Sep 242015

Deformatory - Malediction - Cover Art by Jon Zig


According to the first verse of the Book of Genesis, when God created the earth, it “was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep”. He said, “Let there be light”, but the darkness came first; in the words of the band Deformatory, “it was already alive, forever and eternal”. God divided the Light from the Darkness on the first day, but “that division has eroded”.

And that idea became the seed of Malediction, the second record by this band from Ottawa, Ontario, and the first in a series of concept albums revolving around an entity named Saväel, the creator of the Darkness. “In Malediction, the story follows the discovery of the sacred incantation text, his re-awakening, and the subsequent obliteration of the Light, the Heavens, and all remnants of humanity.”

Today we bring you the premiere of “Infernal Gateway”, the album’s first track and the beginning of this story about the rebirth of a timeless evil. Continue reading »