire.

They self-released the album as a digital download back in mid-July as a two-man band (vocalist/guitarist Mark Rainbow and guitarist Victor Berg), but now the Belarusian label GrimmDistribution and the British label Todestrieb Records are joining forces to give it a CD release on October 18. We’re highlighting one song from the album today — “Until the Day I Die” — with a new video for the track. And we’re also able to report that drummer Arthur Assis has re-joined the band, and that the trio are now at work on a second album

Sep 212017


It’s time to confuse people again. It says so right there on our calendar for today: “Confuse people again — stream some metal with clean vocals”. Right under that entry is a note: “Also bludgeon their heads and centrifuge their minds”.

And fortunately we have just the thing — a song called “Broken” by a new progressive metal project from Moscow named Cortex Impulse. “Broken” is one of six tracks (including a King Crimson cover) on the band’s new forthcoming EP, Once In A Lifetime.

Sep 212017


Almost  two years on from the release of their debut album Anxiety Never Descending, the Polish death metal band Kult Mogił (whose name translates to “cult of graves”) have surfaced again with a new EP named Portentaque. It is an immaculate rendering of madness, each of its three tracks intricately plotted, constantly changing, persistently fascinating, and deeply unnerving.

The EP will be released by Pagan Records on September 29, and today we’re helping to premiere what has become one of my favorite EPs of 2017.

Sep 202017


The requests we receive to share premieres of new songs often become a source of discovery for me as well as for many of you, and this is one of those times.

Before listening to the track you’re about to hear, the name of which is “Magnetic“, I was unfamiliar with Cryostasium. Only after becoming captivated by the song did I learn that the EP which includes it — Starbound –is merely the most recent in a very long list of releases that extends back to 2003 (and possibly earlier, when the project was known as The Abhorrer). Because this is such a recent discovery, I can’t tell you how the new EP compares to the five albums or the two-dozen shorter Cryostasium releases that have preceded it.

But I can tell you that the haunting fascinations of “Magnetic” act as a powerful lure, not only into the depths of Starbound but also into Cryostasium’s previous creations.

Sep 202017


Nekrohowl were spawned last year in Dhaka, Bangladesh, its members coming together from other local bands with the intent of dedicating themselves to “abhorrent and paroxysmal Death Metal” in the grand and gruesome traditions of the ’90s. In doing so, they become a link in what is now a very long and tangled chain (one crusted in blood) that connects back in time to the likes of Suffocation, Autopsy, Immolation, Morbid Angel, and Hellhammer (among others), from whom they’ve drawn their foul inspirations.

There are, of course, a vast number of links in that globe-spanning chain, but some gleam brighter than others. Or, since we’re talking about old school death metal, maybe it’s more accurate to say that some links are more corroded and plague-infested, more likely to cut you, leave festering wounds, and produce seizures of madness. Based upon the quality of Nekrohowl’s debut EP, Epitome of Morbid, they’re definitely one of the brighter (and uglier) links in the chain — as you’ll discover when you hear the song we’re premiering, “Blasphemy Still Unnamed“.

Sep 202017


Great lashing storm gales of guitar sound assault the senses. The pulse of the drum and bass sound erratic, find a rhythm, stop altogether, detonate in massive eruptions, move in deliberate and ponderous footfalls. The melody looms and swirls, heaves and shimmers. Peals of dissonance flower and subside. A maniacal voice hurls caustic, blood-chilling shrieks through the song’s titanic movements. The effect is dramatic, unnerving, sorcerous.

And those are this listener’s impressions of “Et Ceux En Lesquels Ils Croyaient“, the second track on the second album by Throane that we’re premiering in this post. Entitled Plus Une Main A Mordre (“No Hand Left to Bite”), it will be released by Debemur Morti Productions on the 20th of October.

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