I’m the guy who runs this blog. I live in the Seattle area and I like live metal.  Not necessarily all metal, but a pretty broad spectrum of it.  As a public service, I post on this page upcoming shows in the Seattle area (and sometimes elsewhere in the Northwest) as I become aware of them. I tend to focus on the shows I would like to see, but I’ve tried to make it broader than that, too.

WARNING: I get my information from reliable web sites, including the venues for the shows, but I can’t guarantee that what I find will stay accurate, so check it out for yourself.  And I don’t promise to update the info if a show is canceled or a band drops off a tour or the venue changes.  So before you show up to buy tickets at the door, check with the venue to make sure nothing has changed.

Sometimes I don’t list a show because I’m unfamiliar with the names, or because I missed an announcement or forgot to check a venue’s calendar. If you’re a band or a venue and you want us to add your info here, leave a comment below or send e-mail to:   islander@nocleansinging.com


NOV 28 at El Corazon: Sirens, The Fine Concept, Thread the Sky

DEC 1 at El Corazon: Cancer Bats, Mercy Ties,SuperNothing, Shitlips

DEC 2 at Barboza: Bell Witch, Wrekmeister Harmonies, The Crush

DEC 3 at Showbox (Market): Kamelot, DragonForce

DEC 4 at El Corazon: Scott Kelly and the Road Home

DEC 4 at Studio Seven: Ghost Ship Octavius, Avoid the Void, American Wrecking Company. Mother Crone

DEC 5 at Hollow Earth Radio: Strangeweather (PDX), A God or an Other, Aerial ruin (PDX), Thunder Grey Pilgrim

DEC 5 at El Corazon: The Faceless, After the Burial, Rings of Saturn, Ashes of Existence, Empyrean

DEC 6 at Barboza: He Whose Ox Is Gored (record release show)

DEC 6 at El Corazon: Nashville Pussy, In the Whale, Black Pussy, Piston Ready, Stoned Evergreen Travelers

DEC 10 at Highline: Abhomine, Necroholocaust, Weregoat, Crurifragium

DEC 10 at Studio Seven: I Declare War,

DEC 11 at Highline (Hail Santa VI VI VI Fest): Witchaven, Xoth, Sarcalagos, Raptor Thrash, Substratum, Progenitor

DEC 11 at El Corazon: Black Sabbitch, Witchburn, Zero Down

DEC 12 at Highline (Hail Santa VI VI VI Fest): Wolvhammer, Atriarch, Ghostblood, Rhine,  Brain Scraper

DEC 11 at Chop Suey: Graveyard (Sweden)

DEC 17 at Neumos: Black Breath, Skeleton, Sayonara, Conviction

DEC 19 at Highline: Dispirit, Shrine of the Serpent, Void Wraith

DEC 21 at Substation: Alex’s Hand, Rhine, Spacewaster

DEC 29 at Neumos: Red Fang, Helms Alee

JAN 17 at Neumos:  Venom Inc., Necrophagia, Lesbian, Wounded Giant

JAN 17 at Highline: Power Trip, Long Knife, Gag, Lower Species

JAN 30 at El Corazon:  Nile, Sanction VIII

JAN 31 at Studio Seven: Warbringer, Enforcer, Exmortus, Cauldron, Oxygen Destroyer

FEB 3 at Neumos: Killing Joke, The Soft Moon, Black December

FEB 6 at The Tacoma Dome: Black Sabbath

FEB 19 at Studio Seven:  Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carach Angren, Abigail Williams, Darklight, Kill Closet

FEB 21 at Highline:  Coffins, Noothgrush

FEB 23 at Showbox:  Cradle of Filth, Ne Obliviscaris, Butcher Babies

MAR 6 at Showbox (Market): Helloween, more TBA

MAR 7 at Showbox SoDo: Nightwish, Delain

APR 1 at El Corazon: DECIBEL MAGAZINE TOUR — Abbath, High On Fire, Skeletonwitch, Tribulation

APR 11 at the Tacoma Dome: Iron Maiden

May 8 at El Corazon: Primal Fear, Luca Turrilli’s Rhapsody

May 28 at El Corazon: Prong




168 Responses to “NW METAL CALENDAR”

  1. Dan C. says:

    FYI, for Black Harvest on 10/14 the last band is Void Wraith, not Void Wrath.

  2. Metal Goddess says:

    Fucking rad! Thanks!

  3. metalwether says:

    Awesome resource! Thanks!!!

  4. Trevor says:

    My doom band Autumn Mourning is playing our first show Oct 23rd at the Redmond firehouse. If you could add it that would be great.

  5. DG says:

    Iron Maiden – April11th – Tacoma Dome

  6. Jérémie says:

    By any chance, do you know a good site to be aware of all the west coast shows? Thank you!

  7. Abomb says:

    You, my friend, are rad!

  8. […] it’s not my primary choice of genre to delve into, but there is no denying the prominence of the Seattle metal scene. For that reason alone, I’ve been looking into bands that are harder, louder, faster, thrasher, […]

  9. Oguz says:

    you forgot Helloween man! (I believe it was March 8)

  10. JR says:

    You forgot to delete the rescheduled venom show on the 23rd and Black Breath is playing on the 17th of December @ neumos.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Islander says:

      Many thanks — I made those changes, plus added a few other items discovered while perusing the Neumos calendar. I’ve got some more updating to do later today.

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