Nov 142016



There is nothing wrong with making music that sounds comfortably familiar, as long as it’s done well. In my book, “It’s been done before” isn’t a valid condemnation, standing alone. And let’s face it, trying to break out of well-known and well-loved boxes in ways that don’t leave the artists in a place that resembles a jumbled and ill-conceived mess isn’t easy. Yet having said that, many of us do keep our eyes and ears open for music that’s unexpected, inventive, intriguing, and conceived and executed in a sure-handed way.

Which brings me to Gates No Longer Shut, the new album by the Polish band Misanthropic Rage that we’re helping premiere today.

Jul 242016

Windfaerer-Coniuratio Nigrum Atlantika


Greetings from Seattle and welcome to another edition of Shades of Black. I wasn’t able to prepare one of these installments last Sunday due to fucking off, so I’ve accumulated an especially large list of recent discoveries that I would like to write about. From that list I’ve selected blackened music from six bands to recommend.


The name Windfaerer will likely be a familiar one to our readers. Last year we premiered two songs from the band’s marvelous second album Tenebrosum and named one of those to our list of 2015’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs. What a nice surprise it was to discover that two days ago Windfaerer released more new music.

These new songs (three of them) appear on a three-way split by Windfaerer and two other Northeast bands, WolfCloak, and Dumal. The name of the split is Coniuratio Nigrum Atlantika. So far I’ve only listened to Windfaerer’s tracks, but they are predictably excellent.

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