Feb 162017

Photo by Marco Fog Magla

Later this year the Venetian death metal trio Psychotomy will release a new album, and today we bring you the intergalactic premiere of a video for one of the new tracks, “Evidence of Tyranny“.

The new album will be Psychotomy’s second full-length, following their 2015 debut album Antinomia. All of the band’s members have been involved in other projects, and as you’re about to find out, they clearly know what the hell they’re doing. I’ll mention specifically that vocalist/guitarist Lory is also a member of Stench of Profit, a grind juggernaut whose split with Mindful of Pripyat we featured here recently.

Feb 072017


It’s not unusual for us to premiere new music. It is unusual for us to premiere three tracks from the same release at the same time. But that’s what we’re doing today — and it will take you a grand total of two minutes to hear them. However, if you’re like me, you’re going to spend more time listening to them again, and again. Once is not enough.

The names of these three tracks are “Mental Depravation” (28 seconds), “Know Your Shit Or Live In Ignorance” (71 seconds), and “The Dance of Deceit” (21 seconds). They are three of 18 tracks by the Venetian band Stench of Profit that will appear on a forthcoming split entitled New Doomsday Orchestration with fellow Italian destructors Mindful of Pripyat. The split will be released by Everlasting Spew on March 1.

You may remember the name Mindful of Pripyat, because we premiered two of the tracks from their side of the split in mid-January. Those songs were damned destructive. So are these three.

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