May 142018


In a recording career that now spans more than a decade, the Russian band In Tenebriz has released nine albums and an even greater number of EPs and splits. Beginning with the Autumn Constellation album in 2015, In Tenebriz has pursued themes that use that the natural phenomena of the seasons as a way of reflecting the inner experiences of the lyrical protagonists, while drawing upon the elements of atmospheric black metal, doom, ambient music, and post-metal to give musical shape to these external changes and internal moods.

The newest album in this sequence is Winternight Poetry, and on this album the principal creator of In Tenebriz, Wolfir, has done everything, including the vocals. Conceptually the album is an interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen’s seven-part tale The Snow Queen, but with a dark twist: in the tale of Winternight Poetry, the protagonist Kai fails to spell the word on the frozen lake that will free him from the Snow Queen’s enchantment, and must therefore remain a prisoner in the kingdom of permafrost forever. Continue reading »

May 112018


The song we’re about to present is one that’s so emotionally explosive and so persistently electrifying that it left this listener wide-eyed in wonder, and wondering what the hell to do with all the energy that had suddenly surged into the blood stream.

The song is “Cantus I – Teredinis Lepra“, the opening track from the new album by the Québec black metal band Délétère. Entitled De Horae Leprae, the record is described as “a monumental concept album devoted to Teredinis, a simple leper whose calling it is to become a prophet of Centipèdes as well as an incarnation of the Plague”.

The album is indeed a colossal achievement, a sprawling 65-minute opus that demands more careful consideration and a more extensive discussion than you’ll find here today. All you’ll find here — in addition to the music stream — is a gushing flood of adjectives un-corked by just this first track. Continue reading »

May 112018


If you’re looking for titanically heavy music, the kind that will loosen your teeth and vibrate your spinal fluid, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for music that glimmers and shimmers like the northern lights, you’ve also come to the right place. If you want the sounds of tension and pain, lead-weighted gloom and feverish desperation, mechanized warfare and sunrise grandeur, you’ll find that here as well — plus a steady dose of what makes people compulsively bob their heads.

Even if all you know about Hegemone’s new album, We Disappear, is what you just read, you can already tell that they’re devoted to creating contrasts on multiple levels, sometimes by separating and juxtaposing the differences, and often by layering them together. The music surges and subsides, seems to crack the earth and heat the blood to a feverish boil, and spirits the listener away to heights of of perilous and panoramic wonder. Continue reading »

May 102018


Autumnwind is the solo project of a Syrian musician named Abdulrahman Abu Lail, and the third Autumnwind album, Endless Fear, will be jointly released on May 20th by Symbol of Domination and More Hate Productions. An instrumental album, it draws upon the elements of atmospheric black metal to capture the sensations of terrifying panic attacks that struck its creator in the summer of 2017.

Of course, the effect of all music on any listener is the product not only of the inspirations, moods, and goals of the musician but also of the listener’s own mental and emotional states and experiences. Pain and terror may have been at the source of the music on Endless Fear, but to this listener the song we’re premiering today, “Lost and Alone“, is an entrancing as it is unsettling. Continue reading »

May 102018


On the 25th of May, Everlasting Spew Records will release Blackest Horizon, the third album by the Italian death metal band Valgrind (named for the ancient gate that stands before the great hall of Valhalla in Norse mythology), which follows the band’s tremendously good 2017 EP, Seal of Phobos. Last month we brought you the album’s victorious opening track, and today we present another. This one — “Last Angel (Into the Unknown)” — begins a trilogy of songs that end the album.

That song we shared previously — “Victorious” — launches the album in extravagant fashion, delivering a kaleidoscopic aural experience that’s hallucinatory, heart-pounding, mind-bending, savage, and exuberant to the point of madness. The one you’re about to hear is no less fascinating. Continue reading »

May 102018


Three years on from their eye-opening 2015 album Daemonic: The Art of Dantalion, the Belarusian blackened death metal band Veld are returning with a new full-length named S.I.N., which will be released in June by Listenable Records. In addition to the formidable talents of vocalist/guitarist Kiryl Bobryk and bassist Tomasz Wawrzak, it features the drumming of Romain Goulon (Benighted, Necrophagist) and a guest appearance by Karl Sanders (Nile).

