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  1. Thought you lot would really appreciate Errata, one of Australia’s best (and only?) jazzcore bands:

  2. I did a quick search and didn’t see anything on Facebreaker. IMHO, a great death metal band from Sweden. Plus all the songs on their last album are about zombies. You migh want to give them a listen.

  3. Hello, i’ve been meaning to recommend these guys and get them a bit more press and acknowledgement for a while.

    Martriden –

    Melodic/proggy black metal band. American. Self-controlled and self-released. Great first EP and two awesome albums.

  4. *cracks knuckles*

    I think I’m gonna like it here, even if my tastes don’t quite align with NCS’s aim, at least not as strictly. But so far, so good. I may have to dig through my collection and pass some names your way one of these days, as if you didn’t have enough to do/listen to.

    • Thank you again for spending so much of your time wading through our posts! And i would definitely encourage you to pass some names our way. I will find more time. In fact, I think I’m sleeping too much as it is.

  5. I dig this blog, Wanna trade links!.

  6. Hey man. just wanted to ask you something.
    Do get much spam?
    Cause I’m getting flooded with the shit!

    Comments like. This is a really terrific blog, your knowledge on the topic is very informative, I will be subscribing to your feed.

    That covers nearly all my comments.

    Just curious that’s all. Cheers!

  7. No man, I don’t get anything like that. I do see some strange registrations — people with e-mail addresses that look like they’e part of internet commerce sites, but I have no idea how that would help them get addresses for other people who register here. That’s all private.

    • Ok.

      I moderate all my comments and I’m getting between 10 and 20 a day.
      Think I might try one of those captcha test things and see how that goes.

      Cheers man. Catchya Later.

      • Well, let me know what you find. I barely know enough about technology to put this blog together and could use some insights. It would kill me to think I’ve exposed legitimate readers to a bunch of spam bullshit, and I would take steps to stop it if I knew it was a problem and could figure out the fix.

  8. My friend’s band Cloned Moor Solares is one of the coolest mathcore/prog bands I’ve heard in a while, they are about to release their debut EP soon, I think you guys might dig it

  9. Hey guys. My friends band Unstable is dropping there EP “Roaming Through Chaos” in 15 days. To support the release they need some reviews and some listens. There right up your guys alley, they just didn’t know how to ask about getting a review. Thank you./

  10. Hey man! It’s been awhile!

    Just letting you know that my blog. (Metal For All) has crashed!

    So you have a dead link in your blog roll!


  11. Hey!

    I noticed that you don’t have a share button for Facebook and Twitter, etc.

    If you want one here’s a some

    It’s easy to add! like a you tube video.

  12. You should really check out the band Age of Nefilim from Spokane Washington. Here is a link to their myspace.

  13. I want to hear your guy’s opinion on DAATH and their new album.

  14. Hey Man,

    My name’s Mat. I used to sing for Bury Your Dead. I’m flattered by your page here and I’m glad you like heavy music. If there’s anything I can do to help generate some buzz around your sight, let me know. Keep your standards high and your vocals low.

    Looking Forward,

    *Mat XXX

  15. Hi there! I was searching for some metal blogs on google, and I found yours, I loved it! And I wish you could make a review of our first EP. We are RANDOM, an Extreme/Prog Metal band from Tucuman – Argentina, we’re really interested in knowing what do people think about our music, especially people from other countries.
    – Ocultar texto citado –

    So, you can download for free/listen online our music at any of these pages:

    We hope that you could hear us and of course like RANDOM…

    (Sorry about my terrible English)

    Greetings from Argentina!!

    • Thanks for the kind words Raul, and of course we’d be happy to listen to your EP. We’ll let you know when we get something written. All the best to you and the band.

  16. hey man,
    big fan of your site! always awesome to find a site promoting underground music
    i play guitar in a band called The Rabid Terror, melodic death metal from sydney, australia
    would love it if you could check out and possibly review our stuff, would be great to get some feedback!!
    cheers mate, hope u like it

  17. Hey man nice blog… I was just surfing the net, when I came across this site… this is the first time I am here. But I noticed, that many others was recommending their own or other great metal bands, and I just felt like doing the same… \m/

    Death Comes Pale from Denmark.

    New E-card available at

    And feel free to visit: and!/pages/Death-Comes-Pale/205960029561


  18. since you have your doses of deathcore here i have a recommendation

    discovered this today, band sounds like a mix between August Burns Red and Circle Of Contempt


    Matt Bruso performing Chrono with The Ghost Inside

    good to see him finally performing live again

  20. Hey thought you might like the Haemic demo

    It’s one of my projects. I’m a 15 year old guitarist from Taiwan, you can see a little bit of my work on my youtube channel.

  21. First time to ever watch SIN live a few hours ago, too bad they were short of a guitarist, they were already heavy, raw and technical as it is imagine if they were complete haha

    oh and here is a metalcore band for anyone that digs August Burns Red

    finally bought their album yesterday, good stuff, they are also under Tower Of Doom whose roster includes Bloodshedd and SIN

  22. Would love for you to give my band a listen. My friends and I play in a noisy band called Snake Baptist. Not sure what to call it other than a modern interpretation of screamo from the late 90s-early 2000s. If you’re a fan of the vocals from sawtooth grin or cloacal kiss, then you’ll enjoy them since it’s the same fellow doing them. We just released our first EP. We did ourselves and would love any feedback you’d like to provide on it. Enjoy.

    1 – The Humorist
    2 – Stigmata Fangs
    3 – Living Jaws of Life
    4 – I Drink Your Milkshake
    5 – Winged Voorhees
    6 – Ahab

  23. Hey, guys. I just read your review of the new, and long overdue, Disfiguring the Goddess album.

    It would be an honor to hear what you have to say about my band.

  24. If you have a moment, check out my band Love On The Lips of a Whore. We’re writing a new album titled “Liars & Cheaters” out late this year!

  25. hey dude – from one islander to another – can you add to your blogroll!!! awesome site, one of the best, definitely one of the more informative out there – thanks!

  26. Have you been in contact with anyone from TNOB? They’ve been down for two days.

    • Yes, I have, though the people I’ve been communicating with aren’t 100% sure what’s happening. As best i can tell, the web host service they use — Convelocity — is itself down across the board. If you visit, you’ll see a message which implies to me that they just rent their servers from another company and either aren’t paying their own bills or have some other problem. I’m guessing that TNOTB is going to have to find a new web host and try to re-load a back-up copy of their whole site.

      • Well, that sucks. I hope they get it worked out and don’t lose any of their work.

        Thanks for the info, I figured you’d know the score 😉

  27. So i’ve been following NCS for quite awhile now and i’d like to take a shot at giving something back to you guys:

    Founded 2009. Released two EPs so far.

  28. Hey,

    You should really check out Down Royale! They just released an ep. So heavy!

  29. Hey,

    I see you guys reviewed the visitor album. They are kick arse chack out the other bands they play manchester with, including the mighty Incidium who are a finalist in this years battle for bloodstock!

  30. JazzTimes, America’s Jazz Magazine, recently posted on its website a piece you might be interested in telling your readers about. It’s a lengthy feature on the history of the jazz-metal connection, with input from Tony Iommi, Robert Trujillo, Alex Skolnick, John Zorn, Henry Rollins, Page Hamilton and more. Check it out:


  31. Hey Check out South African Melodic Blackened metal band CROW BLACK SKY.

  32. If you like old school black metal then I think you’ll love the refreshing strength of my friends from Norway in Blodsgard. Check them out at

    On YouTube, feast on some of this: (Mentalt Minefelt) (Sjeler Vil Brenne) (Hagalls Sirkel)

    Their foray into DSBM (some CS but freakn EPIC! imo): (Mitt Blod Flyter – Svart Eksistens)


  33. would like for yous to check out my band, we are extreme satanic black metal act “Morgh”… (all music / album is posted)

    V ~

  34. You should check out this band, they’ve just released their first album and it’s fucking amazing!!

    You can hear the full album on their website.

  35. Hey guys. I’m Josh from Stealing Axion, a progressive metal band based out of Tacoma, WA. I’ve seen your reviews pop up a few times on our friend’s bands facebook pages. (Odyssey, Textures, etc.) Noticed that you guys are based out of the Seattle area, so I figured I should send you guys our EP and maybe you could check it out.

    You can hear the EP at

    If you guys review it, I’d love to get an email letting us know so we can promote it online and get some viewers over to your site as well.

    Thanks in advance guys,


  36. we put a band together and are geting pretty brutal i would really like to play with you guys one day just cause your my favorite band and no mother fucker is on your level i wanna get there

  37. Are you guys hiring for collaborators? I’ve listened to death metal my whole life, and have been looking for a website like this since I can’t even remember. I know its a shot in the dark but it would be an honor for me if I was allowed to be able to be a part of something this bad ass. If it makes any difference Ive got an IT degree, I’ve worked at a metal venue in Arizona for a couple of years (The Clubhouse, Tempe) and I have researched death metal most of my life. I have met and chilled with many different metal bands (Sepultura, Fear Factory, Neuraxis, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Nile, Deicide, The Absence, Ensephirum, D.R.I, Fintroll, Decrepit Birth, Watain, Gwar, Carnifex, Vital Remains and countless others). I am serious as a Heart Attack and have memorabilia to prove it.
    Death Metal is my LIFE. Please email me and Hire My ASS!


