Jun 302016

Vow of Thorns-Farewell To the Sun


Ontario’s Vow of Thorns made their advent in 2013 with an EP named Forest Dweller, and on July 15 they will release their first full-length album, Farewell To the Sun. Today we have the pleasure of bringing you a stream of the album’s closing track, “Doomed Woods“.

When asked to comment about the song, guitarist Dustin Richards explained: “The lyrics to ‘Doomed Woods’ are what sparked the theme for the album. With this track we set out to create a song that conveys the experience of facing death head-on. Accepting your inevitable end and embracing it.”

Jun 282016



In this post we bring you a premiere that’s near and dear to our cold black hearts, because it includes vocals by one of our own contributors, Austin Weber. It has a lot of other things to recommend it, too, which I shall attempt to describe in a moment.

The music on this song — “dont throw that at me!” (with lack of capitalization and apostrophe fully intended) — is the creation of Maya Chun, operating under the moniker Goodthink, and it will appear on Goodthink’s new album Guilt. To be more precise, Maya wrote and performed all the music and mixed and mastered it as well. She contributes vocals on some of the album tracks, with additional vocals not only from Austin Weber on two songs but also through other guest appearances (including one by John Dickinson of Youth Novel).

And now, my attempt to describe what happens on “dont throw that at me!“:

Jun 272016

Profanatica-The Curling Flame of Blasphemy


New York’s Profanatica have deep roots in the underground, with a string of short releases beginning in 1990. The band dissolved in about 1992 before releasing an album, but re-formed in 2001, though the first album still wouldn’t appear until 2007. Their fourth album, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy, is now set for release on July 22 by Hells Headbangers, the music prepared by the band’s two core members, drummer/vocalist Paul Ledney and bassist/guitarist John Gelso.

Last month I raved about the album’s first advance track, “Ordained In Bile”, and I’m about to start raving again, because we’re bringing you the premiere of a second song from this staggering new album: “Magic & Muhr“.

Jun 272016

Au Champ Des Morts cover


In April we were privileged to bring you the premiere of the title track to Le Jour Se Lève, the debut EP of a precocious French band named Au Champ Des Morts, and today we share with you a stream of the entire EP, which has now been released by Debemur Morti Productions.

ACDM was founded in 2014 by Stefan Bayle (Anorexia Nervosa) and Migreich (VULV), and this EP is a precursor to the band’s debut album, which will also be released by Debemur Morti. The EP consists of two songs, both of which quickly establish this band as one to watch closely.

Jun 272016

Oracles band


Back in February we had the pleasure of premiering a track (“Scorn”) from Miserycorde, the new album by Oracles. Today we’ve got another head-spinner from the album to share with you — “Body of Ineptitude” — and this one features an insane guest solo from none other than Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, ex-Nevermore).

If you still don’t know about Oracles, the line-up is stacked with talent. It combines the voice of Athenian-born, classically trained soprano Sanna Salou with the instrumental and vocal skills of these current and former members of AbortedSystem Divide, and Abigail Williams:

Sven De Caluwé (Aborted) – vocals
Mendel Bij de Leij (Aborted) – guitar
Steve Miller (ex-System DivideLoculus) – guitar
Andrei Aframov (ex-System Divide) – bass
Ken Bedene (Aborted, ex-Abigail Williams) – drums

Jun 252016

Simulacro album cover


Simulacro are a talented trio based on the Italian island of Sardinia. They released their debut album, Fall of the Last Idol, in 2013 and an EP named SuperEgo this past March. In September, the UK-based label Third I Rex will release the band’s second full-length, bearing the title Echi Dall’Abisso (“Echoes From The Abyss”). The album includes eight “echoes”, denominated by Roman numerals, and today it’s our pleasure to premiere the second one in the sequence, “Eco II“.

While Simulacro’s roots are in black metal, the sound of their creations has been evolving. The conceptual approach of this new album was explained by the band’s drummer and backing vocalist Anamnesi:

Jun 242016



Internal Suffering is a name well-known to fans of technically proficient yet brutal death metal. In a career that reaches back into the late 1990s and included a move from the band’s home in Pereira, Columbia, to Madrid, Spain, Internal Suffering has released five albums — and the fifth one, Cyclonic Void of Power, is out today via Unique Leader Records. We’re giving you the chance to stream all 10 tracks right now.

It’s worth mentioning that Cyclonic Void Of Power was recorded by Stefano Morabito (Eyeconoclast, ex-Hour Of Penance) at his 16th Cellar Studios in Rome, where scathing onslaughts by such bands as FleshGod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, and Hideous Divinity were also captured, and that this new work is a concept album divided into three chapters, again exploring the mad, mystical universe the band has used as their music’s setting in previous releases.

Jun 242016

Liquid Graveyard-By Nature So Perverse

The word “supergroup” gets tossed around a lot, but in the case of Liquid Graveyard, it’s a fitting label. The band was created by Raquel and John Walker, the frontman and leader of the seminal British death metal group Cancer, and in addition to that formidable duo the line-up includes Napalm Death’s Shane Embury on bass and drummer Nicholas Barker (Lock Up, Brujeria, ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Cradle of Filth), with live bass duties now being handled by Spanish musician Daniel Maganto (Eternal Storm).

After two well-received albums released in 2009 and 2011, On Evil Days and The Fifth Time I Died, the band have completed a new full-length entitled By Nature So Perverse, which is projected for release in July on CD and vinyl by the Greek label Sleaszy Rider Records. It’s our pleasure to bring you the premiere of a song from the new album named “Influence Corrupt“.

Jun 242016

Monolithe-Zeta Reticuli


“The Barren Depths” is the third and final song on Zeta Reticuli, the monumental new album by the unusual French progressive doom band Monolithe, which is set for release on July 8 by Debemur Morti Productions. In its full length, the song lasts for 15 magnificent minutes (as do the other two tracks). However, Monolithe have also prepared an edited version of the song that is almost exactly half that length, and it has been made the soundtrack for a stunning video that we’re premiering today.

After a sequence of four records (collectively known as “The Great Clockmaker” saga), each of which consisted of a single album-length track, Monolithe spent most of 2015 on a new project with an expanded line-up, recording two connected new albums respectively titled Epsilon Aurigae and Zeta Reticuli (each named for a binary star system). The first of those was released in December 2015, and Zeta Reticuli will follow six months later.

Jun 232016

Lord of War-Suffer


Next month Unique Leader Records will release the second album by San Diego’s Lord of War. It’s an 11-track, 45-minute affair entitled Suffer, adorned by the cover art of Colin Marks. Today we’ve got the premiere of a playthrough video for the album’s third track, “Embryo“.

The video features the performance skills of the band’s two guitarists, Alex Walshaw and Daniel Richardson. With heads down, they devote themselves to the task of both bludgeoning listeners like buildings marked for destruction in a demolition zone and generating the queasy, pestilential atmosphere that shrouds the song.

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