Aug 282015

Armament-First Strike


Are you like me? Are you in the mood to have your head ripped off with a rusty hacksaw and then booted around the room like a filthy soccer ball while the stump of your neck spurts gore in sync with some tasty riffs? Yeah, I thought so. Well, I can fix you right up, because the song we’re about to premiere from Armament will do all of that, and then some.

Actually, if the part about the rusty hacksaw makes you a little queasy, the odds are you’ll bang your head hard enough to “Gas Chamber” that it will come right off on its own.

Armament are a thrash band from India, and this track we’re premiering comes from their debut EP, First Strike, which will be released next month. The term “thrash” covers a lot of territory, but in this instance we’re talking about the kind of vicious, super-charged mayhem that brings to my addled mind Arise-era Sepultura while also bowing to the pantheon of Teutonic thrash gods such as Sodom and Destruction.

Aug 272015

Fell Ruin vid clip


In the spring of this year, Detroit’s Fell Ruin released their debut EP, Devices. It drew the attention of NCS writer TheMadIsraeli, who praised it here on our site. Now we have the opportunity to premiere the band’s official video for the EP’s opening track, “The Climb“.

The video was directed by the band’s vocalist Brian Sheehan, and it was filmed and edited by Seven Sun Studios, with after effects by Brian Kaurich. I mention all those names because this video really is good. It’s mysterious, unsettling, and hypnotic, the kind of visual artistry that pulls you in and keeps your attention rooted, waiting to see what will happen — though the answer to that question may depend on your own imagination.

Of course, the video can’t be divorced from the music; it’s the combination of the two that makes it such an engrossing experience.

Aug 272015

Broken Flesh album art


(Grant Skelton presents his review of the new album by Broken Flesh — along with our premiere of a full-album stream.)

Broken Flesh formed in 2004 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They released their first album Forever In Flames in 2009 on black metal label Sullen Records (now defunct). On Forever In Flames, the band performed as a three-piece with Kevin Tubby handling guitar and vocals, additional guitar by Steve Maxwell, and Brandon Lopez on drums. Forging a strong DIY ethic, Broken Flesh followed up that album with an independent EP called Stripped, Stabbed and Crucified in 2012. The EP was the band’s only release to feature Ricky Puckett on vocals. Jacob Mathes took over as the band’s bassist and backup vocalist.

Over the next year, the band adjusted their lineup, honing their sound and perfecting their craft. While guitarist Kevin Tubby and drummer Brandon Lopez remained constant, Jacob took over lead vocals, with Joshua Mathes stepping in on bass. The musical seeds they began to sew on Stripped, Stabbed and Crucified manifested in 2013. That year, the band birthed Warbound. Their evolution was complete. In the span of only one year, Broken Flesh’s songwriting metamorphosed into a repulsive death metal scourge devoid of mercy… a wanton and sadistic lash with which to flagellate their listeners and fans.

Warbound saw Broken Flesh ascend from sepulchral obscurity. After its release, they played a hometown show with Rockstar Energy’s Mayhem Festival and Mexico’s Exodo Fest. In 2014, the band gave live audiences the pleasure of hearing new material written after Warbound. Broken Flesh attracted the attention of Luxor Records, and Luxor re-released Warbound in January. The new album was produced by Nick Morris of As They Sleep (who also have new material in the pipeline). The track “Hell” features a guest solo from Morris.

Now, No Clean Singing is proud to offer an exclusive stream of Broken Flesh’s new self-titled album in advance of its September 4 release date.

Aug 262015

Under the Church-Rabid Armageddon


It’s so nice to find a band still early in their discography who consistently kill it with each new release, especially when their weapon of choice is raw, unrepentant, bestial death metal of the old school. The band I happen to have in mind at the moment is Under the Church.

Perhaps the consistent quality of what they’re doing is to be expected, because although Under the Church is a new name, the band was started by two former members of Sweden’s Nirvana 2002 — drummer Erik Qvick and bassist Lars Henriksson, and they are joined by Australian vocalist Mik Annetts.