  39. There’s an Atmospheric Prog / Death Metal band From Thessaloniki, Greece called DUSTYNATION. they have a Self-financed album entitled “Echoing Lullabies”…check them out!!!

    Download “Echoing Lullabies” here:


    Just wanted to share how awesome Finland once again is. We had a news about the plane crash in Poland in our yellow press. Catch is that members of Decapitated were abroad that plain and the story is mostly about them


    You’re my favorite blog. :3

  42. Hey, check out Descendant; melodic death metal group from Denton, TX who just released their self-titled, self-recorded and self-produced debut album. Enjoy!

  43. This has to be one of the most ridiculous sites for metal I’ve ever encountered. Not only is the name lame, it’s contradictory to posts on the site. If I made a site to help shed light on people who had cancer yet wrote stories about people who had caner and Parkinson’s and called it Caner Patients Only… what would people think? They would think that I’m a dumb-ass. Take it for what it’s worth…. and please just because some over spoken, two faced guy, who plays guitar in a band that’s been around over a decade because he exploits people and sucks off the tit of others, doesn’t mean his opinion is worth the shit that comes out of his facehole. There is a reason The Binary Code isn’t liked in it’s own home state and it’s not because the scene is dead, it’s because the founder is a sorry prick. Ask around… I mean why couldn’t a high traffic site lift his band off the ground? Because his ass is too fat and he is a backstabbing fuck. Take a look at some of the other bands that have gained exposure through MS…. they’re getting tours. Take a look at who isn’t… Unfortunately, some Jews don’t quit.

  44. Hey guys, my name is Sithu and I’m a 21 year old guitarist based in Scotland. I released my album ‘Cassini’ a couple of months ago and while I’ve pedaled it already on facebook., heavyblogisheavy among other sites, it would be tremondously cool if you guys could do a review or post about it on your website. I would say the style of the album is instrumental progressive metal, with elements of ‘djent’ in it and it’s up for free download on my bandcamp.


  45. Hey guys, I’m Adam from the band Auric from Fayetteville, AR. We play a blend of sludge/black/death metal. We recently released a 4 song EP, and are looking for feedback/exposure. We would really appreciate a review! You can stream it or download it for free at our bandcamp page:


  46. Hey! Check out my band Descendant out of Denton, TX. We just released our self-recorded, self-produced debut album. Would be awesome if yall checked it out!

  47. Hey would you mind checking out my project, its fairly new but so far its been getting some great hits.

    I’ve done everything myself and i have featured guest artists on every track. Even have a track with Benjamin Ellis of Bloodshot Dawn.

    Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

  48. Hiya, I’m Kristoffer from the band dEMOTIONAL from Gothenburg, Sweden. We recently released a 4 song EP, and are looking for feedback & exposure.
    It would be really awsome if you could review it!
    You can stream it or download it for free at our soundcloud page:

    Also feel free to watch our new musicvideo:

    Best regards
    Kristoffer, dEMOTIONAL

  49. I am the lead banjo player of The Amazing Clean Singers, a blackened country core band from Dybbøl Mølle, Denmark. Pls check out our BAND !ll1l?1!

  50. Hello good sirs!! May I present to you my band InComa for your listening pleasure??

    We are a 5-piece metal band based in Reading, UK and our music has been described as a blend of influences of US Southern Metal & Scandinavian Death Metal.

    We also feature an amatuer Mexican Comedian 😉

    Hels xx

  51. Hail! I would like to inform you about my project, Beyond The Epilogue. It is a one man outfit, and could be described as thickly layered progressive metal. Think Devin Townsend, Ayreon, Porcupine Tree, or even Frost. I just put out the debut EP last month and is free to download. Feel free to give it a listen, and let me know if you would be interested in reviewing the EP and helping me plug it. Thank you for the opportunity to get my music out there!

  52. Nice name for a website!

  53. Hi thanks for your review on co-exists violent intensions but would just like to say we are not down tuned! i use standard tuning ta charlie co-exist.

  54. Hello from Storm Blaze Entertainment – Europe
    We are an agency of Booking and Management which grows in Colombia –
    América (The Continent) and now we are open our offices in Europe, more exactly
    in the Netherlands.

    STORM BLAZE – EUROPE is proud to announce UNLOST as a new band member from our rooster family!!.. Take a look to this great band at:

  55. Hey dude, just wanting to add our own little slice of scottish metalyness to this cos scottish metal is awesome
    this is our groovey, deathy metal concoction Kobayashi Maru
    give us a listen, the EP is up in full on the myspace

  56. (-253-)We are a postgrind/math/synthtech band from Tacoma, WA with a focus on epic . Formerly Osama bin rockin; your standard 4 piece now “Czar”… “Czar” is the same line up, in better taste, plus a synth/keyboard/pianoplayer and better recordings. It would mean the world to us if you could give us a chance and maybe review, a shout or just talk shit.
    All the best.
    A promo-code for our whole album “Old Haunts” free in any format you want, even completely uncompressed. Just go to and type in (video for “Never shoot the pilot” could be better)

  57. If the promo code gets jacked just email us for a new one.

  58. (new Code) pzls-glz2

  59. Hails, I though you guys may be into check out my band NEXHYMN from Colorado, Female-Fronted Brutal Death Metal Vocals. For fans of Aborted, Krisiun and Immolation…..

    We just release debut album called”Black Horizon” 3/2012

    I will send u CD …



  60. Hey was hoping you could give our 4-song EP a listen at

    We are a 3-piece powerviolence/grindcore band from Portland, OR. Formed in fall of 2008.


  61. G’day guys,
    thought you might be interested in checking out some Aussie Death. We’ve just released our second album “The Sixth Extinction” and you can check out a couple of track from it on our FB page

    Stay brutal, cheers

  62. Killer website but the doesn´t

    So I post here instead

    Premiere !!Swedens hardest Female fronted metal band new killer musicvideo “Bleeding Sanity”

    Frantic Amber – Bleeding Sanity watch it here and feel free to share the music video.

    Frantic Amber is a female-fronted metal band with members from four different countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Japan) Since the line-up was solified 2010 the band has made two tours to Russia, the latest one in September 2011, as well as a successful gig at Sweden Rock Festival 2011 which also was played in whole in the Swedish National Radio program P3 Rock Live. Frantic Amber performed at the P3 Gold 2012 Awards that was broadcast on swedish national television and radio.

  63. Love what you guys are doing here! Keep it metal! Please take a look at our site and music video. Perhaps you can write a quick review for some of it. Thanks guys!


  64. Just thought I’d plug a local band’s new EP on here
    I know the words “local band” may not be the most promising when thinking of what to review next, but these guys have some serious talent, if you’re into technical deathcore this release should tingle your jimmies.

  65. Please you guys have to do an article/review about Aquilus >> <<
    His newest album Griseus is one hell of an epic album. This needs to become much more known!

    Cheers 🙂

  66. Hello,
    would you write a review of “The Ancient Path” of DOOMED in your zine?
    DOOMED is a dewy doom metal project from Germany. The first album has just been published.
    I would like to send you a promo CD and look really happy about a review.

    some links to the band:

    well, if yes, to witch adress i can send the album?

    thank you and best regards from germany

    Pierre – DOOMED

  67. Hey,
    We are Of No Avail, melodic death metal/metalcore band from Poland. Our music is surely no-clean-singing 🙂
    Would You like to check our new EP and write a review? You can download it from this link:
    Best Regards from Poland
    Of No Avail

  68. Cool site,
    No clean singing you say?
    My band Deliver us to Evil play thrash/death metal and cut out the bullshit to get straight into the riffs, if you have the time please check out our music \\M//

  69. “Shallow Towers” by CAPA (Ivory Antler Records) has just recently been released and has been almost 4 years in the making. The Philadelphia-based band’s EP is conceptually driven and ties into CAPA’s previous release, “The Road is a Grey Tape”. Shallow Towers contains elements of black metal, post-metal, ambient music, shoegaze, progressive metal, with elements of surrealism. Lyrical and conceptual themes focus on the topics of nihilism, greed, surrealism, and the relationship between society and the natural world.

    “…Incredibly visual… both dark and uplifting.”
    -Ivory Antler

    “…unabashedly personal… A welcome change to today’s flooded black metal scene and memorable down to the last note.”
    -georgewbushisawarcriminal blog

    “engaging even after several plays as there is something to find each time.”
    – Manhattan’s Quad Newspaper

    “The atmosphere this record creates is quite matured”

    “This one man bedroom effort has transformed itself into a multi-room black metal production with various musicians and a vast scope to what will fit into a record.”
    -Tape Wyrm XVII

    Shallow Towers is available for free in its entirety on these sites.

    Anyway, it would be an honor if you chose to post this album. 

    Thanks so much,

  70. Hey there,
    Like the site man! It’s always good to see someone showing support for local stuff.
    I’m in a thrash/death band in Chicago. I put the link to our facebook page (which has 2 songs from our 4 song demo up right now) as my URL, but I’ll post it again to be thorough. Our name is Air Raid.


