Jul 022018


There will be 365 days in 2018. The mid-way point is therefore 182 1/2 days. Yesterday, July 1st, was the 182nd day of the year. And so we’re a bit early with this post, since the mid-way point won’t be reached until the end of the 12th hour today, but we’re not as early as some places have been.

With the year approximately half-gone, it’s a good time to take stock of what we’ve heard so far… and man, there’s been a lot of good stuff to hear. And by “what we’ve heard so far”, I don’t mean myself. If I really tried to make a list of the best releases from the first half of the year, I’d have to shut down the site for a week, and probably still couldn’t figure it out.

No, what I mean by “we” is “you”, because I’d much rather be entertained and educated by seeing the releases that have made the biggest impression on people who visit NCS than agonize over my own list. And I’m guessing other people will enjoy that too. In addition, collecting these lists always turn out to be an excellent resource for making new discoveries. Continue reading »