Aug 262015

Spectral Lore-Gnosis


The remarkable one-man Greek band Spectral Lore has recorded a new EP named Gnosis that will be mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts) and released around November by the tasteful I, Voidhanger label.

Though Spectral Lore calls Gnosis an EP, it will be close to 40 minutes in length. It is the second of at least three EPs that Spectral Lore has planned for 2015, the first one being Voyager, which was released in May (and there may be a fourth before the year draws to a close).

Aug 262015

Plague Rider-paroxysm cover


Paroxysm is the name of the new EP by Plague Rider. The Oxford English Dictionary, which seems like the appropriate reference source since Plague Rider hail from the former mother ship, alternately defines “paroxysm” as “a sudden strong feeling or expression of an emotion that cannot be controlled” and “a sudden attack or violent expression of a particular emotion or activity”. With a name like that as an EP title, you don’t expect ambient drone. And as you’re about to find out, the EP lives up to its name.

You will find out, because today we’re premiering a full stream of all four songs on Paroxysm. Like the EP’s name, the song titles are also suggestive — “Retrovirus”, “Occidite”, “Hydrophobe”, and “Prion”, most of them referring to infectious, lethal agents. In a word, all the songs are remarkable (as well as lethal).

Aug 252015



When I first laid eyes on the wonderful cover by Misanthropic Art for Invoker’s second album — Aeon — I immediately became eager to hear something from the album. That was five days ago, and all that was then available was just a brief excerpt of a song. It sounded both massive and mesmerizing — but it was painfully short. I wished (in print) that I could hear a complete song.

Well, sometimes wishes are granted, because now I’ve heard Aeon’s title track, and you’re about to hear it, too. It’s black as night and heavy as an avalanche, shifting between ominous booming hammer blows and racing, ravaging riff assaults laced with a grim but immediately memorable melody.

Aug 252015

SOM 364LP Gatefold 8mm spine (LP1044) OptM.indd


Antiliv is the name of the fifth album by Norway’s Tsjuder, which will be upon us in mid-September. Last month I wrote (here) about the first advance track from Antiliv, a song named “Demonic Supremacy” that I thought was an instant classic. And now we have the chance to bring you a second new song from the album, a track named “Djevelens Mesterverk”.

Tsjuder have a well-deserved reputation for unleashing hellfire with tremendous intensity, and “Djevelens Mesterverk” is a striking example of the band’s unmitigated ferocity. It’s in the red zone from start to finish, a non-stop adrenaline injection driven by AntiChristian’s jaw-dropping drum performance and Draughluin’s blazing riffs.  And Nag’s shrieked vocals are utterly poisonous and savage.

Aug 222015



Archaea are a six-piece melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, whose debut album Catalyst is set for release on August 28. Earlier this year they recorded a set performed at the Swedish Emergenza festival, and today we’ve got pro-shot video of the band playing a song from the new album named “Cryosphere”.

Now, I bet I know what the cynics among you are thinking. You’re probably thinking about the plethora of melodic death metal bands spawned in Gothenburg over the last 25 years and wondering why the world needs another one. You may also be assuming that you know what this one is going to sound like.

Not being a cynic myself, all I will tell you is that I had a hell of  lot of fun listening to this song and watching the video — which of course is why you’re now about to see it here on our putrid site.

Aug 212015



Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a one-of-a-kind town in a remarkably beautiful location. I’ve been fortunate to visit there three or four times over the span of my ancient life, but I couldn’t recall coming across any Santa Fe metal bands until I was introduced to Dysphotic about a month ago. What I heard then was a single called “All Consuming” that the band had released in advance of their debut EP, Chaos Terrain, and I really enjoyed it. And that led to this:

On August 29, Dysphotic will officially release Chaos Terrain, and we’re now giving you the chance to hear it in advance through our full stream of all the songs. And you really should make time to listen. Here’s why:

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