I’m the guy who runs this blog. I live in the Seattle area and I like live metal.  Not necessarily all metal, but a pretty broad spectrum of it.  As a public service, I post on this page upcoming shows in the Seattle area (and sometimes elsewhere in the Northwest) as I become aware of them. I tend to focus on the shows I would like to see, but I’ve tried to make it broader than that, too.

WARNING: I get my information from reliable web sites, including the venues for the shows, but I can’t guarantee that what I find will stay accurate, so check it out for yourself.  And I don’t promise to update the info if a show is canceled or a band drops off a tour or the venue changes.  So before you show up to buy tickets at the door, check with the venue to make sure nothing has changed.

Sometimes I don’t list a show because I’m unfamiliar with the names, or because I missed an announcement or forgot to check a venue’s calendar. If you’re a band or a venue and you want us to add your info here, leave a comment below or send e-mail to:   islander@nocleansinging.com


JAN 18 at Highline: Acephalix, Scolex, Fetid, Mortiferum

JAN 20 at El Corazon: Converge, Sumac, Cult Leader

JAN 20 at Showbox: August Burns Red, Born of Osiris, ERRA, Ocean Grove

JAN 24 at Showbox: Meshuggah, Code Orange, Toothgrinder

JAN 27 at Highline: Substratum, R.I.P., Leathurbitch, Weaponlord, Iron Nightingale

JAN 28 at Studio Seven: Avatar, The Brains, Hellzapoppin

JAN 29 at El Corazon: Converge, Sumac, Cult Leader

FEB 2 at Highline: he Convictions, Eye of Nix, Nox Novacula, Minority Whip

FEB 5 at Funhouse: Wastewalker, Whythre

FEB 13 at Showbox:  Sabaton, Kreator

FEB 15 at Chop Suey: YOB, Conan, The Ditch and the Delta

FEB 17 at Highline:  All Pigs Must Die, Baptists

FEB 19 at Showbox SoDo:  Black Label Society, Corrosion of Conformity

FEB 24 at The Kraken: Weaponlord, Kömmand, Iron Nightingale

FEB 27 at Studio Seven:  SepticFlesh, Dark Funeral, Thy Antichrist

MAR 2 at Showbox: Architects, Stick To Your Guns, Counterparts

MAR 5 at El Corazon: Iced Earth, Sanctuary, Kill Ritual

MAR 6 at El Corazon: DECIBEL TOUR — Enslaved, Wolves In the Throne Room, Myrkur, Khemmis

MAR 7 at Showbox (Market):  An Evening with Machine Head

MAR 8 at Highline: Bell Witch, Eye of Solitude, Marche Funebre, Un

MAR 9 at El Corazon: NW Metal Fest (details here)

MAR 10 at El Corazon: NW Metal Fest (details here)

MAR 11 at Studio Seven: Alterbeast, The Grindmother, Inferi, Aethere

MAR 13 at Studio Seven: Watain, Deströyer 666, Degial

MAR 13 at El Corazon: Knocked Loose, Terror, Jesus Piece, Stone

MAR 15 at El Corazon: Norma Jean, Gideon, Toothgrinder, Greyhaven

MAR 21 at Highline: Whipstriker, Negative Vortex, Oxygen Destroyer, Kömmand

MAR 27 at Highline: Royal Thunder, Pinkish Black, Noise-A-Tron, Family Curse

APR 2 at The Crocodile: Protest the Hero

MAY 8 at Showbox SoDo:  An Evening with Steven Wilson

MAY 13 at Studio Seven:  Soulfly, Nile, After the Fallout, Devilation, Disciples of Dissent

MAY 28 at Neumos: Power Trip, Sheer Mag, Fury, Red Death

MAY 31 – JUN 2:  NORTHWEST TERROR FEST (Neumos, Barboza, Highline) — DETAILS HERE

JUN 2 at El Corazon: Insomnium

JUN 10 at El Corazon: Hammerfall, Flotsam and Jetsam, Skelator

JUNE 10 at El Corazon: Hammerfall, Flotsam and Jetsam


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