Mar 232022


We’re about to bring you a new song for your abused ears. It will take you about two seconds to realize that it doesn’t deal with any deep philosophical subjecta. Look at the song title. Look at the band name. Look at that cover art!

For the moment you’ll have to look elsewhere for your philosophizing. Now it’s time to revel in the grand old death metal tradition of horror — of unnatural wolves and disemboweled corpses. And to guide us in our gruesome revels we owe thanks to The Scum, who come our way from the topographically dramatic city of Manizales, a mountainous Colombian cradle of both coffee and extreme metal.

The band’s second album, The Hunger, is set for co-release on April 18th by Satanath Records and the Colombian label Wild Noise Productions. And what is the means by which the monstrous hunger is sated? The song title tells us: “I Drink Your Blood and I Eat Your Skin”. Continue reading »