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SPECIAL NOTE TO BANDS AND LABELS: Feel free to contact us about your music. If you’re interested in having us feature or review what you’re doing, please provide a link to a place where songs can be streamed and a download link for your EPs or albums. Please do NOT just send us a download link without also giving us a link to a place where at least something from the release can be streamed. It takes too long and too much hard-drive space to download everything before we get a chance to sample the music and get an idea whether it’s something we might want to recommend to others. It is not necessary to go to the expense of sending us physical editions of your releases.

Please be aware that we may or may not write about your music, even if you send us CDs or download links. Even if we really like what you’re doing, we just don’t have enough time to write about every band we like; the selection turns out to be pretty random. We wish it were otherwise, but that’s just the fact. So, don’t think we’re ignoring you or hate your music just because you don’t see something on the site about your band.

Also, because the process IS very random and impulsive, sometimes a couple of months may go by after you send us the music before we write about it, and sometimes you might see something the very next day (and sometimes there will be nothing at all, ever).

Please also be aware that in most instances we will not answer your e-mails. It’s not that we think we’re too important to be courteous, but we get literally hundreds of e-mails a day, and if we responded to all of them, there wouldn’t be enough time left to create new posts for this blog every day.

Happy trails.

  338 Responses to “CONTACT US”

  1. Good day, lads. Check out our debut EP.

  2. Hi Guys,

    First, big fan of your site and have been a daily reader for quite some time. We are a 2-piece industrial outfit from Austin, TX, and we are proud to release our debut, self-titled album for consumption.

    Release date: This Friday, 12/7/18

    We would love to be considered for a review on your site. Stemming from traditional metal band roots, we bring a heavy fusion of electronic and aggressive sounds for fans of bands like Ministry, :wumpscut:, Youth Code, and NIN to name a few.

    We’re sure you get flooded with these types of requests, so any time spent with the release is appreciated! We think you won’t be disappointed.

    dread risks

  3. Hello.

    I’m speaking on behalf of the band Orthostat, a death metal band from Brazil. We have just released (january 4th) our first album entitled “Monolith of Time”. It is a very heavy record, ranging from slow and doomish parts to fast blastbeats. The music has a somber mood all along the album, but it features lots of odd time signatures, elaborated arrangements, and a killer production.

    The lyrics speak about themes related to ancient civilisations, their culture and their wars.

    Our Metal-Archives profile:

    Most songs are 15 to 20 years old, it means that a lot of effort and passion were gradually applied into this work. We also have enough more music for almost two more full length albums, to come.

    We would like you to review our album. We are also available to sign with labels and distributors that want to sell our work abroad.

    You can listen to the album on Bandcamp with the link below:

    You can also download the files to your computer using the link below:

  4. Hello,
    I have recorded some metal music since last summer. One friend I have says it’s not bad. Other 3 friends listen to smooth jazz so fuck them. Would you care to listen?
    First 4 songs listed there are relevant. The rest are simple rock tunes, but still not good enough for smooth jazz friends, so fuck them again.
    With regards,
    Igor Blaszko

  5. Check out AR-15 “ Dogs of War”
    New Orleans Metal band !

  6. Hello!

    We are Cedith from Turkey.

    We make progressive rock music and have a fresh new album called “Dawn of Man”.

    Hope you will listen/love us.

    One song joy:


    Have a good one!

  7. Hi bro!
    we made new stuff, more black, more sludge, more doom and some hardcore
    if you want – we can send you flac for review!

  8. Hi guys,

    would like to share with you a song from my bands upcoming album. thanks!

  9. Hey friends.

    A few years back, NCS contributor Andy Synn very thoughtfully reviewed an album my band released.

    A week ago the same band and I released a second album, but under a new name. We would be honored if you’d give it a spin. The sound has come a long way since the release of our first album, and I, for one, am proud of the result.

    The album is available to freely download from bandcamp at the following link:

    Thanks for all the hard work you all put into connecting us metalheads with music that needs to be heard. Cheers!


  10. [P.U.T] “We are (br)others” 6th album OUT NOW!
    21 years of sludge industrial Metal noise

    Free digital remixes EP out now!

  11. Just in case you missed it, the new ( and final :/ ) WRVTH album dropped today. And if you believed the self titled was a wonderful piece, “No Rising Sun” picks right up where the left off and give it a proper burial. Worth a stream 🙂 Now, this is a good Friday.

  12. Hello.

    I’ve been a fan of these guys for years and their pre-prod has been laying around for a while so I wanted to do the material justice and released it on newly founded label Nedre Lågen. Duo consist of Skrotmunn Råtapøl and Krek.

    Aswell as a physical release the whole album is out on Soundcloud for listening and download.


  13. Hey can you have a listen to our new EP by ABU GHRAIB – ENHANCED TORTURE TECHNIQUES, Torture/Death/Grind from Melbourne Australia, brutal, fast paced, in your face

  14. Reading some of comments on this site has been funny. Anyway, great site. I see some people recommending some good bands. I wanna recommend some German bands; Germany has a really good metal scene that I think deserves more recognition.

    Eurynomos – black/thrash

    Diabolic Night – black/speed. They play fast with a lot of energy

    Coincidentally, both bands are releasing an album this year. Hope you like them.

  15. Apologies if you’ve heard it already, but new Ossomancer song just dropped (Proscriptor of Absu on vocals) and it’s a ripper.

    • Alright, I guess I need to get out more—looks like it released September 19. Shit–I could’ve been bobbing to this the past month on Spotify! Oh, well–I don’t recall seeing it posted anywhere, so there’s that.

  16. Hi, it’s Francesco “Padrecavallo” Ceccamea from Sdangher an italian metal/non metal/horses webzine, I am collecting some interviews from the main metal ‘zines of the scene in order to have an idea about what it is happening in the metal press all over the world. Would you please answer to some questions I will send to you? Thanks and cheers from Italy.

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