We had the good fortune of premiering a track from the band’s last album, and now we get to do it again, presenting a ferocious head-spinner named “Grand Day of Demise“, which does indeed threaten your demise in grand fashion. Continue reading »

May 092018


On June 15th the Oklahoma City progressive death metal band Dischordia will release a new two-track EP inspired by Dante’s The Divine Comedy, the title of which combines the names of the two songs: Binge/Purge. Each song is a long one; the two together provide just over 24 minutes of explosive and bewildering sound. The decision has been made to preview the music through excerpts of the music rather than through complete track streams, and today it’s our genuine pleasure to bring you the opening four minutes and nineteen seconds of the EP’s first track, “Binge“.

Dischordia’s last release, the Thanatopsis full-length in 2016, caught us a bit by surprise. As our own Andy Synn wrote in his review of the album: “With a sound reminiscent of both the old (Spheres-era Pestilence and Obscura-period Gorguts), and the new (Decapitated, Meshuggah) schools of Death Metal, the nine tracks which make up Thanatopsis find the band flexing both their mental and physical muscles more than ever before, while also curtailing some of the unfocussed ambition of their previous album and redirecting it down a darker and more progressive pathway”

Andy also proclaimed the album “undoubtedly just that much more ambitious – both in scope and in execution – and that much more vicious, than 90% of everything else that you’re likely to have encountered this year”. Little did we know that Dischordia’s ambitions and musical progressions weren’t anywhere close to being exhausted with that album. Binge/Purge takes what the band accomplished on Thanatopsis and pushes it to an even higher and wilder level. Continue reading »

May 082018


If you managed to catch the 5772 record released last fall by 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker), then you already know how difficult it is to describe the music of this band. I haven’t heard anything else like 5772… and I haven’t heard anything else like this band’s new LP either. They have boggled my mind again. “Visionary” seems like too pretentious a word, and “genius” might come off too strong, but it’s definitely ingenious — so bewilderingly creative that I’ve become transfixed by it.

The name of this new release is 一期一会 (Ichi-go ichi-e). That title is a Japanese idiom that can be translated as “for this time only, never again”. I’ve learned from The Font of All Human Knowledge that it is often associated with Japanese tea ceremonies, the characters often “brushed onto scrolls which are hung in the tea room”. “The term reminds people to cherish any gathering that they may take part in, citing the fact that many meetings in life are not repeated. Even when the same group of people can get together again, a particular gathering will never be replicated, and thus, each moment is always once-in-a-lifetime”. Continue reading »

May 082018


New Jersey’s Eye of Destroyer describe themselves as “horror movie obsessed party slam-aholics”, the kind of people willing “to get wasted with anyone, anytime, anywhere”. Without questioning the accuracy of that reputation, they also seem to have a taste for inflicting enough blunt-force trauma to keep an army of orthopedic surgeons fully stocked with patients.

They’re a busy group of barbarians, too. In addition to rampant gigging, they’ve churned out five releases since 2014, including an album and four EPs, the most recent of which was 2017’s Starved and Hanging. And now they have another EP headed our way, this one named Violent By Design. It’s our sadistic pleasure to bring you a stream of the title track today; be sure to have an orthopedist on speed-dial before you listen. Continue reading »

May 072018


Our own introduction to the sonic ravages of the Swedish band Pissboiler came last fall, when we premiered a relentlessly oppressive, disturbingly trance-inducing track named “Cutters” from the band’s debut album, In the Lair of Lucid Nightmares, which was later released by Third I Rex. That unsparingly hopeless experience led us down into the full black depths of that album, but also back to the 26-minute side of Pissboiler’s split release with Develkuth from earlier in 2017, a track aptly named “Monolith of Depression”. And now we’re coming full circle.

In July, a new Pissboiler record will become available through the combined efforts of Third I Rex (UK), Weird Truth Productions (Japan), and Dying Sun Records (Netherlands). The name of this new EP, Att Med Kniv Ta En Kristens Liv, can be rendered in English as “To Take The Life Of A Christian With A Knife”.

Musically, the first three tracks chronicle an actual murder in which an old couple were stabbed to death in their beds, but not before the woman woke up and called 911. Samples used in the music come from the horrifying recording of her call, and the tracks move from the moment before (“En visa för elden”) to the murder itself (“Att Med Kniv Ta En Kristens Liv”), to the burning of the corpses (“Pt II – Ett avslut”).

But the new EP includes a fourth track after these, a re-mixed and re-mastered version of that previously released opus, “Monolith of Depression” — and that’s what we’re bringing you today, just to whet your morbid appetites for those three new songs. Continue reading »