I’m the guy who runs this blog. I live in the Seattle area and I like live metal.  Not necessarily all metal, but a pretty broad spectrum of it.  As a public service, I post on this page upcoming shows in the Seattle area (and sometimes elsewhere in the Northwest) as I become aware of them. I tend to focus on the shows I would like to see, but I’ve tried to make it broader than that, too.

WARNING: I get my information from reliable web sites, including the venues for the shows, but I can’t guarantee that what I find will stay accurate, so check it out for yourself.  And I don’t promise to update the info if a show is canceled or a band drops off a tour or the venue changes.  So before you show up to buy tickets at the door, check with the venue to make sure nothing has changed.

Sometimes I don’t list a show because I’m unfamiliar with the names, or because I missed an announcement or forgot to check a venue’s calendar. If you’re a band or a venue and you want us to add your info here, leave a comment below or send e-mail to:   islander@nocleansinging.com


SEP 23 at Black Lodge: Xenotaph, Dearth, Cerna Krev, Blood Atonement

SEP 23 at The Kraken: Mortal Ashes, Effluvia, Born Without Blood

SEP 24 at Club Sur Rocks: Richie Kotzen, Vinnie Moore, Gus G, Weaponlord

SEP 25 at Showbox: Chelsea Wolfe, Russian Circles

SEP 26 at Showbox: Chelsea Wolfe, Russian Circles (second show)

SEP 26 at Club Sur Rocks: Wintersun, Ne Obliviscaris, Sarah Longfield

SEP 26 at Chop Suey: Earthless

SEP 27 at El Corazon: The Devil Wears Prada, Fit For A King, ’68

SEP 28 at El Corazon: Pallbearer, Tribulation

OCT 2 at El Corazon:  Dying Fetus, Incantation, Gatecreeper, Genocide Pact, Oxygen Destroyer

OCT 3 at Highline: Un, Witch Ripper, Shrine of the Serpent, Old Iron

OCT 4 at El Corazon: Agnostic Front, Noiise, Junto

OCT 5 at Highline: Revocation, Exhumed, Rivers of Nihil, Yautja

OCT 9 at Neumos: Zeal and Ardor

OCT 9 at Club Sur: Carach Angren, Mors Principium Est, Wolfheart, Empyrean Throne

OCT 9 at El Corazon: Satan, Substratum, Skelator

OCT 10 at El Corazon: Monster Magnet, Electric Citizen, Dark Sky Choir

OCT 14 at Funhouse: Cognizant, Rotteness, Pustulous, Impulse Noise, Seizure

OCT 15 at Neumos: Paradise Lost, Sólstafir, The Atlas Moth

OCT 15 at Funhouse: Enemy Soil, Antigama, Violent Opposition, The Drip, Treasonist

OCT 15 at Showbox SoDo: Gwar, Hatebreed, Miss May I, Ringworm, American Sharks

OCT 16 at Highline: Vile Effigy, Overwrought, Born Without Blood, Speaks In Tongues

OCT 17 at Club Sur Rocks:  My Children My Bride, Secrets, Capture, Kingdom of Giants, Half Hearted

OCT 17 at Funhouse: Expain, Kömmand, Guns of Barisal, Izthmi

OCT 18 at Highline: Witchaven, Xoth, Sentient Divide, Oxygen Destroyer

OCT 18 at El Corazon:  Grim Reaper, Leather

OCT 21 at Neumos: Windhand, Satan’s Satyrs

OCT 25 at Funhouse: Captured! By Robots, Xoth, Toecutter

OCT 27 at El Corazon: Ingested, Enterprise Earth, Bodysnatcher, Aethere, Dismembering Mary, Autumnus

OCT 28 at Highline: Hissing, Bone Sickness, Cavurn, Foul

OCT 29 at Showbox SoDo: Trivium, Avatar

OCT 31 at Club Sur Rocks: After the Burial, The Acacia Strain

NOV 2 at Club Sur Rocks: Suffocation (Frank Mullen farewell tour), Cattle Decapitation, Krisiun, Soreption

