May 272017


Prepare to enter a strange, mad world of creeping horror and demonic delirium as we premiere a track from the new album Drum-Ghoul by Astarium, a one-man symphonic black metal project from Novosibirsk, Russia. Before offering a few thoughts about this particular song — “Hospitality of Demon” –I’d like to share a few words by Astarium that shed light on the tale told through the album:

“Lightning lit up the sky, covered with low clouds, the rain did not cease for a minute. I drove the horses drowning in the mud to the hill that was visible in the distance. Suddenly, a new bright flash lit up the bulk, which grew right in front of me from the darkness. It was the castle ‘Drum-Ghoul‘!

May 262017


The Slovakian band Necroheresy have recorded a debut album named Asylum that will be jointly released on June 16th by the Belarusian label Symbol of Domination (Belarus) and two Russian labels, Wings of Destruction and Darknagar Records. Not long ago I wrote about the two tracks from the album that were then available for listening, soon after discovering them, and that led to what we’re about to do now — premiere a third track named “Silence Before the Storm“.

Those two previously released songs represent a kind of blackened death/thrash, with feral, blood-thirsty howls and deranged roars in the vocal department. “Consecration” (which is a free download) is a vicious, heavy, eruption of thrash on the brink of exploding into lacerating shards, which decelerates into a murderous mid-paced march before rocking and ripping in full throttle again.

May 252017


Tomorrow (May 26) Fragile Branch Recordings will release the self-titled album by the black metal duo Wreche, and today we premiere a full stream of the album for you.

This is an album I listed back in early January as one of my own eagerly anticipated 2017 releases. I didn’t expect it to sound like anything else, based on what I knew then about the band’s music, and indeed it doesn’t.

If you’re unfamiliar with Wreche, the lead instrument is the piano, accompanied by voice and drums. And by way of further introduction, I’ll quote this eloquent description of some of the sensations of the music:

May 252017


The members of Dig Me No Grave were all born and live in Vologda, Russia. Their debut album Cosmic Cult was released in 2014, and that was followed by several shorter releases. Their new album Immemorial Curse is set for a joint release on June 15th by Satanath Records (Russia), Sevared Records (U.S.), and Wings of Destruction (also Russia).

Two songs from the album have been released for listening so far, both of which we’ve written about previously, and now we bring you the premiere of a third one — which bears the band’s name: “Dig Me No Grave“.

May 242017


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new single by NY’s Buckshot Facelift.)

For many of us, the metal scene is a family of its own, and when one of our own passes, we often try to pay tribute in some form, and in some situations help raise funds for their families who are left behind. As a band who have always viewed their local scene as their family, Buckshot Facelift are releasing a new song we’re premiering today called “Bobby Boy”, in honor of their local deceased friend Rob McAllister.

The song is a chaotic and interesting slice of weird, genre-bending grind, which is oddly the norm for Buckshot Facelift. It’s a raging elegy for a fallen comrade, one that’s played tightly, but in a free-flowing manner, cycling and rampaging through genres and passages with wild abandon like a drunken rhino on LSD.

May 232017



In June 2015 we premiered a split that was my first exposure to a Portland (Oregon) band named Satanarchist — and they made a damned strong impression, creating “a hell of a vicious racket with a boiling cauldron of ingredients that include elements of thrash, black metal, and crust, with a punk attitude that gives no fucks”. Earlier this month we happily discovered that Satanarchist would be releasing a debut album named First Against the Wall on June 2. The first single from the album, “Paradox“, peaked our interest very damned fast, and now we have another one for you today. This new track is “Triumph“.

As it has been in the past, Satanarchist’s music is still politically charged, and of course these days they’ve got a full tank of fury to gas up their righteous war machine — and they don’t mince words either. About this new song “Triumph“, they’ve commented as follows:

May 232017


During the first week of December last year our roaming eyes alighted upon a piece of very exciting news, i.e., that a death metal super-group had been formed under the name Ursinne, consisting of the uniquitous Jonny Pettersson (Wombbath, Ashcloud, Henry Kane, SYN:DROM) and Dave Ingram (Echelon, Down Among The Dead Men, ex-Hail Of Bullets/Bolt Thrower/Benediction). Now we have more details about this new project as well as the premiere of the first song from their debut album. The album’s name is Swim With the Leviathan and the song is “Devil May Care“.

The album will be released on August 20 of this year through Transcending Obscurity Records, and Ursinne’s line-up also now includes bassist Sonia Nusselder (Sepiroth, ex-Ecocide, ex-Shade of Hatred). On the album, Jonny Petterson performed all instruments (and he created the cover art as well) and Dave Ingram wrote the lyrics and gave his powerful voice to them., with a guest assist by Massacre’s Kam Lee on the track “Monsters In the Parasol”.

May 232017


We have a double-premiere for you in this post, both of which have stirred excitement here at the NCS metallic island. The first of these is the stream of a powerful new two-song EP by the Norwegian melodic black metal band Vinterbris, set for release on June 6th, the title of which is Ad Absurdum. And the second, which was inspired by the first, is a time-lapse video of the wonderful Norwegian artist Kim Holm that depicts his creation of the EP’s evocative wrap-around cover art.

In 2014 we wrote repeatedly about Vinterbris‘ superb second album Solace. What first drew our attention to the album even before hearing the music was the artwork that Kim Holm created for that album. In addition to a cover piece, Holm created separate illustrations for each song on the album (which we collected in one place here). Having been lured into the album by this artwork, we found the music to be a treasure as well. We even included a song from Solace on our list of 2014’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs.

And now we will face the challenge of deciding which of these two new songs to pick for the 2017 edition of that list — because both songs surge with infectious energy, both of them immediately appealing at the first listen, and both of them persistently boiling in the listener’s mind long after they end.

May 222017


Suffering Hour’s In Passing Ascension is the kind of debut album that makes an immediate positive impact because it so convincingly displays the band’s sure-handed mastery of their own sound, and because it’s a soundscape that’s distinctive rather than a re-treading of long-familiar territory.

At a very high level, the album inventively fuses dissonant black metal and harrowing death metal to create an experience that’s both eerily atmospheric and punishingly heavy, full of fire-storming ferocity and skin-shivering otherworldliness — and it somehow manages to be quite memorable as well as persistently unsettling. It’s our pleasure to bring you a full stream of the album today, in advance of its release by Blood Harvest on May 26th.

May 222017


When I first began listening to the music of Parthenope, the debut album by the Neapolitan metal band Scuorn that was released earlier this year, I wrote “It’s a truly eye-opening offering of epic symphonic black metal — majestic, bombastic, ferocious, theatrical, panoramic, richly textured, richly rewarding. I felt like giving a standing ovation at the end.” And the same can be said of the specific album track “Sepeithos“, which is the subject of a music video that we’re helping to premiere today.

The video was directed by Portuguese artist Gullherme Henriques Silva (Belphegor, Noctem, Nargaroth) and filmed by Mirco Condello (Fastforward Filming) during Scuorn’s latest show of the “Parthenope Italian Tour 2017” at Alchemica Music Club in Bologna, Italy.

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