Sep 182017


War Is the Father and King of All” — so proclaims the Greek death metal band War Possession in the song we’re premiering today. Look around you, look into the sordid past of our species. We might wish it were otherwise, but it’s hard to argue with them. It’s also hard to argue with the visceral appeal of their music.

This new song is one of 10 tracks on Doomed To Chaos, the debut album of this band of slaughtering commandos, whose ranks include current and past members of Embrace of Thorns, Merciless Crucifixion, and Wargoat, among others. The album will be released on October 23 by the Spanish label Memento Mori.

Sep 182017


This is a rarity — a combination of two track premieres from two separate albums, one by Satanath and one by We Hate You Too. There is a connection between them, but only because the same label is involved in the two album releases. But the idea of combining them was my own.

The idea occurred to me because both tracks (and albums) represent a divergence from the kind of extreme metal that’s our usual meat and potatoes around here. But I found both tracks very intriguing, and thought you might enjoy the change of pace that each of them represents.


Satanath is a Russian solo project devoted to a style of dark “space ambient” music. The creator behind the project is Aleksey Korolyov, who is also the label boss at Satanath Records as well as the man behind Abigorum. The new Satanath album is named Your Personal Copy and consists of 20 tracks and nearly 80 minutes of music. It will be co-released by the Belarusian label Grimm Distribution and Craneo Negro Records (Mexico). The track we’re presenting is “Vigtio“.

Sep 172017


Moravia in the eastern part of the Czech Republic is home to the black metal band Solfernus, whose first recording dates back to 2003 EP Diabolic Phenomenon, followed by a debut album two years later (2005’s Hysteria In Coma). Plans were hatched for a second album, but delays were encountered. The band’s original drummer Coroner left to become a founder of Cult of Fire, and guitarist Igor continued on with his main band Root (and as you may know, we are great fans of both of those groups).

But now, a dozen years after the last album, Solfernus are returning with a new full-length named Neoantichrist, which was produced by the band’s new drummer Paul Dread (also a member of Root). The album will be co-released on October 13 by Satanath Records (Russia) and Murdher Records (Italy) — and today we present the premiere of the new album’s title track through a lyric video.

Sep 152017


What a great piece of cover art that is! It catches the eye and holds it. And it turns out that the music behind the artwork catches the ears and holds them, too. And for that matter, it has its way with your entire autonomic nervous system… as I’ll explain momentarily.

That cover art (by Cesar Adrian at Soulasphyx Arts) adorns Sealed In Blood, the debut album by the Vancouver, BC band Meridius, which is being released today on a pay-what-you-want basis via Bandcamp. It includes 10 tracks and almost 50 minutes of music, and it’s one hell of an electrifying rush.

Sep 152017


September 22nd is the first day of the Red River Family Festival in Austin, Texas, a three-day event that features an amazing array of bands (which you can check out here) — one of which is One Master from the northeastern United States. Timed to coincide with the commencement of the festival, Eternal Death and Red River Family Records will jointly be releasing a new split (digitally and on cassette tape) by One Master and the mysterious Ninhursag, whose domicile is The Sacred Mountain. Today we bring you a dual premiere — one song from the split by each band.

Sometimes split releases represent alliances between like-minded and like-sounding bands. And sometimes the music of the participants is distinctly different from each other, with the connection to be found in less obvious affinities. This split is in the latter category.

Sep 152017


There is little risk that you will be deceived about the music we’re about to present. The band’s name is Goatblood. The demo is named Gasmask Devastation Terror. The artwork depicts a bullet-draped demonic form shrouded in eldritch energies and fire. Biohazard and radiation warning signs would probably have been superfluous.

As fears of nuclear devastation rise again after decades of dormancy, the release of Gasmask Devastation Terror is perhaps an example of being in the right place at the right time. On September 18th, thanks to Dunkelheit Produktionen, we can begin practicing for incineration.

Sep 152017


In June I came across a song named “AKTE V“, which appears on the second album (titled II) by a doom/post-metal band from Temse, Belgium, named B R I Q U E V I L L E (or Briqueville, as I’m going to type it from here on), and the song floored me (as I explained here). It appears that the album was digitally released by the band in February, but it has since been picked up by Pelagic Records, who will be releasing it in LP and CD editions on September 29.

To introduce the album to a wider audience, a video for that song “AKTE V” was premiered by DECIBEL in late August, and today we’re helping spread the word about a new video for another song off the album named “AKTE VI“.

Sep 142017


ZUD’s A Wilderness Left Untamed is a big album, and not just in its nearly hour-long length. It’s brimming with ideas and bursting with energy. It’s fiendishly clever, but never comes off as calculating or manipulative. It’s ambitious, but not in the sense that, in the case of some other bands, could mean overreaching or even pretentious. It’s just hugely effective in tapping into primal urges in the untamed way that the best of the devil’s music always does, and it does that in very distinctive fashion.

The music is also damned catchy, damned adrenalizing, damned filthy, and… just plain damned. From minute to minute you can alternately rock out, careen about like a crazy person in a delirious frenzy, drift off into hallucinogenic reveries, engage in a lusting orgy, feed like a vampire, and let your freak flag fly like it’s 1969. And on top of all that, the band also rise up in moments of epic, luciferian majesty.

In a nutshell, with October fast approaching, you’ve just found the perfect accompaniment to Devil’s Night.

Sep 142017


Highrider prove themselves to be sonic alchemists of a very high order on their debut album Roll For Initiative, creating an alloy of metal and rock ingredients that gleams like a rare jewel. The album will be released on September 15th (tomorrow!) by The Sign Records, and we have the great pleasure of sharing a full stream with you today.

The vibrant mix of styles in Highrider’s formula is fascinating. You can readily pick out the influences as you make your way through the album, but what you probably couldn’t have predicted is how creatively and seamlessly Highrider blend them together in every song. The music is thus both pleasingly familiar and marvelously unique — and it’s also massively infectious.

Sep 132017


Though I’ve grown into quite an intense fan of black metal over the last decade, I’m still constantly discovering bands with significant histories that I’ve never encountered before, and Australia’s Nocturnes Mist is one such late discovery. Their inception dates back to 1997, though their first album, As Flames Burn, didn’t arrive until 2009. Two more albums have followed that one, including last year’s March To Perdition and Diabolical Baptism, which we are premiering today in advance of its September 15th release by Seance Records.

From what I’ve read, the earlier works were a form of symphonic black metal in the style of early Emperor, Satyricon, Abigor, and Nazxul, but the band’s Satanic inspirations (including the creation of a song based on the film score of The Omen trilogy of movies) have led them away from that on this most recent album and turned them more toward the raw, rapacious, and feral energies of early ’90s black metal.

And yet, there is still a symphonic quality in the music despite the deployment of keyboards in only rare instances, and by that I mean there is an inherent drama and enormous power in this music, and a grandiosity that befits the album’s devotion to its titanic and diabolical subject matter.

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