I’m the guy who runs this blog. I live in the Seattle area and I like live metal.  Not necessarily all metal, but a pretty broad spectrum of it.  As a public service, I post on this page upcoming shows in the Seattle area (and sometimes elsewhere in the Northwest) as I become aware of them. I tend to focus on the shows I would like to see, but I’ve tried to make it broader than that, too.

WARNING: I get my information from reliable web sites, including the venues for the shows, but I can’t guarantee that what I find will stay accurate, so check it out for yourself.  And I don’t promise to update the info if a show is canceled or a band drops off a tour or the venue changes.  So before you show up to buy tickets at the door, check with the venue to make sure nothing has changed.

Sometimes I don’t list a show because I’m unfamiliar with the names, or because I missed an announcement or forgot to check a venue’s calendar. If you’re a band or a venue and you want us to add your info here, leave a comment below or send e-mail to:   islander@nocleansinging.com


SEP 3 at El Corazon: Obsidian, Perception, Rhine, Prey the Hunter, Love the Dead

SEP 4 at Studio Seven: A Flourishing Scourge, The Buzz Birds, Rat King, Vaginal Defecation

SEP 6 at Neumos: Cult of Luna, Minsk, Subrosa, Breag Naofa

SEP 10 at Highline: Fuck the Facts, The Drip, Transient, Spacebag, Lb.!

SEP 10 at Studio Seven: Origin, Krisiun, Aeon, Alterbeast, Soreption, Ingested, Transcribing the Necronomicon, Countless the Dead

SEP 12 at The Mix: Swordwielder (Gothenburg), Vastation (PDX), Wilt, Dispara

SEP 12 at El Corazon: P.O.D., Islander, Rain Light Fade

SEP 17 at El Corazon: Cattle Decapitation, King Parrot, Black Crown Initiate, Dark Sermon, Wounded Giant

SEP 18 at El Corazon: The Skull, Zero Down, Teacher

SEP 20 at Studio Seven: Arkona, Heidevolk, Helsott, Substratum

SEP 21 at Studio Seven: Revocation, Cannabis Corpse, Archspire, Black Fast, A Crime of Passion, The Devils of Loudun

SEP 21 at El Corazon: Author & Punisher, Muscle and Marrow

SEP 23 at Neumos: Epica, Eluveitie, The Agonist

SEP 23 at Highline: Panzergod, Sacrament Ov Impurity, Summoning Sickness

SEP 24 at Highline: Vanum, Predatory Light, Anteinferno

SEP 25 at El Corazon: Marty Friedman, Exmortus, George Varghese

SEP 25 at The Kraken: Odyssey

SEP 26 at Highline: Black Breath (LP release), Goatsnake, Battalion of Saints, Obliterations

SEP 26 at Studio Seven: Unearth, Wovenwar, Compound, CascasDagger

SEP 26 at The Anthill: Leucrota (CA), Sloths (PDX), A God or an Other, Crōn

SEP 26 at El Corazon: Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Ruby the Hatchet, Ecstatic Vision

SEP 27 at El Corazon: Godflesh, Prurient

SEP 29 at Neumos:  Chelsea Wolfe, Wovenhand

SEP 30 at El Corazon: Stray From the Path, Comeback Kid, Being As An Ocean, Major League, Isles

OCT 2 at Highline: Worship (Ger.), Loss (TN.), Bell Witch

OCT 2 at The Crocodile: Alcest, Emma Ruth Rundle

OCT 3 at Highline: Negura Bunget (Romania), Pseudogod (Russia), Grimegod (Romania), Dynfari (Iceland), Crurifragium

OCT 3 at Showbox (Market): Overkill, Symphony X

OCT 3 at Studio Seven: Soulfly, Soilwork, Decapitated, Shattered Sun, Devilation, Sanction VIII

OCT 4 at Studio Seven: Chelsea Grin, The Plot In You, Never Met A Deadman, After the Fallout

OCT 11 at Studio Seven: Carnifex, Black Tongue, Lorna Shore, The Last Ten Seconds of Life, Prometheus, Among the Mayans

OCT 12 at El Corazon: Norma Jean, Sleepwave, The Ongoing Concept, Belle Haven, Reach For the Sky, Redeem the Exile

