Jun 242019


Some melodies are so blatantly hooky that they get stuck in your head immediately, even if you don’t think they deserve the attention and wish they would go away, like bits of fluff that annoyingly get stuck to your clothes. Others adhere to your memory more seductively but in a more lasting fashion, because there is greater emotional substance to them. That’s true of the song we’re about to premiere by the Mexican band Ragnell.

The song is “Divine Eradication“, and it’s one of nine tracks on Rebirth in Darkness, the second album by this band from Toluca and the first release since their full-length debut in 2014. Like that first album, the new one will be released by Satanath Records, joined this time in the release by More Hate Productions and The End Of Time Records. Continue reading »

Jun 212019


Fear and dread, and a certain tingling up and down the spine, are perhaps the dominant sensations that should accompany the announcement of a new album by the Texas duo Hellvetron, whose members have also wrecked havoc through such other formations as Nexul and Black Witchery. Seven long years have passed since Hellvetron’s debut album, Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties, but at last a new one will be upon us come August 16th, through the devilish ministrations of Iron Bonehead Productions.

The portals of Hell open wide through this new album, whose title — Trident of Tartarean Gateways — foreshadows the sulfurous abominations and terrible majesties that reveal themselves through its nine tracks. Similarly, the title of the song we present today — “Draconian Witchblood” — presages both the severity of the punishment it metes out and its air of poisonous enchantment. Continue reading »

Jun 212019


The thrill of witnessing destruction is a large part of Fawn Limbs‘ appeal, like the excitement of being present at the implosion of giant buildings to create space for something new. But there are other thrills within the mayhem of their music which derive not from chaos but from the almost machine-like precision of their otherwise freakish demolition jobs. This may seem paradoxical, but you’ll see what we mean when you check out the song we’re premiering today.

The song is “Pines” (which does not refer to trees) and it comes from this trans-oceanic trio’s debut album, Harm Remissions, which will be released on August 2nd. The album is an amalgamation of grindcore, math-metal, and noise, created by Finnish guitarist/vocalist/noise-producer Eeli Helin and the Pennsylvania-based rhythm section of Lee Fisher (drums) and Samuel Smith (bass). The album also includes guest vocal appearances by Andrew Hawkins (Baring Teeth), Champ Morgan (BLK OPS, Derelict Satellite, Kill the Client), and Mitchell Luna (Maruta, Noisear). Continue reading »

Jun 202019


And now for something completely different, and quite extraordinary on multiple levels — a smorgasbord of strange delights, mind-warping delicacies, and blood-freezing terrors for the adventurous listener, a work of mad and marvelous genius that discerning consumers of sound will not soon forget. This is Flawed Synchronization With Reality, the debut album by an experimental black metal project that has taken the name Deemtee.

Deemtee is the work of Spanish multi-instrumental artist NHT from Garth Arum, As Light Dies, and Aegri Somnia — though one should not be misled into guessing that this record will be in the vein of any of those other bands. Perhaps the best way to begin (succinctly) is to share some of the descriptive references in the press materials that have paved the way for the record’s June 22 release (by GrimmDistribution and Suprachaotic Records): Continue reading »

Jun 202019


The music of the German band High Fighter now exists in apparently opposed but interchangeable states. Rather than juxtapose their contrasting stylistic ingredients like hard veering lane changes on some musical Autobahn, however, they’ve created songs that are more like the confluence of river systems, all joining to flow powerfully forward in an intermingling of upstream sources.

The band’s new album, Champain, will be released on July 26th by Argonauta Records. As a follow-on to their 2014 EP The Goat Ritual and their 2016 debut album Scars & Crosses, it is itself the product of new soundscapes through which the band have passed, as if other tributaries have joined this river in new convergences on its rush to the sea. The Goat Ritual has been left far behind, and Champain certainly isn’t Scars & Crosses Part 2 either. The song we present today, “Dead Gift“, makes that plain, and could stand as a proud emblem of this river’s new course. Continue reading »

Jun 192019


For my comrades and myself here at our putrid site, WarCrab’s second album, Scars of Aeons, was one of the biggest, brightest, and stupendously heaviest discoveries of 2016. Grant Skelton named it to his list of the year’s best death metal albums. I included a track from the album on our list of 2016’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs. And Andy Synn praised the album in his review with these pungent words:

“With a sound that can best be described as a humongous hybrid of the chugging, churning assault of classic Bolt Thrower, the swaggering, sludge-soaked grooves of Crowbar, and the sheer, merciless morbidity of Autopsy at their doomiest, Scars of Aeonsis one heck of a weighty listen. There are riffs here which are heavy enough to break an elephant’s back, and slithering grooves as thick and meaty as an anaconda on steroids.

