Feb 272018


Let us speak first of the tones of the music on Galvanizer’s debut album, Sanguine Vigil, because they are so delicious. Two of them are prominent.

The first is the deep, gut-rumbling, smoke-spewing, chain-sawing grind of the guitar. You know that tone. It sounds as if you could set the speakers next to a block of concrete and watch with a smile as the music vibrates it into a pile of gravel. You might also imagine it sending a web of fine fractures through your skull, like the appearance of a windshield that’s been crazed by an errant rock kicked up from the highway in front of you.

The second prominent tone in the music is the snap and crack of the snare drum. It’s as sharp and hard-edged as the guitar tone is murky and corroded. It sounds like an ax biting into wood, or the rapid fire of a handgun. Continue reading »

Jan 112018


If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool metalhead, you gotta love the title of this song. The band’s name is definitely well-chosen, too; it’s a completely fitting description of what their music does to your nervous system. And that album art (which is a bit Demilich-esque, and for good reason) is going to catch some eyes as well. In other words, this is an enticing package for sure.

But even better, the song itself is a killer.

What we have for you is the premiere of “Mood For the Blade“, the first single to be released from Sanguine Vigil, which is the debut album of the Finnish death/grind band Galvanizer. It’s set for a February 28 CD release by Everlasting Spew Records, with a vinyl edition coming later this year via Me Saco Un Ojo. Continue reading »