Feb 242015


On April 20, Season of Mist will release the first new album by Ukrainian black metal band Drudkh since 2012’s Eternal Turn of the Wheel. The name of the new album is A Furrow Cut Short, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you its first advance track — “Till Foreign Ground Shall Cover Eyes”.

The music races, but within the vibrating whirl of guitars and the bolting rhythms, huge waves of dramatic melody move like tides, slow and powerful. The pulsating bass notes, rapid-fire drum munitions, and wild, predatory howls get the blood pumping, but the non-stop intensity of the auditory assault only enhances the passion and staying power of the fiery, tremolo-driven melody. It’s an exhilarating cascade of black metal potency, both ferocious in the moment and memorable in the aftermath.

This is only one of seven long songs on A Furrow Cut Short — in fact, it’s the final track. It’s a cathartic burst of insurgent energy with nary a hint of the band’s periodic folk-metal trappings, and it may leave you wondering about the musical directions the band have followed in the six preceding songs, as much as the song titles may leave you wondering about the album’s lyrical concepts:

1. Cursed Sons I
2. Cursed Sons II
3. To The Epoch Of Unbowed Poets
4. Embers
5. Dishonour I
6. Dishonour II
7. Till Foreign Ground Shall Cover Eyes

The answers to those questions will be revealed in time — but not today. Today, we’re only teasing you — but we think you’ll find it’s a damned good teaser. Listen below to “Till Foreign Ground Shall Cover Eyes”.

A Furrow Cut Short will be available for pre-order here:


Drudkh’s official Facebook page is at this location.



  1. The “Drudkh” have opened a window on the universe black metal sound world which is most languid, with albums full of hypnotic riffs and melancholic tunes and the new song is also a work that offers passages of great emotional force, for all lovers of intense vibes the listenting seems almost obligatory and it’s a pleasure to see how inspired is their music.

  2. Outstanding as always!!!

  3. New Drudkh sounding great, as expected. Can’t wait to hear more.

  4. nice! this rips! 🙂

  5. this was a wholly engaging listen.
    I will have to learn more about this band someday.
    for now, bring on the new album.

  6. I know Drudkh have always operated under the radar, but i can’t believe I didn’t know about this – the most excited.

  7. Drudkh have made it a habit of releasing extremely solid work that never disappoints. This album is no exception.

  8. La eh escuchado 20 veces seguidas y no me aburre, joya de canción!!!!

  9. This is sounding really promising, Is anyone else getting similar vibes from the latest Blut Aus Nord album?

  10. Masterpiece! Can’t wait to get my vinyl copy. Slava Ukraini!

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