Nov 132017


There’s a kind of “fuck off” attitude conveyed by the name Pissboiler, a way of saying, this music isn’t your friend. It won’t buy you a beer, give you a hug, or kiss you on the neck. It also made me think the music might be crust or maybe grindcore. I was wrong about that latter guess, but not wrong about the first one.

I might have made a better guess about their new album, In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares, if I’d listened to this Swedish trio’s 2015 demo, but still not a completely accurate one, because there’ve been some changes in their sound since then. A better clue would have come from the 26-minute side of Pissboiler’s split release this year with Develkuth, a track aptly named “Monolith of Depression” (available here), but even that wouldn’t have been a complete forecast of the amalgam of funeral doom, drone, and sludge that lies in wait on the new album.

We have part of what lies in wait today, a track named “Cutters“, which will disturb your days between now and the album’s release on December 25 by Third I Rex. Christmas Day. These dudes clearly have a gallows sense of humor.

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