OCT 13 at Highline: Manilla Road, Savage Master, Skelator, Xoth

OCT 15 at El Corazon:  The Black Dahlia Murder, Iron Reagan, Harms Way, Maruta

OCT 17 at Highline: Bölzer, Ritual Necromancy

OCT 18 at Cryptatropa Bar (Olympia): Abigail Williams, Atriarch, A God or an Other

OCT 20 at El Corazon: Ghost, Purson

OCT 21 at Neumos: Deafheaven + guests

OCT 22 at Black Lodge:  Gehenna, Theories, Landmine Marathon, Deathraid, Heiress

OCT 22 at Studio Seven: Loudness, One Gun Shy, Stonebender, Voltanic

OCT 25 at Highline: Immortal Bird, Secrets of the Sky, A God or an Other

OCT 26 at El Corazon: For Today, Fit For A King, Gideon, Pinehas, Silent Planet

OCT 28 at Studio Seven:  Kataklysm, Belphegor, Blood Etchings, Reficul

OCT 30 at El Corazon: Hibria (Brazil), Unleash the Archers, Desecrate, Last Bastion

OCT 31 at Studio Seven: Sanctuary, Mechanism, Disciples of Dissent, Darklight, The People Now

NOV 1 at Chop Suey; King Dude, Drab Majesty

NOV 2 at Showbox (Market): Dir En Grey

NOV 2 at El Corazon: Parkway Drive

NOV 3 at El Corazon: The Algorithm, Angel Vivaldi, Save Us From the Archon

NOV 12 at Chop Suey: Ringworm, ACxDC, Nomads, Columbian Necktie

NOV 17 at Studio Seven: Blind Guardian, Grave Digger

NOV 18 (location TBA):  Mgła, Weregoat, Sempiternal Dusk

NOV 23 at Studio Seven: Texas In July, Reflections, To the Wind, Invent Animate

DEC 3 at Showbox (Market): Kamelot, DragonForce

DEC 11 at Chop Suey: Graveyard (Sweden)

JAN 30 at El Corazon:  Nile

JAN 31 at Studio Seven: Warbringer, Enforcer, Exmortus, Cauldron

MAR 7 at Showbox SoDo: Nightwish, Delain




137 Responses to “NW METAL CALENDAR”

  1. Andy says:

    Don’t forget Isis at Neumos on June 1!

  2. Wow, fuck, Finntroll and Barren Earth on the same bill? That’s epic as hell. Of course, no Swedish tour. WTF?

  3. Brian says:

    How about The Power of the Riff tour on Aug 19th at Neumo’s?

  4. Brendon Williams says:

    Although it would be awesome, I’m pretty sure Tesseract won’t be playing on the Periphery/Textures show. Also, you have the date wrong: it’s on the 22nd, not the 26th!

  5. Brendon Williams says:

    I take it back – it looks like Tesseract will be playing after all! They’re not listed on the posters though. But still, the show is on September 22nd.

  6. John says:

    Funeral Age is playing with Decapitated on October 14th at Studio 7 as well. Please update the info.

  7. Alexis says:

    The Ocean is playing with Devin Townsend too!!!!!!!

  8. Super Happy Story Time Land is going to be the only local opener for Deicide on March 18th

  9. Devon says:

    NOV. 15 TDWP, Whitechapel, Enter Shikari, For Today at Roseland Theatre Portland Oregon

  10. Go to the upcoming shows section of truemetalseattleforums.org for the most comprehensive listing of upcoming Metal shows, both local and national.

  11. Maz says:

    Huntress and Holy Grail opening for Dragonforce on May 5th. Those are the bands many people will go for me thinks.

  12. Dan C. says:

    This should be updated to combine these two shows:
    NOV 10 at Showbox SoDo: GWAR, DevilDriver, Cancer Bates, Legacy of Disorder

    NOV 10 at Neumos: Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, Exhumed, Attitude Adjustment, Martha Splatterhead’s Revenge

  13. Dan C. says:

    March 31st, Metal Alliance 3 at Showbox SoDo. Anthrax, Exodus, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail, plus more TBA.

  14. alex says:

    Feb 13, 2013: Graveyard with The Shrine @ Neumos

    Great site!

  15. alex says:

    March 29, 2013: Clutch,
    Orange Goblin, Lionize, and KYNG
    at Showbox at The Market

  16. Joel says:

    Friday March 8th
    Krystos, Last Bastion, Lb! (Pound)
    at 2 Bit Saloon

  17. Dan C. says:

    Mayhem Festival is happening July 3rd. There are some pretty good bands on the list, like Behemoth, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Machine Head, and Mastodon. And some…not so exciting bands as well.

