Aug 162019


The Ottawa band TripleMurder pride themselves on not being too beholden to any one genre of metal, but definitely devoted to putting big jolts of electricity through their followers, running them ragged, and leaving them black and blue as well. Integrating death metal, groove, and -core elements, along with a taste for accents of melody, they’ve completed a six-song debut EP named Pre-Meditated that will be released on September 20. Today we bring you the second single from the EP, which provides a good example of the band’s multi-faceted strategies.

The name of the song is “Crawl“, but it doesn’t crawl — far from it. Continue reading »

Aug 162019


Two years ago we had the sadistic pleasure of premiering a heavy dose of foul, festering death metal off the last EP (Caro Data Vermibus) by the Spanish band Come Back From the Dead. Now we have the opportunity to present another premiere by the same group. This one comes from their new album The Rise of the Blind Ones, which like the previous EP will be released by Transcending Obscurity Records.

This new song — “Jugular I – Heretic Impaler” — is the stuff of horror. It makes it very easy to imagine macabre abominations lurching through the dark, shrouded by the putrescent stench of rotting flesh. Continue reading »

Aug 152019


“Every town has stories to caution or warn, every police officer has a seen a crime that keeps them awake at night, and every coroner has seen death in ways that the rest of us could never imagine. Murder, conspiracy, supernatural horror, and real-life terror are stains on the cutting room floor where Edmonton-based group Tales of The Tomb paints their canvas. Unified by the desire to have the grotesque power of 90’s era death and murder metal, Tales of The Tomb started as a thought that grew into an insatiable need to make extreme music.”

It seemed sensible to begin this introduction with the band’s own introduction to their genesis and inspirations. Originally formed in 2013 by guitarist/vocalist Corey Skerlak as a vehicle for carrying forward the kind of murder metal associated with Macabre, the band grew and reached the point of releasing their 2015 debut EP, Volume One: Morpras. Now the band have completed work on a second EP, Volume Two: Mendacium, which will be released on September 27th. As its title suggests, the EP concerns deception practiced in the context of destructive real-world events — “a collection of narratives surrounding government cover-ups, national lies and the heinous crimes committed amongst the shadows”.

One of those real-world events, and the ravaging warfare that followed it, are the subjects of the lyric video we’re premiering today for one of the songs on the new EP: “Nine Eleven“. Continue reading »

Aug 152019


Wallowing’s Orwellian vision of the future, as rendered through their new album Planet Loss, is harrowing. Constructed as a politically charged narrative of a small rebellion against an oppressive ruling regime which results in the end of civilization, the album is a single 32-minute piece of music divided into six sub-tracks — and they are every bit as harrowing as this UK band’s apocalyptic tale.

The album will be released on September 13th by Sludgelord Records and Black Voodoo Records. References are made, like a musical GPS, to Indian, Primitive Man, and Slabdragger. Further locational guides to Wallowing’s place in the underground include references to blackened sludge, grindcore, and noise. Where all those coordinates lead is a nightmare wasteland rendered through sound, where the physical demolition of civilization’s proud edifices is still in progress, and where sanity has already become a casualty. Continue reading »

Aug 142019


The outward trappings of the sludge/stoner band Gorilla Wizard from Long Island, New York, almost dare you not to take them seriously, perhaps most especially the white-bearded, wizard-capped gorilla costume in which guitarist Bertrum (the Gorilla Wizard himself) performs while his bandmates Mikal (Bang Boom), Ry (Slap Bap), and Gabrel (Howl) kick up a ruckus around him. And no doubt, they’re having a shitload of fun with those outward trappings, and with the music itself. But don’t be misled: Although the music definitely is a raucous kick in the head, it’s far from silly. The songcraft is excellent, the performances are razor-sharp, and when you hear the band’s debut album, Tales from the Cauldron, you’ll understand why this fearsome foursome chose a name like Gorilla Wizard.

Two songs from the record have surfaced so far, and today we’re bring you a third one in advance of the album’s August 23 release date. The name of this new one is “Maple Crunch“. It will crunch your bones and wreck your neck, and it proves to be as addictive as a sugar high. Continue reading »

Aug 142019


Edmonton-based musicians Davis Hay and Michael Sparks joined forces only a few months ago under the name Sophist with the aim of creating a hybrid of black metal and grind, drawing inspiration from the disparate antecedents of such bands as Napalm Death and Rotten Sound as well as Mayhem, Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, and Anaal Nathrakh. The first fruits of their collaboration is an EP called Betrothal To The Stone: Conception of Mephisto, with lyrical themes drawn from a text called “Hermaphrodite Child of the Sun and Moon”. The EP will be released on August 16th, but we have a full stream for you today.