NOV 7 at The Kraken: Pound, Neck of the Woods, Isdal, If Penguins Could Fly

NOV 7 at Highline: Atriarch, Statiqbloom, Deth Crux

NOV 9 at Club Sur Rocks:  Arsis, Decrepit Birth, Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Angelmaker, Within Destruction

NOV 9 at Highline: King Dude, 16, Eye of Nix, Noise-A-Thon

NOV 9 at The Crocodile: The Contortionist, Intervals

NOV 10 at Highline: Sadistic Intent, Drawn and Quartered, Oxygen Destroyer

NOV 12 at El Corazon: Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, Suspiria

NOV 12 at Chop Suey: As I Lay Dying, Within the Ruins, Kingdom of Giants

NOV 13 at Highline: Daughters, Dreamdecay, Haunted Horses

NOV 13 at Club Sur Rocks:  Goatwhore, The Casualties, Black Tusk, Great American Ghost, Morthereon

NOV 13 at El Corazon: Korpiklaani, Arkona, Actionesse

NOV 15 at El Corazon:  Wrong, Portrayal of Guilt

NOV 20 at Showbox Market: Behemoth, At the Gates, Wolves In the Throne Room

NOV 20 at The Crocodile: Haken, Leprous, Bent Knee

NOV 21 at Highline:  Fister, Ilsa

NOV 21 at Showbox: High On Fire, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, Haunt

NOV 29 at Bossanova Ballroom (Portland): Black Dahlia Murder, Pig Destroyer, Khemmis, Gost, Skeletal Remains

DEC 5 at Moda Center (Portland):  Metallica

DEC 8 at El Corazon: Versus, Dead Crown, I Am Infamy, Designer Disguise, Vesuvian, No Home, Method 13

JUN 9 at El Corazon: Flotsam and Jetsam


  351 Responses to “NW METAL CALENDAR”

  1. Devastation on the Nation tour featuring
    Venom Prison
    Vale of Pnath
    at Studio Seven in Seattle on June 6th.
    I’m jealous as they’re doing Chicago and KC but skipping STL. 4 bands that I own albums from, bummer.

  2. There are a few shows coming up

    June 16th @ The Valley Tacoma,Wa $7 9pm start with: The Accused A.D./Toe Tag, Effluvia & Dilapidation.

    September 8th @ Le Voyeur Olympia, Wa $5 6pm-10pm, All Ages with: Effluvia, Oxygen Destroyer, Disease, & Maybe Al Gore making their debut.

  3. April 13th Black Lodge: Profane Order, Hissing, Putrid Temple

  4. A couple of shows at El Corazon:

    May 4: Morbid Angel, Origin, Dreaming Dead, Hatestorm, Annihilation

    May 22: Obituary, Pallbearer, Skeletonwitch, Dust Bolt

  5. May 13th Funhouse: Madrost, Silent Scream

  6. June 30th High line: Spectral Voice, Superstition, Mortiferium, Cerebral Rot

  7. May 1st: Funhouse Savage Master, Bewitcher, Subtratum

  8. Where are the metal people in seattle

  9. September 26 – Wintersun, Ne Obliviscaris. Club Sur Rocks, Seattle

  10. September 26 – Wintersun, Ne Obliviscaris. Club Sur Rocks, Seattle

  11. Dying Fetus is playing at El Corazon in October

  12. Aug 9th Highline: Mortous, Torture Rack, Crurifragium, Cerebral Rot.

  13. Oct 9th El Corazon: Satan

  14. Oct 18th High line: Pestilence. Witch Vomit, Fetid, Oxygen Destroyer

  15. Wiegedood at the Highline September 21st!

  16. According to the facebook page for Korpiklaani, they’re playing with Arkona on November 13 at El Corazon, not October.

  17. Geoff Tate’s operation mindcrime is playing the neptune Aug 29th. Looks like they are playing Operation Mindcrime in it’s entirety and a couple of other queensryche classics.

  18. Would you consider any shows coming up “Don’t miss it”? I like metal but there’s so many bands I’m not familiar with!

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