    • Islander says:

      Man, thanks for that tip. I’ve been hunkered down in a cave the last 2 weeks and missed that announcement. That’s a really mixed lineup, but the awesome part of it is pretty fuckin awesome. I just added it to this page.

      • Dan C. says:

        There’s definitely a variety. I’m curious to see how all the different stages work, timing-wise and such.

  18. Dan C. says:

    June 19 – Studio Seven: Melechesh, Vreid, Lightning Swords Of Death, Reign Of Lies.
    Why must this be on a Wednesday?

  19. Dan C. says:

    Looks like Warbringer’s playing that Overkill/Kreator show as well.

  20. JJ says:

    Update to the Beneath Oblivion show Aug 15 at the Comet:

    Beneath Oblivion, Crawlin’, Witchripper, Portents.

    (My band’s Portents and its our 1st show!)

  21. shane says:

    where’s church of misery? December 4th or 5th

  22. Dano says:

    I am a die hard metal fan from speed metal to the darkest deepest sickest heaviest metal on earth…..i moved from the Tri state area recently to a place near Detroit Lakes Minnesota…..Any Venue info in the area would be greatly appreciated…ihave been to near 5000 shows in my life and growin up near NYC you can only imagine all the venues in a 10 mile radius let alone a 100 mile radius….i come out here and KAPOOT lmao…Please help I NEED MY METAL!!!!!! ….Im not that far from Fargo dakota but its an hour away….BUT for metal its well worth the ride…i know i can research venues but maybe you can help…that would be DEATHTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Hornz metal Brethren !,,!-!,,!

    • Islander says:

      Oh man, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, about all I have time to do for this page is try to keep up with what’s happening in the Seattle area where I live, updating it about once a week. It’s really the only part of this site that’s purely local.

  23. who knows says:

    I don’t know if this is anything people here will be interested in, but Feb 11- at El Corazon, Chelsea Grin (and several other irrelevant bands.)

  24. Volkov says:

    Sunday, Jan 26th at Highline – Chapel, Weregoat, Old Skin


  25. SomeRandomDude says:

    I love you

  26. Teri Renda says:

    Under the section blogroll on this page, when you click on Northwest Metal Alliance, it comes up with a septic tank on it.


    • Islander says:

      Ooops! Well, the Northwest Metal Alliance link is obviously defunct. Why it’s redirecting to that septic tank site, I have no idea — not my doing, though it is kind of funny. Anyway, I’ve deleted the link. Reminds me that I need to clean up the blogroll, which I haven’t done in… forever.

  27. Name Goes Here says:

    I think you have the wrong date for the Carcass show, should be March 29th. \m/

  28. Mike Hudson says:

    UnHailoed will be performing at Studio Seven March 29, 2014 , Door opens at 6PM. All Ages- Bar 21 +ID UnHailoed has $10 ADV tickets available. Tickets @ door $15
    Battle for Allstars Tour. This is a showcase show for Sumerian Records
    (Additional bands performing at this show on Studio Seven website)

  29. Mike Hudson says:

    Unhailoed will be performinig at Louie G’s in Fife, WA, May 2, 2014, Show at 8PM, All Ages- Bar21+ID
    Cronological Injustice from Portland, OR is also scheduled to perform.
    Contact Louie G’s for tickets.

  30. Mike Hudson says:

    UnHailoed will be performing at the Hilton in Vancouver, WA July 4, 2014. Show @ 12PM
    Cronological Injustice is also scheduled for this show.
    More details on this Fourth of July event will be forthcoming on the bands Facebook pagein the near future.

  31. Will says:

    Looks like Loudness cancelled North American tour.


  32. Dalton says:

    Chimaira is playing at hemp fest all the other bands are playing at studio 7

  33. John Devos says:

    Monday July 7 @ The 2 Bit Saloon
    Ceremonial Castings (CD Release show)
    Drawn & Quartered
    Funeral Age

  34. Carson says:

    The SUMMER SLAUGHTER Tour 2014 w/ THE FACELESS – Rings Of Saturn – Archsphere – Fallujah – Fatality – Black Crown Initiate

  35. Dalton says:

    Deathblow, paralyzer, and blood of kings play at Josephines on Aug 9th too..