    Just found out that there is a new out on Semargl and havent seen it posted here as I think I’m active follower at least


  72. Greetings friends
    I’m here to spread this Brazilian band.
    Congratulations on the work you.
    Regards from Brazil

  73. Galgamex is a four piece manic death metal band from Vancouver, B.C. Love to hear what you think of our new EP. Cheers!

  74. Hey dudes! Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought I read somewhere this site was named in part because of Myke Terry replacing Mat in Bury Your Dead and that immediately caught my eye. BYD is quite possibly my favorite band and I was horrified when they brought Myke in. I was stoked when they brought back Mat but now it seems they just fell right off the face of the Earth. ANYWAY I got a band that just released our full album for free and we’d love for you guys to do a review of it and can even host the free link if you want. We took a lot of influence from Bury Your Dead as far as their energetic and aggressive presence and breakdown oriented structure and tried combining it with the sound of bands like First Blood, Lionheart, and Hatebreed. You can get our album here: Let us know what you think. Thanks!

  75. What’s up, man? I may have sent you a link through the e-mail, but I can’t remember. I am in a doom band from Austin, TX called Destroyer of Light. We got some good things on the way like touring New Zealand and Australia in March, music videos, and etc. Plus, we just played with Witch Mountain and Castle! Of course we are always looking for more exposure, here is our EP on bandcamp: Check it out and see what you think. Keep up the good work. Cheers! – Steve

  76. SIN have posted a studio quality live performance of their new track “Emissary”

    They are the Meshuggah of the Philippines.

  77. Hie No Clean Singing,

    beyond the Styx (alternative Metal Hardcore, TOURS / FR)
    announces to you the official release of the VIDEO CLIP: “between Scylla & Charybdis”
    taken from his first EP “Sloughing off the shades” (recorded and mastered by David Potvin / DOME Studio).
    We would be grateful to support our artistic process by broadcasting our VIDEO CLIP in your website.

    Thanking you in advance for the interest that you will bring to our musical project, we inform you that we remain at your disposal for sending (physical or digital) our EP for a possible review from your services.

    Your metallically,

    beyond the Styx

    “cross the river …”

  78. Love seeing the love from the “Guardian” Paper. Awesome!

  79. I already sent an e-mail but I discovered this comment section right after I sent it. Anyway, please take a look at my hardcore punk band Trash Face!

  80. New ambient/black metal from Greece

  81. Hello,
    Following there debut 2011 EP Abhorrent Evolution and Grindcore Karaoke demo Nullify the Cycle Oblivionized
    have recently finished new recordings for two upcoming split 7inches with USA deathgrind act Plague Widow
    and UK Grinders Human Cull. Which will be submitted to you for review soon, in the meantime you can view
    Oblivionized’s studio diary here:

    Oblivionized have also been confirmed for this years Obscene Extreme festival along side Napalm Death, Cryptopsy,
    Aborted and more. You can stream a brand new Oblivionzed track on the OEF site, the song will feature on there
    upcoming 7inch split with Human Cull:

    We would appreciate it if you would share this information.

    -Zac Broughton

  82. Hey Islander,

    Let us know what you think of our hodgepodge of awesome tunes!

  83. hey,islander,
    my name is dave,i lurk on you guys all the may remember me as the guy who can’t read the red links very well,a comment i tried to post which likely failed,as i suck at the internet and am an abysmal the site,thank you.i wonder if you have heard anything lately about ulver and how the app they are using has worked for others.i have burned many hours trying to buy cds direct from them,and am about at wits end.i would really like to give ’em my money,but cant get any play.jester records’ site doesn’t seem to function seems i will have to settle for mp3s,so iwonder if the app is the way to go.
    thanks for your time, and all the tunes

    • I;m afraid I don’t know anything about the Ulver app and haven’t heard anything about it either. As far as I can tell, Ulver isn’t selling anything physical at the moment — it’s all mp3 downloads from their own shop or their Bandcamp page. I did find Ulver CDs available at Amazon, but don’t know where that money goes.

      • thanks ,man.mp3 it is.i do hope ulver continues to create.
        BTW,i just found a van.,b.c. band called anciients you should check out.though you’ve prolly had beers with’em.

  84. hello we are looking for awesome websites such as yours to review our new album “Alive in Desolation” please let us know what you think of it, we are walking corpse syndrome and here are all the links you will need thank you for your time.

    Full album:
    Press kit:

    Walking Corpse Syndrome is a six-piece dark metal band formed in Missoula, Montana in December 2006 by guitarist Matthew Bile and drummer Nocktis.

    Mainly known for an intense live show and unconventional instrumentation, including two full drumsets and violin, the current lineup for Walking Corpse Syndrome includes Leif Winterrowd (vocals), Matthew Bile (guitar), Ryan Kromdar (guitar/bass), William Sludge (bass/violin), Nocktis (drums), and Mr. Grimm (drums).

    Walking Corpse Syndrome self-released two albums, Forsaken (2008), and Narcissist (2010), followed by regional touring in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. In November 2012, the band entered Amplified Wax studio in Spokane, Washington to record their upcoming third album, Alive in Desolation, to be released March 29, 2013.

  85. Random Bandcamp discovery, (JHATOR):

    Just throwin it out there…

  86. If you know any sick vocalists looking for work, I’ve got a doom sludge project that needs a good live vocalist, anything from Pallbearer to Disma to Deafheaven to Thou – send us a message. Thanks NCS, love the blog!

  87. This is my go-to place for new sounds.

    Fuck everything else, I appreciate the thoroughness, dedication and all-encompassing nature of what you do here.


    -Some drunk and fucking cold Canadian at 5 in the bloody morning.

  88. Singer for NECROSIC and ENVIRUSMENT. Here is a link to ENVIRUSMENT page. NECROSIC page coming soon

  89. Hi there

    My band Boss Keloid have just released our new album ‘The Calming Influence of Teeth’ this month on Pipelord Records. I would be grateful if you could have a listen to the album and consider reviewing it for inclusion on the No Clean Singing website.

    The full album can be streamed/ downloaded on our Bandcamp site in high quality WAV -

    Our full bio can be read here –

    Also check out our latest studio video for ‘Winehorse’ –

    Boss Keloid Facebook page –

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards


  90. Hey guys check out my band
    Melodic Death Metal from Bs As, Argentina
    We recorded the first EP last year

    EP in bandcamp:

    And here’s the facebook page:

    Enjot it!

    Cheers from South America!

  91. Hiya Islander,

    Synsophony are an experimental project, mixing doom drone and dark ambient music. Their debut EP, out on August 13th via Acephale Winter Productions, is now available for streaming.

    Check it out on Youtube or at Reverb Nation:

    Drawing on a diversity of influences, Synsophony are not scared to betray their love of music of all types – from metal to electronica to classical – in an effort to make music that is as psychedelic as it is terrifying. Stick on your headphones, crank up the bass and volume, and enjoy!

    This is our 2nd demo (The Waves Of Oblivion). Check it. Listen it and if you like it, you can download it for free.

  93. You should definitly check the guys from Amoeba, a french tech/death band, with bandmembers all in their early 20s.
    They already released an EP (Day in Black) a few year ago when they were around 17y.o. back then and which can be downloaded for free here:

    They just released a trailer for their upcoming album “Counterweight”, recorded at the 16th cellar studio (Hour of Penance, Fleshgop Apocalypse…) and they are currently looking for a label for this one.

    The trailer can be seen here:

  94. Hi Islander, I know you’re a fan of Blood & Thunder and will probably be at the Highline Thursday but if you get a chance to wander down to the Comet earlier in the evening our new Doom/Sludge act Portents will be opening for Beneath Oblivion (who are amazing) around 9:30. I’ve been an avid reader of NCS since way before I even moved to Seattle, and would love to know what you think! If not hopefully some other time, I hate when there’s competing metal shows on the same night but at least they’re geographically close together ;p

    • I’ve got your show on our Calendar page and I’m hoping I can start the night there and finish at Highline. Unfortunately I’m having to leave town for my day job tomorrow and the flight doesn’t get back to Sea-Tac until 6:30. Hope there will still be enough time to make it there before you start.

  95. I NEED to get in contact with Lilitu or whatever incarnation they might be. I toured with them on IEMF and think they have a shot under the right representation. I don’t know if they read this. Please, please, please get me back in touch. I’m SPLIFF from IEMF. Let them know I need their info. I’m at cliff.morris212@gmail

  96. Just dropped our debut album today! We are young kids from Utah and California, and have been writing and producing this album for the last year. Its heavy, melodic, dark and groovy! Any review or post would be sweet, Here is a play through video of The Infinity Puzzle and and url to our band camp where the album can be downloaded for free!

  97. Political Sludge from Tulsa, OK.

  98. Hey Islander,

    My friend and I just released our debut album. Give it an e-spin!

  99. Hello one question how I would send you material to review?

  100. 4 piece math metal from STL, current bass player also in your recently reviewed Black Fast. Former bassist now playing with Baroness. Would love for ya to check it out!

