May 242017


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new single by NY’s Buckshot Facelift.)

For many of us, the metal scene is a family of its own, and when one of our own passes, we often try to pay tribute in some form, and in some situations help raise funds for their families who are left behind. As a band who have always viewed their local scene as their family, Buckshot Facelift are releasing a new song we’re premiering today called “Bobby Boy”, in honor of their local deceased friend Rob McAllister.

The song is a chaotic and interesting slice of weird, genre-bending grind, which is oddly the norm for Buckshot Facelift. It’s a raging elegy for a fallen comrade, one that’s played tightly, but in a free-flowing manner, cycling and rampaging through genres and passages with wild abandon like a drunken rhino on LSD.

May 082017


(Austin Weber brings us this premiere of the new EP by New York’s Black Harvest, along with some introductory impressions of the music.)

Some musicians are content to play within traditional sounds and genre boundaries, while others (Devin Townsend comes to mind) see all of music’s many genres as a vast palette that one can draw from and combine in new ways to paint a musical world all their own. This form of vast experimentation lies at the heart of all that Kishor Haulenbeek does, as both an incredibly talented visual artist and also as a musician with multiple musical projects that he has used to explore different facets of his interests, all of which convey an honest emotional feeling yet cover dramatically  different musical terrain.

Last year here at NCS, I finally got around to covering his fantastic mathcore-addled technical grindcore band Crisis Actor, and shoehorned in some coverage of his primary project, Black Harvest, at the same time. Today we’re bringing you an early stream of the group’s fantastic new EP, Attrition.

May 012017


(Austin Weber brings us this premiere of a video from Buckshot Facelift, and the following introduction.)

We’ve been covering New York/Long Island-based weirdo grinders Buckshot Facelift for several years now, and every time the band drops a new release, it’s always a thrill to see the new direction they go in. The group recently dropped their 4th album, Ulcer Island, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite grind releases of the year so far, chiefly due to how far outside of the short and straightforward grind norm the music is. Buckshot Facelift write very eclectic, intricate, and death-metal-heavy grind on the majority of the songs on Ulcer Island.

As mentioned in our previous writings about Buckshot Facelift, the band rarely perform full tracks of conventional grind, though there are a few cuts like that on Ulcer Island. Overall, the music includes a lot of separate and varied death metal influences, powerviolence, and some doom sprinkled about too.

We’re here today to premiere a music video for “Don’t Hang From the Pipes”. Musically, the track is a wild journey into death-metal-riddled grindcore, delivered in a unique way that doesn’t resemble what most people would think of as deathgrind.

Apr 252017


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new split by two Canadian bands, Fumigation and The Path To R’lyeh.)

Split releases are a great way to discover more than one new band at once, and even in the digital age, the split-release tradition runs strong in the metal world. So here we are today offering up an early stream of killer Canadian death metal from Fumigation and The Path To R’lyeh, two bands with quite different sounds within the death metal sphere. A yin and yang type release, if you will, one that I hope our readers will enjoy.

Apr 242017


(Austin Weber brings us the full streaming premiere of the new EP by Blurring, along with an introductory review.)


After the breakup of Brutal Truth, the band’s members have continued on in multiple outfits, one of the finest of which is Rochester, New York-based technical grindcore act Blurring.

Blurring is a new vehicle for legendary bassist Dan Lilker (Brutal Truth, Nuclear Assault, former founding member of Anthrax, countless others) and multi-instrumentalist Erik Burke (Sulaco, ex-Kalibas, ex-Lethargy, countless others) on drums, combining their immense talents with other like-minded top-notch musicians to form one of the absolute best grindcore bands currently active.

While the band had some demos and other releases preceding their 2015 self-titled album, it was that release that really got me hooked on their complex and disturbing brand of grindcore. Some of you might have caught my review for it here at NCS; if not, now’s your chance to check out Blurring — don’t fuck up. The band is set to release Cloud Burner on April 28th, a fantastic five-song EP that we’re streaming early in full today.

