I’m the guy who runs this blog. I live in the Seattle area and I like live metal.  Not necessarily all metal, but a pretty broad spectrum of it.  As a public service, I post on this page upcoming shows in the Seattle area (and sometimes elsewhere in the Northwest) as I become aware of them. I tend to focus on the shows I would like to see, but I’ve tried to make it broader than that, too.

WARNING: I get my information from press releases and web sites for the venues for the shows, but I can’t guarantee that what I find and post here will stay accurate as time passes, so check it out for yourself.  And I don’t promise to update the info if a show is canceled or a band drops off a tour or the venue changes.  So before you show up to buy tickets at the door, check with the venue to make sure nothing has changed.

Sometimes I don’t list a show because I’m unfamiliar with the bands, or because I missed an announcement or forgot to check a venue’s calendar. If you’re a band or a venue and you want us to add your info here, or if you’re a music lover who thinks we ought to list an event you know of, leave a comment below or send an e-mail to:   islander@nocleansinging.com


MAY 21 at El Corazon:  Belphegor, Dark Funeral, Incantation, Hate, Vale of Pnath, Nightmarer, Drawn and Quartered

MAY 23 at Highline: Cult Leader, Call of the Void, Into the Storm, Death Cave

MAY 23 at El Corazon: Chelsea Grin, Slaughter To Prevail, Enterprise Earth, Traitors, Bodysnatch

MAY 24 at Neumos: Earth, Helms Alee

MAY 24 at El Corazon: Hell’s Belles, The Ghost Wolves

MAY 25 at The Crocodile: Skeletonwitch, Soft Kill, Martyrdöd, Wiegedood

MAY 26 at Highline, Wear Your Wounds, Author & Punisher, Xasthur

MAY 26 at Funhouse: Listener, Birds In A Row, Quentin Sauvé, Blightmaker, Isdal

MAY 27 at Highline: Rippikoulo, Petrification, Fetid, Cerebral Rot

MAY 27 at Club Sur Rocks: Exmortus, Silver Talon, Kommand, Pain Field, Vile Effigy

MAY 29 at Highline: NORTHWEST TERROR FEST Pre-Fest Show: Thou (acoustic), Austin Lunn (Panopticon)(acoustic), Slasher Dave

MAY 30 – JUN 1 at Neumos, Barboza, Highline: NORTHWEST TERROR FEST (details here)

MAY 31 at El Corazon:  Church of Misery, Mondo Generator, Toke, Eroder

JUN 1 at El Corazon: Marianas Trench

JUN 2 at The Crocodile: Riverside, Contrive

JUN 4 at El Corazon: P.O.D., Nonpoint, Islander, Nine Shrines

JUN 6 at Funhouse: Plaguebringer, Blood and Thunder, Odyssian, Aphelion

JUN 7 at Highline: Royal Thunder, Dead Now, Noise-A-Tron

JUN 9 at El Corazon: Flotsam and Jetsam, Dead By Wednesday, Coven 6669, Solicitor

JUN 9 at Substation: Morfin (LA), Infernal Realm, Scmutzhund

JUN 11 at El Corazon: Gloryhammer, Aether Realm, Zero Down

JUN 15 at Substation: Over (PDX), Nox Novacula, Dead Spells, Nostalgist

JUN 17 at Showbox:  Ulver (cancelled)

JUN 17 at Funhouse: Neckbeard Deathcamp, Theories, Dryad

JUN 20 at Substation: CHRCH, Isenordal, Arkheron Thodol, Eye of Nix, Witch’s Market

JUN 21 at ShoWare Center (Kent): Judas Priest, Uriah Heep

JUN 22 at Marymoor Park: Coheed and Cambria, Mastodon, Every Time I Die

JUN 25 at Funhouse: Yatra, Swampheavy, Sorcia

JUL 3 at Highline: Suffering Hour, Temple of Abandonment, Cystic, Foul

JUL 11 at Highline: The Ruins of Beverast, Dispirit, Nightfell

JULY 12 at Highline: Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Drowse, Nostalgist, Dead Spells

JUL 13 at Tacoma Dome: Ozzy Osborne, Megadeth

JUL 13 at Highline: The Chasm, Cruciamentum, Infernal Conjuration, Solitude of Ravens

JUL 13 at Showbox SoDo: August Burns Red, Silverstein, Silent Planet

JUL 20 at El Corazon: Appice Brothers, Ghosts of the Pacific, Zero Down, Custom

JUL 20 at Highline: Youth Brigade, Lower Class Brats, The Bridge City Sinners, Ground Score

JUL 27 at El Corazon: Born of Osiris

AUG 7 at Substation: Slough Feg, Sanhedrin, Void Vator, more TBA

AUG 17 at El Corazon: Sanctuary, The Accursed AD, After the Fallout

SEP 5 at Tacoma Dome: Iron Maiden, The Raven Age

SEP 12 at El Corazon: Warbringer, Enforcer, Greyhawk, Bleed the Stone, W.M.D.