  101. if you had your logo on a tee shirt
    i would buy it
    and i would wear it

  102. HI people!!!please,hear this bands from Spain:Obsidian Kingdom,Horn of Rhino,Ortodox;Adrift,Toundra;Continuo renacer,Haemorrage…..and many more.
    thanks and greetings!!!

  103. Greeting Islander and everyone else

    Just uploaded a preview track from the Pyrestarter debut album. Symphonic Black Metal, Strictly no clean singing! Please share your thoughts… \m/

  104. Hello Islander,

    Here is Miranda, singer of the Impaler, thrash metalband from Holland
    Last month we released our first EP – First strike.
    Let me hear what you think! 🙂
    Stay metal,


  105. Greetings !
    Unholy Death Metal from the tiny little red dot, Singapore.
    Check out our new full-length album ‘Shayateen’ .
    Recorded at Inversions Studio & mastered by Colin Davis.

    Spreading the infernal plagues since 1991.
    Cheers !

  106. T’was the year 2008, when a nameless death metal band was founded. Years went by and many musicians tried their luck without success, until 2012 the band now called Cauldron of Hate ended up with its final members:

    Matti “Murder” Santavuori – Bass, growl
    Jaakko “Exhaust” Santavuori – Solo guitar, growl
    Antti “Chemist” Kemppainen – Drums
    Mikko “Organ(ic) Butcher” Kemppainen – Rhythm guitar, backing vocals

    As time went by the band developed its musical genre from thrash/death metal into VERY aggressive technical death metal.
    The band started gigging in may 2013, when we literally filled the stage (3×3 meters or 9×9 foot) at Horror-Shop, Helsinki, which both members of the audience liked. In june of the same year
    we blew open some heads in mini- TUSKA festival (=PAIN / AGONY / TORTURE) by playing a gig in Horror-Shop with the indonesian grindcore band NOXA.

    After the first demo (Cauldron of Hate – Demo(n) 2013) we decided to pay a little bit more than a case of beer for studio, so in september 2013 we went to D-Studio in klaukkala, finland to have a
    crazed-out, all-in drinking contest. We also made a badass EP-album:

    Inquisition (EP) includes three (3) aggressive, instrument ramming blasts:

    1. Inquisition
    2. Crematory ritual
    3. Suffer under my Reign

    We will continue to rip entrails, torture eardrums, spread misery and chaos in the future. Resistance is futile.

  107. Hey guys, I’ve got this melodic death metal band that just finished recording an album. We’re looking at options for putting it out and I wanted to see if anyone here knows someone with a label looking for badass death metal. I can email you more songs than the ones that are at our bandcamp link there.

  108. Just wanted to let you guys know that all of your albums have been awesome and I don’t understand why you guys aren’t at the top of the charts. I have been a fan for many years now and I thought that the album fundamental component is one of the best metal albums around, look forward to hearing the new album.

  109. Epic Black Metal from Tampa, FL.
    We just release our debut full length in our Bandcamp page. Hammerun: Monarch of Serpents.
    Visit our Facebook page:

  110. Check out the “AIN SOPH AUR” full length on Belief Mower Bandcamp by LAUGHTER. Featuring members of Rye Wolves and Sub Rosa, Dwellers. Recorded by Andy Patterson and mastered by Bob Weston. Limited tapes available at


  112. Hello, we are a djent/groove metal band from Italy. We’ve just released our third EP called “Soundtrack for your Honeymoon”. It would be great if you can listen to it and maybe write down a review. Here you have some links:


  113. Hey guys, we are an atmospheric/post black metal band from Milwaukee, WI called Arbor. We just self-released our second full length, which is a double album titled, ‘Echoes Over Oceans.’ We would really appreciate if you could give us a listen and possibly a review.

    Thanks guys

  114. I play guitar in a band called “The Adventures of Bear Grylls” and I really enjoy your site. I was wondering if you would be interested in writing a review for my band. The links are below along with a free download. I hope you like it. This would help us out greatly! We have a 15 year old singer too 🙂



    FREE MUSIC!! Brand new EP “Cavernous Isolation”
    bandcamp full EP free download:

  115. Good Morning!

    Greetings Islander and many congrats for your site and the emergence of the underground music scene! We are Enochian Cross, Extreme Metal (unsigned) band from Greece, Athens, new band on the field and recently we released our first single / video clip which you can listen,,
    We would like to ask you if there is any possibility of viewing, review or interview …

    For everything you need at your disposal!
    Thank you very much for your time and attention!
    (Emai: , fb:

    Enochian Cross

  116. Underground Metal Compilation Album Volume 1 available for free download.

  117. Hey! My metal project ‘Galleiria’ has just released its 3rd EP. It would be awesome if you could have a listen and, if time permits, perhaps comment on whether you like it or not.

    Thanks, everyone.

  118. Do you guys want to review my newest CD?
    THE FUROR- IMPENDING REVELATION. Black/Death destruction from Western Australia!
    See the link for samples.
    I can send a promo copy if needed?



  119. Do you guys want to review my newest CD?
    THE FUROR- IMPENDING REVELATION. Black/Death destruction from Western Australia!
    See the link for samples.
    I can send a promo copy if needed?



  120. Bio:
    Forged within the shadowy depths of Northeast Portland basements, Labryse emerged in 2012 to bring forth metal unto the land. A band comprised of all queer and female musician their music mixes various elements of thrash, melodic and black metal, with a touch of hardcore. Comprised of lead guitarist Ash Juno Inferna (CatHole, Pasties and Paddles), guitarist/vocalist Juanes Collazo, bassist Kelly Duncan and drummer/vocalist Kat Endgame (Dear Sirs, Fight the Ground), Labryse fights to transform the demons which lurk in forgotten corners of the soul, into sound and fury.

    Check out Labryse’s new EP “Awaken the Sleeper: RoughCuts” released in support of their Indegogo Campaign here:

  121. Hey,

    surprise, another unsigned band sending you links!

    I won’t bother you with loads of useless info. LUSCA is a band from Germany that has been around for 10 years, features two people with bass guitars and a drum machine and if you don’t like Godflesh and/or Neurosis you can stop reading here.

    The above link features our latest 2011 effort Exodus, but a new one is almost finished. So this is as gooda time as any to do some advertising. Give the first few tracks a spin and if you like what we do get in touch. I’ll be happy to send you shirts, CDs, info or any other material that is helpful for a review.

    I hope I don’t take up too much of your time! NCS is a good site and I enjoy your reviews a lot.


  122. hey!!! Im from Venezuela, im leaving you the link to this death metal band ¨SULLEN¨ im the guitarist, fell free to do any review or share in any place you want

  123. Metal does not have enough humor in it. I want to change that.

  124. Love NCS great zite just found it!

  125. Hi,
    Please check this great band.

  126. The Misanthrope Monarch debut MCD is out now, featuring Mike Smith (Ex-Suffocation) on drums. If you’re an extreme metal freak, this is your destruction of choice. Just follow the links:

  127. Ashes of Existence-Bellingham Washington

    We released our first EP “Declination” yesterday while opening for As Blood Runs Black in Seattle!

    Directly to EP:

    And our website (still in progress, but all links and functions work great).


  128. 2014 Demo, an intro and two tracks of an interesting fusion of death metal, hardcore, metalcore, and nu metal.

    FFO: Legions, No Zodiac, Kublai Khan, Skinless, American Me

  129. check out my BM band, Achral Necrosis’ latest music here:

  130. Dear Islander,
    in the latest instalment of your great Listmania series (i.e. A YEAR-END LIST FROM PATRICK BRUSS (CRYPTICUS)), there are no links to the pieces your guest is discussing (that’d probably help lazy users of your site appreciate his choices more) – any chance of putting the links back?
    Thanks for your time reading this.

  131. The Jordanian Melodic Black Metal Band TEARS OF REGRET has posted New Official Song From The Upcoming Album ” The Darkness Prophecy 2015 “Song Called Time Ignorant, The lyrics are focused on Ancient history, darkness, revenge and many other issues

    or soundcloud

    band facebook :

    thank you

  132. Melodic death/gothic metal from Athens Greece

  133. Check out Disciples of Dissent from Seattle, Washington

    6 song demo:

    Recorded at Studio seven with John Winters (I Declare War)


  134. Old-school black metal from the north of norway!

  135. Death metal rooted in the 90’s tradition (Monstrosity, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse):


  136. HI! you remember Sullen??? death metal from venezuela, you wrote an excellent review the band for the release of the EP 2014, thanks for that, now I leave a new Sullen single 2015 !, I hope you enjoy it.

  137. Greetings to all!

    Great site! Something new from Estonian Progressive Death Metal Group PAEAN. Debut album “Scorn of Eternity”

    PAEAN is an Estonian Progressive Death Metal group that lyrically mixes together existentialistic, psychoanalytical and mythological narratives, where the conceptual fictions are accompanied by massive, complex and yet atmospheric diversity of extreme metal soundscapes.

    All the best and keep this site awesome as it is!

  138. Folks,
    Check my project qip.

    A mixture of soundscapes, industrial, death and doom metal.
    All the best.