  36. Trevor says:

    DTA on Nov 18 at studio 7!

  37. Carson says:

    Thrash invasion Tour with: Onslaught – Artillery – Stryker – Fallen Angels + Guest at Studio 7 November 19

  38. Hunter says:

    Chimaira’s playing on AUG 16th @ Hempfest on the Peter Mcwilliams stage – 4:00PM. Also, Lacuna Coil & Devil You Know have a show on Sept. 20th @ El Corazon

  39. Carson says:

    RAVEN – Night Demon – Stonebender – Guests at Studio 7 November 2 and also EXODUS – Idolarty From (San Francisco) – Hedon + Guests http://www.studioseven.us/2014/08/monster-concerts-studio-seven-presents-exodus-guests-tickets-go-on-sale-this-saturday-at-12pm/

  40. Carson says:

    WHITE CHAPEL – Upon A burning Body – Glass Cloud – Never Met A Deadman – Prometheus at Studio 7 October 31st

  41. Matt Wix says:

    You are providing a true service to humanity here- thank you! See you at the show~

  42. slash17 says:

    PAIN OF SALVATION, Wed 9/24. El Corazon!

  43. Dillon says:

    What about Down nd Orange Goblin 12/10 at the showbox?

  44. Alex says:

    Unfortunately, Children of Bodom and Machine Head is cancelled

  45. RC says:


    Black Sabbath tribute night, its only five bucks, figured a bunch of people here might be interested. Thanks for keeping this list updated its been a huge help to me.

  46. Trevor says:

    Anthrax is playing at wamu on April 29 with volbeat.

  47. Rachel says:

    THANK YOU for this. New to Seattle, so it’s hard to find a list of good metal shows. Appreciated and bookmarked.

  48. Volkov says:

    Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 8:00pm

    Highline Bar
    210 Broadway E, Seattle, Washington 98102

  49. Trevor says:

    Electric wizard is playing at neumos on April 13th.

  50. Robert Holmqvist says:

    Don’t forget Enslaved and Yob at El Corazon on March 11.

  51. Oz says:

    Hi. Drummer Oz here in Seattle interested in djent music, etc. I’m versatile if needed for other styles, but I love myself some breakdowns. Moved from so-Cali. 16 years playing drums and id like to hit the stages around the world with a good team. Anybody out there? I also rent a studio space in Fremont. I’m down for short term gigs as well. I’m 24 and ready to go. I also play a little guitar amd plenty of piano/keys. I have some recording equipment as well. Worked hard to get up here. I’d like for a longer term partnership with people who have passports willing to follow through for tours after we spend the next couple years together inspiring people to get on their feet with the things we can collaborate through our rhythms and lyrics. There’s no question about dedication, I only want those who are seriously dedicated to rock out and open up for starters other bands. If anyone is out there, please feel free to message me via email. Thanks. -Oz.

  52. Seagull says:

    Old man gloom are playing February 27th at The Crocodile. Finally, I get to make a small contribution to NCS.

  53. Carson says:

    I’m not sure if this is your cup of tea but Faith No More is playing at the Paramount in April!

  54. Seagull says:

    SUMAC are playing the Highline 3/15. Aaron Turner overload, and absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  55. Volkov says:

    Saturday, February 28 at 6:30pm at Obsidian in Olympia

  56. Trevor says:

    Allageaon, (however the fuck you spell it) is playing on march 29th at studio 7 with perception and a few other bands.

  57. Tomb of Desolation says:

    My death metal band tomb of desolation is looking for a drummer. We’re heavily influenced by carcass, hypocrisy, cannibal corpse, etc. Our musicians are high school/college age. Email me at tombofdesolation@gmail.com if you’re interested and I can send you a rough demo.

  58. Ryan says:

    OCTOBER 3, 2015: Symphony X, Overkill @ Showbox!

  59. Alex says:

    August 21, 2015L Rhine, Xoth, Mercy Brown, Rat King @ The Mix

  60. David Vincent says:

    Silver Platters on First Ave South (SODO) Has A Free GHOST Performance on Tuesday August 18th at 7:00pm

    Supporting The Unholy Unplugged Tour ~ Performing Songs from New Album “Maliora”

  61. Jr says:

    Is the graves at sea show happening today? I can’t find any info

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