May 272020


The riffing of Gloom has a raw and ravaging tone, the sound of gale-driven sandstorms or flesh-slicing blizzards — if not “lo-fi”, close to it — and it achieves dominance over the pounding of the drums and the hammering of the bass. The vocals are even more abrasive, the kind of throat-ripping shrieks that would permanently destroy the vocal chords of normal humans (and might put some listeners in mind of DSBM voices, though that genre label doesn’t completely suit the black metal that Gloom has fashioned).

But within these rough and raw maelstroms of sound, as captured on this Finnish band’s debut album, are powerful melodies and dynamic variations, melodies that don’t merely set hooks in the mind but have penetrating emotional power. True to the band’s name, gloomy moods are to be found within their vicious music, but “gloom” is not the word that comes to mind in listening to the album’s title track, which we’re premiering today. A better word might be “euphoric”, or “spectacular”. Continue reading »