  139. Hi, we are Retrace My Fragments, a Progressive Death Metal Band from Luxembourg.

    Here a track of our last LP

    and a lyric Video :

    You can listen to our entire LP Album “ETHEREAL FLUX” for free on spotify

    More infos and links @

    We can send a physical copy of our album to anyone interested. Just get in touch with us

    Thank you for your time

  140. Hi, I have an atmospheric black metal project called black tears. The first EP is out, and I would love to hear what you think!

  141. Hey it’d mean a lot if you checked this out! Thanks.

    THUG is a progressive metal core band from South Florida, hailing from the same area as bands such as Traitors, Adaliah, and We the Kings.

  142. got an email from bandcamp yesterday, release from Agonia records, French black metal band called VI. Have released one single, and it destroys. Here’s the link

  143. hey guys how are ya? my name is Robson, and i’m from Brazil. I play in a thrash metal band called Toxic Carnage and i’m wondering if you guys could give a listen on our new split cd with the Mexican Band called Merciless Disaster. if you want, you can download the whole split in this link (no viruses, this is a clean link)

    or you can stream the full split on Band camp

    thanks a lot and Cheers from Brazil my friends!

  144. I want tictket to the n.w. tour.on the, in Portland,or.

  145. One thing I’d prefer to say is always that before buying more computer system memory, take a look at the machine directly into which it can be installed. In case the machine will be running Windows XP, for instance, the particular memory limit is 3.25GB. Installing greater than this would simply constitute just a waste. Make sure that one’s mother board can handle your upgrade amount, as well. Interesting blog post.

  146. Check out Bereavment (Sublime Death Metal from Austria).

  147. Just want you to know that is here also. 😉 leading in metal news.

  148. YLAB (pronounced WHY-lab) is a thrashy four piece from Wisconsin. Although not exclusively non-clean singing, we employ a variety of influences to create a smorgasbord of metal, from the buffet table. Brothers Corey (drums) and Shawn (guitars and vocals), along with Rappe (bass) and Swazz (guitars) meld crazy riffs with memorable melodies. With Punk beats and Black Metal style tremolo picking juxtaposed against inverted chords and guttural growls to shrieking screams, there are plenty of hooks in our tackle box.

  149. Full streaming of our new (second) album “Glaaki”:

    (only the title-track seems to miss a fraction of a second in the beginning, this is not the case on the cd btw.)

    Official videoclip of the title-track:

    For additional info on the band (contact, artwork, logo etc.):


  150. Hey my friends. Just wondering if you have heard the New Antlion yet. They just released their new cd and it kicks ass! check it if you haven’t @

  151. Hello,

    John from Pigskinner here. I just wanted to share my music with you. I’d appreciate it if you could find the time to review or just listen to my music. Pigskinner is a one man grindcore band from Athens, Greece. You can find a 3 track promo at my bandcamp page for free streaming/download, as well as my debut album which was recently self released. Sorry for the lack of physical copies but it is due to lack of funds since this is a self financed release. Thanks a lot for your time.



  152. Greetings, we are Fate Weaver a melodic death band from Athens , Greece. We are requesting a review of our debut EP .
    Full stream can be found in :

    Youtube :
    BandCamp :
    SoundCloud :
    Facebook :

  153. Yeehaa, new Obscura album is coming in Feb 2016! You gonna post something about that here, pleeeease? 🙂

    Preorder is also possible already (either through Bandcamp / Relapse Records or on their official site; the latter would be more convenient for Europeans). First 500 CD releases will have a bonus track, too!
    Moar info:

    And by the way, thanks again for the awesome job you’re all doing on this website – I would’ve missed a lot of great music if it weren’t for NCS.

    PS: I’m not Obscura, I’m just a fan. And now I will fap to these news again 😉

  154. Hey guys, I have a link from Metal Bandcamp with a post from today that I thought you might enjoy. I don’t know if this is okay to do, but It’s a killer track. I checked out their bandcamp as well.


  155. Servorum – Atramentous (Philippines) Now available for download



    You can check it out on the links below:

  156. Where can I send a cd?

  157. Ati scris foarte frumos despre NO CLEAN SINGING CONTACT US

  158. H

    Finally the new EP-cassette from MANIFESTOR is available. “Calcaneal tendon pendulum” 5-track pro-printed cassette limited to 300 copies. You will recognize the style from the previous cassette “Old monster” but on the new one we have added some more of the grindcore-vibe and also a bit more of a black metal-feel. Still I think the the closest references is Aura noir, Nifelheim, Absu, Destroyer 666 and underground gods like Throneum, Nokturnel and Anal vomit.

    We are forever thankful if you would like to review the new EP

    // Asbest of MANIFESTOR

  159. Hi!
    Jankes from polish death metal Dead Conception here. Please check out our EP “Rebirth Painted Death”.


    Jankes \m/

  160. like deathh metal?check us out ,were a death metal band from milwaukee,wis

  161. The Purity of Hatred


    Graveyard Machine

    Been really digging most of the content you guys post, So i figure I’ll put these here and let you guys check them out. I hope everyone likes them.. Thanks.

  162. Hey No Clean singing!

    Thank you for a great Facebook Page, including many brutal bands, dedicated to good music!

    We are Morbid Spawn, a Swedish Death Metal Band.

    We are currently recording our full length Free Digital Download album, with an estimated release this year.
    We have a new song up from our upcoming album on youtube, and only wondering if you wanna Promote/Review it?
    It would be an honor since we are relative new on the Death Metal scene.

    The album will be influenced by early stuff like; Asphyx, Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Deicide.

    Take care and keep it pure!

    Robin Svensson (member of Morbid Spawn).

    Here is a Link to the song on Youtube:

    And one to our Webpage:

  163. Morris i Motljus is an instrumental one man band from the island of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic sea. Morris i Motljus delivers a mix of apocalyptic post-rock and neo classical music. A cinematic sound with a wide spectra of both bombastic parts and quiet melodies gives the listener a floating atmospheric experience.

  164. DWAAL we are from oslo norway and no clean singing due to the fact that i find it repulsive, embarrassing and overrated.. Keep up the good work Cheer’s

  165. I live in Canada, 30mins outside Toronto, so going to local show in Sacramento to try and find an album of Journal.

    do they have any releases and if so where would I find them?
    I realize this posting is from 3 years ago, but its worth a shot.

  166. Keep up the good work guys. We have a metal show on called Tuesday Metal Mayhem. All forms of extreme metal are covered (or at least tries to be covered) and we’re always seeking out bands to play. Drop a line on the FB page, we also post past shows.

  167. Good day,

    Please forward my contact details to your IT department or webmaster.
    I have visited your website and wanted to share with you our free SEO articles and website security tools. They are available here:

    Thank you,


  168. Hi,

    Not sure if this is the place to post this, but didn’t know where else to send it. I know you’ve had a few posts about the band Himsa. Just found out that apparently they will be playing a show October 29 at El Corazon in Seattle. I haven’t seen this posted anywhere, so thought it would be cool if you guys posted something about it. Not associated with the band, just a fan. Thanks!

  169. Check this great black metal act from Poland

  170. Hi,
    Hell Patrol act from Poland has released their début album. Mix of black/thrash/death metal. Feel free to check it out.

  171. Greetings!
    We are a death metal band from Argentina. We play old school death metal in the vein of Entombed, Dismember, God Macabre, Asphyx, Autopsy. With some doom metal influences from stuff like early My Dying Bride, early Cathedral, Decomposed.
    Here is our debut EP released recently this year:
    I hope you enjoy it!

  172. Any chance of an autogenerated Twitter feed?

  173. Hey Islander ,

    We are Perforated Limb, a brutal death metal band from Bangalore, India. We have released our debut MCD last month on Bizarre Leprous Production (Czech Republic) titled “Genocide of the Righteous” in the vein of old Deeds of Flesh, Dying Fetus, Gorgasm, Human Filleted etc, and wondering if you could review or feature it on your site.

    Bandcamp Page :
    Facebook Page :
    E-mail :

    Thanks for your time !

    Perforated Limb

  174. Hail from Cuba. Skjult is a One Man Act playing black metal. The debut album has 3 editions (CD-R Cvlminis Records and Satanarsa Records from Russia and a Pro-tape with Old Spirit Productions from Germany) so far and maybe you are interested in make a review.

    Cvlminis Records Bandcamp:
    Facebook page:

    Cheers from Cuba

  175. Would love if you could review our EP
    HEAVY COUGHIN is a 2 piece hard rock/doom/stoner band out of Camden City NJ
    We are made up of bass/drums/vocals.
    We have been told we sound lile a lb. of weed.

  176. Would love if you could review our EP
    HEAVY COUGHIN is a 2 piece hard rock/doom/stoner band out of Camden City NJ
    We are made up of bass/drums/vocals.
    We have been told we sound lile a lb. of weed.

  177. Greatings from Indonesi,
    Would be greatful if u could review this band,Hellhound,death metal from Malang-jawa timur,Indonesia.formed in 2012.
    Check out their teaser on youtube ‘teaser Hellhound’ from their new album(2nd album)
    Will u look into it?.i’ll be looking forward for your review.Thanks.

  178. Hi!

    My band released an album you can download for free. It’s prog/death/thrash.