“In fact I’m surprised this album doesn’t come with an attached safety warning and a recommendation that listeners wear a hard-hat at all times in order to prevent cranial trauma. It really is that [expletive deleted] heavy!”

The news that these sludge/death heavyweights would be releasing a third album this summer (through Transcending Obscurity Records) was thus cause in these quarters for a mixture of excitement and dread — the skull fractures from the last record are almost healed, but new ones will undoubtedly now be opened, and there’s no getting back those inches of height lost in the last pounding, only more to lose as WarCrab drive us into the pavement once more. Continue reading »

Jun 172019


For many music fans what inspires artists to create their records is of secondary importance, if it’s a subject of interest at all. What matters more is what the music inspires within the listener. After all, what we take away from the experience, what makes immediate impressions and creates lasting memories, is in part a function of who we are, and might actually have little to do with what drove the creativity of the musicians.

Yet in some cases the back-story leads to a deeper appreciation of the sounds, and can become interesting in its own right. We have one of those cases here, in the story of Murk Rider and their debut album Exile of Shadows — a conceptual work that consists of three tracks ranging in length from 21 minutes to 30 minutes, one of which (the album opener) we’re presenting today. Continue reading »

Jun 172019


Rising from the ashes of a hardcore punk band, the death-metal/grindcore band Iato first came together in 2011 in the town of Quartu Sant’Elena on the Italian island of Sardinia. Now consisting of drummer Lorenzo Balia, bassist Andrea Manis, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Federico Pisano and vocalist/guitarist Francesco Nano, Iato have released a pair of EPs, and are now on the verge of seeing the release of their debut album Ucronia via GrimmDistribution (Ukraine) and The Triad Rec (Italy-Malta).

The release date of June 19th is only two days away, and so you won’t have to wait long to hear the entire album, but to whet your appetites for it we’re presenting a new track today named “Soggetto Alienato“. Continue reading »

Jun 142019


After releasing an album, an EP, and a split under the name Aetherium Mors, the UK duo of multi-instrumentalist Dan Couch and vocalist/lyricist Kane Nelson changed their name to Itheist, a word that figured in a song on their last Aetherium Mors release, a word found in The Satanic Scriptures by Peter H Gilmore (and spelled there as I-theist). The name fits the philosophical underpinnings of their new self-titled album, which (as Dan Couch explains) “focused on forging one’s own reality through the Satanic virtue of discipline and creating an environment that cultivates the causal advancement of personal greatness and power”.

In keeping with the lyrical concepts, the album itself is dramatically powerful, with songs that are are rampantly dynamic, often electrifying, frequently disorienting, and almost always fearsome. They harness elements of classic bands such as Death, Carcass, and Dissection, together with more experimental bands such as Akercocke, Ulcerate, and Gorguts, and the results are riveting — as you will discover through our full stream of the album in advance of its summer-solstice release on June 21st. Continue reading »

Jun 142019


As I write this article I am in Iceland at a music festival, experiencing the strange effects of daylight throughout the waking hours, even at 2:30 a.m., when I finally fell into an exhausted slumber earlier this morning.

Iceland is just a few degrees south of the Arctic Circle, that imaginary line around the Earth that marks the latitude above which the sun does not set on the summer solstice and does not rise on the winter solstice. The summer solstice arrives on June 21st, one week from today.

The rhythms of the body rebel at so much light, but there is at least a temporary remedy for the disorientation, a balance to be found as the mind is seduced into deepest darkness through the sound of “Illusions“, the song from the debut album by Thorns of Grief that’s been devouring the light around me this morning. Continue reading »