Apr 122017


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a video by the electrifying Brain Drill from California.)

At this point, most people know Brain Drill and have long since formed an opinion either for or against the band and their frenetic and over-the-top style of technical brutal death metal. As such, I’m not here to preach at length to the unconverted, but I will say this: I think last year’s comeback album from the group, Boundless Obscenity, was by far their strongest effort to date.

In particular, I felt the band really stepped up their game, both rhythm-guitar-wise, with tastier, more complex riffs, and also in the songwriting department. Since it was the band’s first release as an independent band since parting ways with Metal Blade Records, it didn’t get as much press as it should have, though we certainly covered it here at NCS more than once! So we’re here today to premiere a new music video for their song “Infinite Oblivion” to give the band another boost and spread the word about music that deserves more attention.

Apr 032017


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a track from the debut album of Brooklyn’s Mary Todd.)

The time has come to grind away all the doldrums a Monday tends to bring. Brooklyn-based grindcore trio Mary Todd have a supercharged displacement of energy and venom to unleash on “The Architect” for you today, and it’s the first song to be released from their forthcoming debut album, Bone Stock.

Back in 2015 I covered their EP, Shoot To Kill, on my year-end list here at NCS, and really loved what that release had to offer. Overall, Mary Todd have developed a sound that unites math-grind, tech-grind, and death-grind, integrating each style’s lethality, heft, and other elements into one schizophrenic host, jumping from form to form spastically.

Mar 292017


(We present Austin Weber’s review of the new album by the Dutch band Dodecahedron, recently released by Season of Mist.)

Back in 2012, Tilburg, Netherlands natives Dodecahedron came out of nowhere and dropped a rightly revered self-titled album, one that was far ahead of the curve for black metal at the time as well. When you release a black metal album as forward-thinking and nightmare-inducing as Dodecahedron, where exactly does one go from there?

It’s a bit of a long answer since the band write such complex and dynamic songs, but basically the music they’ve come up with on Kwintessens hits even darker while frequently dropping into lighter and oddly calming flourishes as well. A lot of new elements are at play here, and it’s also a slightly trimmer effort at 41 minutes versus their self-titled album, which was 52 minutes long. Simultaneously more deranged, yet also littered with a stronger prog influence and an influx of heavy grooves to their arsenal, the album also includes some grind-gone-technical black metal moments that caught me off guard too.

Mar 232017


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new music video from the French band Michel Anoia.)

A bit over one year ago from now, Islander premiered the song “Two Mountains” from French metal maniacs Michel Anoia off their album Plethora, and the utterly demented and brain-melting experience of that song had me instantly hooked on their impossible-to-categorize and unique style of extreme metal. When premiering it, Islander astutely described it as “ a musical Frankenstein’s monster assembled with bits and pieces of grindcore, technical death metal, psychedelia, and jazz. But simply stitching those words together falls short as a means of trying to capture the sound.”

If you missed it then, you’re going to want to check out today’s music video premiere for “Two Mountains”. It’s not a typical band performance music video. The well-shot black-and-white video for “Two Mountains” has a very rich and cinematic look to it, with choppy frenetic scenes to match the equally disturbing music. Hit play, and give in to the madness contained within, both visually and aurally.

Mar 082017


(Austin Weber brings us this stream premiere of the new album by Trilateral from Ontario, Canada.)

While there’s plenty of bands on the deathcore and djent side of the spectrum fusing death and groove together, it’s not as big a phenomenon in more technical death metal circles, though that seems to be changing. Granted, you have groups like Soreption already, but overall it’s still fresh territory to explore, as evidenced by last year’s Dischordia release and others.

Though groove is far from all that Trilateral offer, their integration of it within a largely technical death metal (without coming across as tech-death) and prog metal sound is what gives their upcoming album Elliptic Orbits a fresh feeling all its own.

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