SEP 13 and 14 at Neumos: The Melvins, Redd Kross, Shitkid

SEP 19 at WAMU Theater:  Ghost

SEP 26 at Showbox SoDo: Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Grand Magus

OCT 1 at El Corazon: Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Gone In April

OCT 2 at Neptune Theatre: Kamelot, Sonata Arctica, Battle Beast

OCT 6 at El Corazon: Delain, Amorphis, Anneke Van Giersbergen

OCT 14 at El Corazon: Immolation, Blood Incantation

OCT 15 at Showbox SoDo: Sabaton, Hammerfall

OCT 16 at Paramount Theater: BabyMetal, The Hu

NOV 21 at El Corazon: Nile, Terrorizer, Nott, Bleed the Stone

DEC 14 at Elk Corazon: Static-X, Wednesday 13, American Wrecking Company, Jack Havoc


  364 Responses to “NW METAL CALENDAR”

  1. Don’t forget Isis at Neumos on June 1!

  2. Wow, fuck, Finntroll and Barren Earth on the same bill? That’s epic as hell. Of course, no Swedish tour. WTF?

  3. How about The Power of the Riff tour on Aug 19th at Neumo’s?

  4. Although it would be awesome, I’m pretty sure Tesseract won’t be playing on the Periphery/Textures show. Also, you have the date wrong: it’s on the 22nd, not the 26th!

  5. I take it back – it looks like Tesseract will be playing after all! They’re not listed on the posters though. But still, the show is on September 22nd.

  6. Funeral Age is playing with Decapitated on October 14th at Studio 7 as well. Please update the info.

  7. The Ocean is playing with Devin Townsend too!!!!!!!

  8. Super Happy Story Time Land is going to be the only local opener for Deicide on March 18th

  9. NOV. 15 TDWP, Whitechapel, Enter Shikari, For Today at Roseland Theatre Portland Oregon

  10. Go to the upcoming shows section of truemetalseattleforums.org for the most comprehensive listing of upcoming Metal shows, both local and national.

  11. Huntress and Holy Grail opening for Dragonforce on May 5th. Those are the bands many people will go for me thinks.

  12. This should be updated to combine these two shows:
    NOV 10 at Showbox SoDo: GWAR, DevilDriver, Cancer Bates, Legacy of Disorder

    NOV 10 at Neumos: Napalm Death, Municipal Waste, Exhumed, Attitude Adjustment, Martha Splatterhead’s Revenge

  13. March 31st, Metal Alliance 3 at Showbox SoDo. Anthrax, Exodus, Municipal Waste, Holy Grail, plus more TBA.

  14. Feb 13, 2013: Graveyard with The Shrine @ Neumos

    Great site!

  15. March 29, 2013: Clutch,
    Orange Goblin, Lionize, and KYNG
    at Showbox at The Market

  16. Friday March 8th
    Krystos, Last Bastion, Lb! (Pound)
    at 2 Bit Saloon

  17. Mayhem Festival is happening July 3rd. There are some pretty good bands on the list, like Behemoth, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Machine Head, and Mastodon. And some…not so exciting bands as well.

    • Man, thanks for that tip. I’ve been hunkered down in a cave the last 2 weeks and missed that announcement. That’s a really mixed lineup, but the awesome part of it is pretty fuckin awesome. I just added it to this page.

      • There’s definitely a variety. I’m curious to see how all the different stages work, timing-wise and such.

  18. June 19 – Studio Seven: Melechesh, Vreid, Lightning Swords Of Death, Reign Of Lies.
    Why must this be on a Wednesday?

  19. Looks like Warbringer’s playing that Overkill/Kreator show as well.

  20. Update to the Beneath Oblivion show Aug 15 at the Comet:

    Beneath Oblivion, Crawlin’, Witchripper, Portents.

    (My band’s Portents and its our 1st show!)

  21. where’s church of misery? December 4th or 5th

  22. I am a die hard metal fan from speed metal to the darkest deepest sickest heaviest metal on earth…..i moved from the Tri state area recently to a place near Detroit Lakes Minnesota…..Any Venue info in the area would be greatly appreciated…ihave been to near 5000 shows in my life and growin up near NYC you can only imagine all the venues in a 10 mile radius let alone a 100 mile radius….i come out here and KAPOOT lmao…Please help I NEED MY METAL!!!!!! ….Im not that far from Fargo dakota but its an hour away….BUT for metal its well worth the ride…i know i can research venues but maybe you can help…that would be DEATHTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Hornz metal Brethren !,,!-!,,!

    • Oh man, I feel your pain. Unfortunately, about all I have time to do for this page is try to keep up with what’s happening in the Seattle area where I live, updating it about once a week. It’s really the only part of this site that’s purely local.

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