The EP consists of three complete songs, as well as instrumental-only versions of those same three tracks. As presented in the YouTube stream below, the songs tend to flow from one to the next, creating a sense of being hurled further and further into a hellish occult realm where the listeners senses are under constant assault. Continue reading »

Aug 132019


The four men behind Cruickshank don’t advertise their resumes, though they’re definitely not newcomers to heavy music. They’re Canadian, but probably don’t dwell in Iqaluit, Nunavut, despite what their Bandcamp page says. They obviously don’t feel confined by genre boundaries in their music, nor by any commitment to orderly song structures. In fact, the tracks on their self-titled debut album are so riotously unchained that it’s hard to imagine how they were conceived and planned out, and almost equally hard to imagine how they were executed so immaculately.

As the album blasts its way through your skull like an unstoppable juggernaut, you can grasp elements of sludge, doom, hardcore, grind, noise rock, punk, and probably some other ingredients, if you’re interested in trying to locate the songs in a genre grid. But good luck trying to come up with a hyphenated genre descriptor that you could rattle off your tongue without getting your tongue twisted. Even just trying to meticulously follow the path of the songs would be a twisted exercise. It’s better to just abandon any temptation to dissect the songs or figure out what inspired them. Turn off the rational calculator in your head and just allow yourself to be bludgeoned and bamboozled. Continue reading »

Aug 122019


Let me put my cards on the table: I am not a jazz aficionado. As only an occasional listener, off and on over the decades (and more off than on), I’m not well-educated. Yes, I’m familiar with big names such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Dave Brubeck, and perhaps somewhat more familiar with jazz musicians who’ve participated in various fusion movements, but I’m no expert. And the prospect of listening to a fusion of jazz with elements of death and black metal? To keep my cards on the table, that put me on guard, and not feeling terribly optimistic about the results.

But a feeling of intrigue, coupled with a more general hunger for metal extremity that’s off the usual beaten paths, overcame my skepticism, and I began listening to the self-titled EP of Agabas — a Norwegian group who call their music Deathjazz. Continue reading »

Aug 122019


Among the long list of adjectives that leap to mind in listening to Unburnt’s debut EP (and you’ll see many of those in the following paragraphs), the one that probably belongs at the top is “ferocious”. While the music is undeniably multi-faceted, the trip through the four tracks on Arcane Evolution is a turbo-charged rush. It propels us at high speed through a savage gauntlet of blackened death metal that’s attacking on all fronts, in breathtaking fashion. The fact that the band manage to integrate so many other experiences along the way, without ever lessening the wild savagery of the assault, is at least as impressive as their talent for obliteration.

The line-up of Unburnt combines the talents of Canadian performers from other established groups — guitarist Bo Louther (Odium), vocalist Eric Burnet (Samskaras, ex-Derelict), drummer Joe Mullen (Odium), and bassist John-Ryan Godfrey (We Are Human). They chose to form Unburnt as a vehicle for creating a different kind of metal than what any of them had been doing in their other bands, and on Arcane Evolution they’ve succeeded in splicing together an array of divergent stylistic elements in a way that’s coherent — and electrifying. Continue reading »

Aug 092019


Attention metal sophisticates and other souls in search of nuance and meticulously stitched musical finery: The door is over there. Please show ourselves out before we turn on the hellfire furnace. Those who don’t mind reveling in a bestial orgy with the hot fumes of sulphur in your nostrils and Abysmal Lord‘s teeth in your throat, make yourselves right at home.

Yes indeed, four years after their Disciples of the Inferno debut album, and following on from their 2018 split with Crurifragium, this New Orleans-based war command is returning with a new full-length — and it could hardly have been better-named: Exaltation of the Infernal Cabal. In addition to exalting the powers of hell, the music also fulfills the other meaning of that initial word — it’s exultant. Although it is a berserker form of ecstasy that explodes from the speakers, for the right kind of reveler, the album’s over-the-top mayhem is fiendishly contagious.

As a prime example of the album’s nuclear-strength depravity, we present “Nuclear Absolution” in advance of the record’s August 16 release by Hells Headbangers. Continue reading »