    I’m fairly confident you guys will like it 🙂
    It’s pretty groovy, loads of mid paced heavy as hell riffs, odd time changes, blasty bits as well as some post metal curveballs later on in the album. Loads of twists and turns and epic crescendos.
    Vocals are a bit carcass-like, professional production and I think it’s pretty unique.

    Download it here, and I can send you a presspack we put together too if you’re interested,

  179. Hello here Vincent from Onirik (ITA) death metal band. This is our debut album “Ab Initio”

  180. Hello here Vincent from Onirik (ITA). We are proud to share our debut album “Ab Initio” from The Spew Rec.

  181. Is there any chance you guys could perhaps add some indications of what style/genre etc the band’s you feature are? I’m a fan of the site but I normally wade through endless waves of ‘black metal’ that holds zero interest to me. Invariably just as I’m about to write off the site, I’ll stumble across a gem. Something unique and distinctive. BUT…it’s kinda pot luck.

    It would be great to have some kind of hint as to what to expect ‘at a glance’.


  182. Hi everyone guys here is a link of our soundcloud page.
    you can download our first EP for free
    You can also join us on facebook or twitter for more

    Thanks in Advance

  183. Hello!

    an instrumental quartet from Athens/Greece that performs progressive experimental heavy music.

    I attach the promo kit of our new ‘SYNAPSES’ EP!

    Feel free to listen & review!

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards
    George A.

  184. Brutal Records USA releases are made available Wordlwide in multiple formats and through a multitude of services like itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music…Our main distributor for digital content is Cdbaby. We have three releases from [ Incubus – Serpent Temptation ] [ Opprobrium – Supernatural Death ] [ Decibel demon – Declassified ] in digipaks ready for distribution in USA and Canada and Worldwide. Contact Michael Howard OBO: Brutal Records USA by email or text to 504-258-7121 or Both titles will be advertise in Metalsucks, Metal Injection, The Hard Times, Lampgoat, Gear Gods, Decibel, Metal Insider, Heavy Blog is Heavy, CVLT Nation, The PRP plus Blast Beat Heavy Metal Tweets. We collecting monthly streaming thru itune, goggle music, cdbaby spotify, Amazon music over 200,000 online streaming and download Worldwide.

  185. I need a background pic you use on this site. Can I have a full size download link or something like that?

  186. Hello this is the death metal band Mortifica from CT.

    We are an uncompromising death metal band that continues to push boundaries with every new release. We have just released our new album Atrocious Autopsy that is on Bandcamp here. It will be released on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon and more are to follow in the next couple of weeks. The lyric video for the title track “Atrocious Autopsy” can be found here.

    We are already getting great reviews on it including one from Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder originally posted on Metal Injection, which can be found here.

    Mortifica formed in 2010, with the goal of playing killer death metal shows and making sick records. Their first release in 2012, Homicidenation, was a brutal wake up call to the sometimes-sleepy CT death metal scene.

    Now after a covers EP, they are back to take on the world with their new release. Next up, more videos, tour dates, and a lot more are to follow in the coming months with eye on continuing the death metal brutality.

    Please check out the band and let us know if we can provide you anything more in the meantime.

    Thanks for your valuable time!

  187. Hey, whats up?

    Check out my band Repulsory out of Atlanta “Furious Primitive Grinding Death out of Atlanta. Featuring members of Mangled, Spewtilator, and Unmen, Repulsory is an exercise in brutality shining a dim light on all things grimy, unpleasant, and unlikeable.”

    Our music can be found here:
    Further info here:

    Thank you for your time! Keep up the good work!

    -Peeping Timm

  188. In the interest of spreading good black metal:


  189. For those interested in Grief and Noothgrush, check out the newly self-released demo by sludge band GHORE.

  190. Hello, Just dropping the lyric video for the upcoming Hypnos (CZ) album entitled The Whitecrow, featuring V. Santura (DARK FORTRESS, TRIPTYKON), Martin Missy (PROTECTOR), Paul Speckmann (MASTER), & Christopher (KRABATHOR). Link:

    Just wondering if it might be of interest for you to check and review. Please feel free to reach me should you require more information. Thanks 🙂

  191. Any plans to play here in South Florida? Would love to of any dates and maybe set up an interview.

  192. Hello, hope you can be interested in new FROZEN EMPIRE creation
    Blackened Death with Djent/Mathcore inclusions. DSO, mighty EMPEROR and PORTAL influences.

  193. New demo out now by Chicago’s Terror Throne. Give it a listen!!

  194. Plague Phalanx Occult Metal San Jose California

    Full length album “Iniquitous Eugenics” released Feb 25th 2017

  195. Hi! new staff had done, Check it

  196. Check out Kyteler, The Curse Album. So sick!!

  197. Hi its Dwaal from norway PostDoomSludge somthing we managed to hammer out our new EP on vinyl care to review if you got the time?

    Cheers and regards

  198. Hey there,

    thought you might want to check this out:

    “Coma.”, an international band (Germany/Austria) with roots in DSBM, Industrial, Ambient, Depressive Rock and Nu-Metal.

    Our most recent release is “Phantomschmerz”, which can be streamed in full here:

    We also did a music video for the opener “Stillborn”, which can be viewed here:


  199. First-wave style black metal, necro-sound and old school to the core. Inspired by kreator, sodom, celtic frost, hellhammer, and early sepultura.

    our facebook is Facebook/PoltergeistAD

    instagram: Instagram/poltergeistband

  200. Hey guys!

    We’re a punk duo from London (UK) and we just premiered our first debut single “Theresa On The Guillotine”, and attack on current British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

    We’d love it if you guys could take a listen (link below!) and let us know what you think / repost / like / share 🙂

    Many thanks!

  201. Hello!
    Here Samuel from Disassembled (PT)

    Just dropping the first single from the upcoming album “PORTALS TO DECIMATION”, out this summer via independent release


    Please feel free to reach me for more information.


  202. Hey guy’s

    We are a 4 piece heavy band from Cork Ireland. We have been together for the past year and this is our first release. A 4 song ep recorded in last light recording Dublin, recorded live to capture the ferocity of our live performance. We would appreciate if you could review the ep.


  203. Hey!

    My name is Kristoffer and I’m writing to you on behalf of my band, Beyond Mara.

    Beyond Mara is a deathcore band from the land of Black Metal, Church burnings and horrible winters: Stavanger, Norway, the first thing we agreed upon when we established the band was not to only focus on one genre but rather experiment and develop our unique metal genre.
    Thy Art Is Murder, Periphery and Gojira are some of our inspirations.

    We just released our first EP and would love it if you were to check it out, and give us a review or some feedback.
    Everything in this EP is DIY, we recorded everything and mixed everything, we had a budget of 4000NOK.

    I’ll link you our SoundCloud, Spotify and iTunes

    Thank you so much!
    – Kristoffer Kjærvik Fredriksen
    Beyond Mara

    PS. You have to excuse my bad English as you probably can tell English isn’t my first language, I only speak in the Northern tounge of Vikings.

  204. Hey!

    My name is Evan and I made a one-man black metal/doom/punk album in my house – recorded and mixed everything completely by myself! The album is called “Nancy” and it’s a collection of doomy songs, melodic black metal influenced by Dissection, Ulver, and Agalloch, and skate punk all with horror and fantasy themes.

    I took kind of a gamble putting songs that were straight-up punk with songs that were completely metal, but they’re connected by dark themes and consistent shredding! I wanted to make something that was as genuine as possible, and 100% DIY. So here’s my album of ritualistic sacrifice, werewolves, witches, monster love, and dragons with a cartoon snail as the album cover (that’s just how I draw).

    This took over a year to make with my busy work and college schedule, and finishing it is one of the things I’m most proud of having done in my life. If you could listen to it it would mean the world to me. It can be streamed and downloaded here:

    Thanks a lot everyone!

  205. Sorry, forgot to add an important bit: The project is named “Canids,” to encapsulate all the cool animals in the canidae family that nature has created

  206. Hey there,

    My name is Tanner Brethorst and I play bass in a death metal act out of Winona, Mn called Descent of Man. We just recently released our first EP, “Consuming the Last Light” which was released on 6/16/2017. We were wondering if you would be willing to review our album if you folks had the time?



    Thank you for your time and reading through this email. I hope we can something out. We would certainly appreciate it!

  207. Full stream Official Lyric vid

    We are releasing this record on July 7th on our band camp with physical copies to follow, but please feel free to post the full album stream… we would love if you considered it for review. Thanks!

  208. Hails No Clean Singing.

    This is Wolf Sermon from Edinburgh, Scotland. Please check out our demo released earlier this year digitally, on cd and cassette for some old school death/doom. The bandcamp has a free download.


    Also on Facebook and Instagram.

  209. For those of us who went through art school, can we be both contributors to your website and bans that you review? Or are those mutually exclusive?

  210. Hi Mr. Islander!

    I just released an album called “Seconds” via the label STF-Records in Germany.

    It would be a honor for me if you gave it a listen.



    For any more informations/downloadlink, just contact me!


  211. Hi!

    We are 964 Pinocchio from Tokyo, Japan and we play white belt emo-math. We just released our debut ep a month ago and it would be a huge appreciation if you gave us some listening.




