Jan 122018


Editor’s Note:  starkweather vocalist Rennie Resmini is not only a very talented music-maker, but also a man with tastes that match up unusually well with may own inclinations… and he has a way with words. I’ve been following him on Facebook (here) for a while and I see what he recommends, and he also sends me recommendations from time to time. As you know if you read my round-ups of new music regularly, he has been a source of great discoveries.

For all those reasons, I asked him if he would be willing to provide a year-end list for publication here. For those who follow him on FB, you know that he posted extensive separate lists of albums, EPs, demos, and splits. For us, he whittled those down considerably to the 15 titles you will see below, using as one factor what he listened to the most. As he told me, “Here it is, quick and dirty so I don’t overthink… though by tomorrow I’ll have changed my mind”.

If you’re not familiar with starkweather’s music, go here — and get ready for something new from them in a few months’ time…

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