Dec 132018


(Here’s Vonlughlio’s review of the new album by Disphexia, which is set for release at the end of this week by Lord of the Sick Recordings.)

This time around I have the opportunity to do a review for the upcoming album of Disphexia (from Ecuador) entitled Smelly Reverse Necromacy, set to be released December 15th via Lord of the Sick Recordings.

I must admit that I was not aware of this band until The Lord signed them (yes, shame on me big time) but after that announcement I decided to check out their 2015 debut album Blast Brain Carnage, which was released by Rotten Cemetery Records. I was really impressed with that first effort and loved the straight-forward songs, which for the most part were between 1:30 and 2:29 (with a few exceptions). The music was to-the-point, with no fillers, calculated to melt your face while headbanging — my type of release. Continue reading »