    Feel free to ask us anything!


  212. i’ll be happy if you take a few seconds and listen to this album ‘Everything Is Darker Than It Sems’ from my band Deep Down Bellow (sludge / groove / death metal).

  213. FYI, this Afvallige demo, released at the beginning of December, is worth checking out and possibly sharing.

    Looks like it’s the solo project of Tarnkappe’s singer, as per their Facebook page, which I checked up on because it’s been a year since they released Winterwaker and I was curious whether they are working on anything new. (Doesn’t seem like it.)

  214. I think you guys would like Isfet, from Brazil. Some young guys playing atmospheric/melodic Black Metal, something really unique, not sure if you have heard of them since they are a pretty unknown band.

  215. Hi i think you guys would lkve the winnipeg band Planets Apart, a violently heavy death grind band that is doing things i havent heard in the scene

  216. Check out my solo metal project Sexton from Lexington, KY. It combines early metalcore with various other styles of metal for something a bit different and original.

  217. Hello from México, i send you a link from my band, Aislación hope you can hear us, we apreciate your time,.

    this is uor facebook page

  218. Hi,

    Mauricio from Closure (Mexico) here. Closure plays Doom/Death with a melodic approach and we are looking to distribute our music as much as possible. Our debut album “Sharing Emptiness” is available thru digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Tidal, etc), and in physical format (Digipak CD) thru Diabolus Productions on May 31 2018.

    Hope you can give it a listen and let us know what you think.

    Best Regards

  219. Hi!
    Can you guys take a listen to my new solo project Cult of Flesh? I just released a Demo album and it would be amazing if you could tell me your thoughts about it.

    The stream link is:

    The download link is the Bandcamp one because the demo is free.

  220. Dear No Clean Singing,

    I hope you are well. I’m Kadavr from UK black metal band Nokturnal Ritual.

    We have just released our third album “Out From The Old Earth” (link below) and are keen to receive feedback from reviewers. We would be extremely grateful if you or a member of your reviewing team could take the time to feature our music on your site.

    Best wishes to you and your website,

    Kadavr and Karhmul
    Nokturnal Ritual

  221. Here’s a dangerous black metal split I assembled with musicians from Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Angola and the USA.

  222. Hallo!

    We are Surgery, melodic old school death metal band from Slovakia:
    Thanks for the anything support.

  223. Hey you guys may wanna check out Dol Guldur. Some doom/black metal reminiscent of Xasthur having a baby with Godflesh. All recorded in a bedroom with two dudes. One plays bass and the other plays everything else. Heavily inspired by JRR Tolkien’s writings.

  224. Good day, lads. Check out our debut EP.

  225. Hi Guys,

    First, big fan of your site and have been a daily reader for quite some time. We are a 2-piece industrial outfit from Austin, TX, and we are proud to release our debut, self-titled album for consumption.

    Release date: This Friday, 12/7/18

    We would love to be considered for a review on your site. Stemming from traditional metal band roots, we bring a heavy fusion of electronic and aggressive sounds for fans of bands like Ministry, :wumpscut:, Youth Code, and NIN to name a few.

    We’re sure you get flooded with these types of requests, so any time spent with the release is appreciated! We think you won’t be disappointed.

    dread risks

  226. Hello.

    I’m speaking on behalf of the band Orthostat, a death metal band from Brazil. We have just released (january 4th) our first album entitled “Monolith of Time”. It is a very heavy record, ranging from slow and doomish parts to fast blastbeats. The music has a somber mood all along the album, but it features lots of odd time signatures, elaborated arrangements, and a killer production.

    The lyrics speak about themes related to ancient civilisations, their culture and their wars.

    Our Metal-Archives profile:

    Most songs are 15 to 20 years old, it means that a lot of effort and passion were gradually applied into this work. We also have enough more music for almost two more full length albums, to come.

    We would like you to review our album. We are also available to sign with labels and distributors that want to sell our work abroad.

    You can listen to the album on Bandcamp with the link below:

    You can also download the files to your computer using the link below:

  227. Hello,
    I have recorded some metal music since last summer. One friend I have says it’s not bad. Other 3 friends listen to smooth jazz so fuck them. Would you care to listen?
    First 4 songs listed there are relevant. The rest are simple rock tunes, but still not good enough for smooth jazz friends, so fuck them again.
    With regards,
    Igor Blaszko

  228. Check out AR-15 “ Dogs of War”
    New Orleans Metal band !

  229. Hello!

    We are Cedith from Turkey.

    We make progressive rock music and have a fresh new album called “Dawn of Man”.

    Hope you will listen/love us.

    One song joy:


    Have a good one!

  230. Hi bro!
    we made new stuff, more black, more sludge, more doom and some hardcore
    if you want – we can send you flac for review!

  231. Hi guys,

    would like to share with you a song from my bands upcoming album. thanks!

  232. Hey friends.

    A few years back, NCS contributor Andy Synn very thoughtfully reviewed an album my band released.

    A week ago the same band and I released a second album, but under a new name. We would be honored if you’d give it a spin. The sound has come a long way since the release of our first album, and I, for one, am proud of the result.

    The album is available to freely download from bandcamp at the following link:

    Thanks for all the hard work you all put into connecting us metalheads with music that needs to be heard. Cheers!


  233. [P.U.T] “We are (br)others” 6th album OUT NOW!
    21 years of sludge industrial Metal noise

    Free digital remixes EP out now!

  234. Just in case you missed it, the new ( and final :/ ) WRVTH album dropped today. And if you believed the self titled was a wonderful piece, “No Rising Sun” picks right up where the left off and give it a proper burial. Worth a stream 🙂 Now, this is a good Friday.

  235. Hello.

    I’ve been a fan of these guys for years and their pre-prod has been laying around for a while so I wanted to do the material justice and released it on newly founded label Nedre Lågen. Duo consist of Skrotmunn Råtapøl and Krek.

    Aswell as a physical release the whole album is out on Soundcloud for listening and download.


  236. Hey can you have a listen to our new EP by ABU GHRAIB – ENHANCED TORTURE TECHNIQUES, Torture/Death/Grind from Melbourne Australia, brutal, fast paced, in your face

  237. Reading some of comments on this site has been funny. Anyway, great site. I see some people recommending some good bands. I wanna recommend some German bands; Germany has a really good metal scene that I think deserves more recognition.

    Eurynomos – black/thrash

    Diabolic Night – black/speed. They play fast with a lot of energy

    Coincidentally, both bands are releasing an album this year. Hope you like them.

  238. Apologies if you’ve heard it already, but new Ossomancer song just dropped (Proscriptor of Absu on vocals) and it’s a ripper.

    • Alright, I guess I need to get out more—looks like it released September 19. Shit–I could’ve been bobbing to this the past month on Spotify! Oh, well–I don’t recall seeing it posted anywhere, so there’s that.

  239. Hi, it’s Francesco “Padrecavallo” Ceccamea from Sdangher an italian metal/non metal/horses webzine, I am collecting some interviews from the main metal ‘zines of the scene in order to have an idea about what it is happening in the metal press all over the world. Would you please answer to some questions I will send to you? Thanks and cheers from Italy.

  240. Hello, I am from the Canadian avant-garde extreme metal band 30 immolated ; 16 returned. We would love for you guys to check us out. Thanks!

  241. Katholik is a Death Metal band from Northern California formed in 2019 by Joel Barrera- Guitar (Wastewalker, Tyrannocannon, Psychosomatic), Mitchell Bauder – Drums (Wurm Flesh), and Andrew Courtright – Vocals(Imbibed By The Quasar). A few months later, a setlist was created and River Harris – Bass (Zephira) joined to complete the band as a 4 piece. Katholik is here to bring high intensity, brutally aggressive, and blackened technical death metal to the metal community. For fans of Aborted, Origin, Nile, Diskreet, Hideous Divinity, Hour Of Penance, Archspire, Cattle Decapitation and Necrophagist to name a few. We just released an EP that can be found at and

  242. Hi, sent a mail( for our new album review request, thanks!

  243. Hi would you mind checking out my Projects, very very Experimental.


  244. Greetings, I was just checking out your site and filled out your “contact us” form. The “contact us” page on your site sends you these messages to your email account which is why you’re reading my message right now correct? This is the holy grail with any type of advertising, getting people to actually READ your ad and this is exactly what you’re doing now! If you have something you would like to promote to thousands of websites via their contact forms in the US or anywhere in the world send me a quick note now, I can even target your required niches and my charges are very reasonable. Send a reply to:

  245. Greetings,
    We would love for you to check out the first single “Hammer and Anvil” from our upcoming release PSONEN “Take Shelter”. Full EP will be released this Thursday 7/23/20.
    Thank you!

  246. Hello Islander, hope everything is good,

    I am promoting my Colombian death metal band,

    It would be nice a review or interview,

    Where can I send the band info?

    Best regards!

  247. Check this out (from a fellow Quebec metalhead that read NCS blog religiously).

  248. Hello, Islander!
    Check the great staff at your mail. Oldschool death metal band Cenobite. There are existing in Barker’s unibers of ‘Hellraiser’ and making amazing stuff. Thanks for you hardworking buisiness. It deservs respect. Best!

