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Last April we premiered the self-titled debut EP of a Norwegian band named Gjendød, and now it’s our pleasure to premiere a stream of this duo’s first album. Entitled Nedstigning, it will be released on CD by Hellthrasher Productions on February 24th.

The album is dramatic, ice-cold, and beguiling, equal parts majestic and morbid, incinerating and depressive. While it’s a devoted embracing of Nordic black metal traditions, it provides changing shades of frost-bitten intensity while never relenting in its exposition of a pitch-black hopelessness.



The album reveals more facets of Gjendød’s obsidian grimness than last year’s EP, but there are certain constants, all of which are electrifying — the speed and intensity of the boiling riffs and the blasting drums; the bleak emotional force of the melodies; the prominence (and surprising warmth) of the very agile bass lines; and the utterly excruciating effects of the vocals — a range of abrasive snarls and shrieks, strangled growls, demented yells, and tyrannical proclamations that together embody terrible agony and maniacal rage.


“Til Høsten” launches the album in a fury but reveals a melancholy melody that becomes more and more entrancing even as the song becomes more delirious in its intensity. “Nedstigning” changes directions, starting at a slow and stately pace, the music exudes a chilling, depressive aura of repressed hysteria — which then boils over as the drums begin to thunder and the rippling riff intensifies. Moving between these contrasting tempos, the song becomes a potent representation of deep agony.

“Håpet Falmer” is even more dynamic, beginning in a galloping fury that generates a grim and seething atmosphere, a sonic embodiment of ferocity with an intense and engrossing melody, yet eventually changing into a sound that’s stately and majestic — yet tinged with a circling madness.

Where “Amputasjon Av Vranglæren” burns like a toxic bonfire, “Kvalt Av Fornuft” is disturbing and dissonant, a tension-ratcheting frenzy of warped, maniacal guitar work that surges with dangerous intensity.

“Utrydd Den” is yet another unrelenting paroxysm of cold-blooded ferocity, but it features a penetrating warlike melody and a rapid-fire bass line that further energizes the music’s pulse-pounding energy.

And to close the album, Gjendød give us “Ny Innsikt”. Dissonant and deranged at the beginning, and driven by a rapid-fire snare drum with a tight, popping tone, the song segues into a bounding rhythm with a writhing lead, a racing onslaught bursting with feral energy, and a pulsing back-beat with a flickering lead at the end.


To repeat, Nedstigning will be released on February 24, in a jewel-case CD with an 8-page lyric booklet by Hellthrasher Productions. There will be no pre-order opportunities, so visit these locations on and after the release date for purchase information:


Gjendød on Facebook:


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