  249. Hey! Thx for your commitment! Pls review this awesome album by Sunken. Made me reconsider that wether Solbrud or Møl is the brightest shining black metal in Denmark.

  250. Hello there!

    This is Meleena and I am a professional photographer.

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    Download it now and check this out for yourself:

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    And if it doesn’t work, trust me I am going to take it to court! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.

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  252. Check out Depressed Mode’s new single “Death Walks Among Us” in YouTube

    The band has a new female singer who replaced Natalie Koskinen (SHAPE OF DESPAIR). The new singer in the upcoming album is Veronica Bordacchini (FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE).

    The first single with Veronica’s vocals will be released next month! Stay tuned! Visit our Instagram for more @depressedmodeofficial


  253. Hello

    Would you be interested in reviewing my debut EP ? Death metal from Poland.

    I can send you files/physical copy as well.

  254. Hi!

    My band’s name is Urtar, we’re an extreme metal band from Albania.
    We have just released our first full album. Would you be interested in reviewing it?

    Thanks in advance.

  255. Hi!

    We are Urtar, an extreme metal band from Albania. We have just released our first full album.
    Check out our music and let us know.

    Thanks \m/

  256. JAN 20 at Kvlt Mead (Tacoma): Dominus Nox, Born Without Blood, Darkmysticwoods

    JAN 21 at Kvlt Mead (Tacoma): Turian, Despairer, Colony Drop

    Dominus Nox dropped off that show and the 21st has been canceled.
    Insert angry/sad face.

  257. Waldhexen has just released a 3 song, digital EP of Black/Death metal and is available for FREE on Bandcamp.Would you be interested in reviewing it?

    It can be streamed on all the major streaming services.

    Thank you!

  258. DESERTER Brutal Death Metal from Indonesia, just sign with New Standard Elite for debut album, the “Demo 2022” on airing throught NSE Youtube channel and Deserter Bandcamp page

  259. DESERTER Brutal Death Metal from Indonesia, just sign with New Standard Elite for debut album, the “Demo 2022” on airing throught NSE Youtube channel and Deserter Bandcamp page

  260. Hey, would it be possible to add me as a band?
    My name is BLOOD ANGEL. I am One Man Black/Death Metal art.

    Thank you for your reply.


  261. Hi Islander,

    We are NUR from Israel . We play extreme blackened Sludge we are releasing a new single on the 30.9 hope you can listen to it.

  262. Take contact with California Condor band, it would be interesting to hear about them.

  263. First Undulation show coming up with Voidthrone who just released a new album, Avantgarde dissonant Black Death.

    12/2: venue: Ronette’s. Voidthrone, Undulation, Noceur

  264. If you have time this is my project Depth of Burial – Southern Psychedelic Death Metal – Newest Tracks are Ghouls Blessing, Seance, Necropsydelic.

  265. If theres some time available check out Sidewinder. Uk formed crossover thrash with black and death metal influences, its aggressive and shouty.

    The new album is available now on our bandcampo to stream, and will be hitting spoitify this week I believe.

    Hope you enjoy.

  266. I am writing to you on behalf of Valtakunta Records to introduce you to Krod, a black metal band based in Santiago de Chile. Their latest album, “Satanas Rex Inferni,” is a bone-chilling masterpiece that is sure to captivate and enthrall black metal enthusiasts.

    Krod’s founder, Zabulus, is a talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who has dedicated himself to maintaining the roots of black metal without any musical adornments that might deviate from the genre’s anti-Christian essence. “Satanas Rex Inferni” is a testimony to Krod’s unwavering dedication to raw black metal, featuring mind-bending riffs, demonic growls, and relentless blast beats. It is a vicious reminder that Krod’s music is not for the faint of heart.

    I would like to share with you a review of “Satanas Rex Inferni” to give you a better idea of what to expect from the album:

    “Introducing ‘Satanas Rex Inferni,’ the latest bone-chilling album from Chile’s most ruthless and unapologetic raw black metal band, Krod. Get ready for an unrelenting journey into the darkest depths of human existence, where humanity’s malevolence is laid bare for all to witness. Prepare for the ultimate sonic assault on your senses.

    This 12 track masterpiece is a testimony to Krod’s unwavering dedication to the raw black metal genre, featuring mind-bending riffs, demonic growls, and relentless blast beats. With its raw, unfiltered sound, ‘Satanas Rex Inferni’ is a vicious reminder that Krod’s music is not for the faint of heart.

    Opening with the haunting track, ‘Black Death Sun,’ Krod sets the tone for the rest of the album. Each track delves deeper into the twisted, inescapable void, leaving you gasping for air and begging for mercy.

    As Krod’s most ambitious work to date, ‘Satanas Rex Inferni’ offers a cathartic release for those brave enough to face the raw, unadulterated aggression within. This album is a sinister, spellbinding experience that will satisfy the cravings of even the most discerning black metal fanatics.

    Join Krod in their crusade against humanity as they unleash ‘Satanas Rex Inferni’ upon the world. Dare to venture into this unforgiving realm of darkness and despair, and become one with the chaotic spirit of raw black metal. Embrace the infernal fury of Krod and bear witness to the soundtrack of humanity’s demise.

    Let the flames of Krod’s raw black metal artistry engulf you. Witness the rise of ‘Satanas Rex Inferni.'”

    We believe that “Satanas Rex Inferni” is an exceptional album that deserves a place in the music collections of black metal enthusiasts around the world. We would be honored if you would consider sharing this album with your readers, and we would be more than happy to provide you with a copy for review.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Best regards,

    Valtakunta Records

    Full Links Here:

  267. Writing about the brazilian band Carniça de Bode

    The band Carniça de Bode, known for its unique blend of rock, hardcore, and extreme metal, made its debut in the music scene with the release of the EP “Baile Macabro”. Led by renowned ragga singer Jimmy Luv, the band decided to explore heavy sounds and create an intense musical experience. The EP, released in August 2021 on major digital platforms, features six tracks filled with brutal riffs and beats ranging from rock to hardcore, culminating in extreme metal. With aggressive vocals and Portuguese lyrics that express anger, resistance, and everyday situations that many people can relate to, Carniça de Bode quickly caught the attention of the audience.

    The lineup of Carniça de Bode consists of talented musicians from the Brazilian underground scene. Guilherme Serpa, also known as Jimmy Luv and a member of Família 7 Velas, takes on vocals, while Tony Losito, former member of Gritando HC, commands the drums. The guitar is in the hands of Guilherme Goto, a former member of the band Lobotomia, and Diego Delfin handles the bass. Together, they bring a brutal and impeccable live performance to the audience, adding a distinct touch to the heavy music scene.

    With a unique style and an energetic approach, Carniça de Bode stands out as a promising band in the Brazilian music scene. With their powerful music and lyrics that echo deep emotions, they capture the hearts of fans, while the quality of their visual productions further elevates their recognition. There is no doubt that Carniça de Bode is ready to make their mark in the music industry and become an undeniable force to be reckoned with. With their commitment to excellence and a unique approach, they are destined to conquer new audiences and expand their horizons.

    Carniça de Bode not only stands out for their powerful music but also for their captivating stage presence. Each live performance is an intense and visceral experience that leaves the audience breathless. The energy overflows from the stage as the band members deliver flawless and passionate performances.

    Furthermore, Carniça de Bode is always reinventing themselves and exploring new musical possibilities. Their ability to blend different genres and create a unique and authentic sound is a testament to their creativity and talent. With an explosive combination of aggressive riffs, powerful beats, and impactful lyrics, they are able to convey deep emotions and awaken a sense of identification in their listeners.

    With their commitment to quality, hard work, and dedication, they are ready to reach new heights in the music scene. Whether through electrifying live performances, visually impactful music videos, or the release of new, intense songs, Carniça de Bode continues to pave their way to the top. Get ready to dive into a world of breathtaking sound and energy, because Carniça de Bode is here to stay.

    Carniça de Bode
    Instagram: @carnicadebode
    Facebook: @carnicadebode.oficial

  268. Hey There!
    Ardra is releasing a new album 06/09/2023 and was wondering if the team can review the new release?

    Band Name: Ardra
    Album Title: Nausea
    Release Date: 06/09/2023

    Recording Band Members
    Brian Zinola – Lead Vocals and Drums
    Scott Zinola – Vocals and Strings



    Please let me know if you need any more information from us. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you,

  269. Heyo, in response to the NW Metal Calendar Fulci has released their West Coast tour and would love for it to be added here to have the word spread because they’re tons of fun.

  270. Hey!

    This may sound stupid, but my friends are in a band… haha they’re called Kletus and I think they deserve a bigger stage than our tiny country (NL) can give them. If you’re into Nails, you’ll like this.

  271. Hello!

    I’ve been writing reviews for about 20 years. Was wondering if you’re looking for any more writers.

    Please let me know!

    Thanks much,


  272. Hi! I would like to submit an album for review. The album, titled “The Seer’s Ascent”, is Mortiphera’s debut album & released on Nov 3rd, 2023.


  273. You should check them out, just released a couple of days ago!

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