Feb 112021


Turris Eburnea is an experimental death metal band consisting of vocalist/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Gramaglia (Cosmic Putrefaction, The Clearing Path, Summit) and bassist Nicholas McMaster (Krallice, Geryon, Edenic Past, ex-Castevet). Simply seeing those two names joined together is enough to generate a mix of curiosity and excitement. The music they’ve made together in this project, as it turns out, is both utterly fascinating and so twisted and discombobulating that it may feel like it’s flipping your mind upside-down and turning it inside-out.

We’re told that the band’s self-titled EP, which consists of four tracks, “was conceived and raised during the Covid-19 silent and desolating confinement periods”. It will be released by Everlasting Spew Records (CD and digital) on March 15th, with vinyl arriving later, and it comes with these words, which perhaps capture its inspiration:

“…Memory fades and time seems to stretch into a slow infinity, an emotional or existential dissociation, a mind/body separation, a disappearance of individuality into an undifferentiated mass… Like a post apocalyptic world suspended in an ethereal silence.” Continue reading »

Feb 102021


For their third album, and their first one in six years, the Greek black metal band Caedes Cruenta have gone BIG, one might even say Olympian. In the most objective (and mundane) of terms, it is roughly 62 minutes long. But the scale of the album is vast in other, more consequential, ways.

Unmistakably, Caedes Cruenta uphold the finest traditions of classic Greek black metal — the foundational works of Rotting Christ, Varathron, and Necromantia — by melding ferocious aggression and heavyweight punch with ringing heavy metal leads and judiciously deployed synths, as well as a vocal tandem of throat-slitting shrieks and horror-spawning growls. But they do this in ways that create a wide range of atmospheres and emotional sensations — as you shall discover through our premiere stream of the entire album in advance of its February 12 release by Helter Skelter Productions. Continue reading »

Feb 092021


The Brazilian band Anarkhon took shape in the underground during 1999, initially devoting themselves to brutal death metal under the influence of such bands as Cannibal Corpse. But after releasing a number of well-received demos, splits, and full-lengths between 2002 and 2013, a hiatus of six years ensued. When the band revived and began working on their next album, they pursued a different path, one in which they embraced the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft, not only in their lyrical themes but in the contours of their music.

That path led them to their latest album, Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple, which was released on CD last September by Soul Erazer Records. It seized the attention of Debemur Morti Productions, and their collaboration with Anarkhon has begun with the label’s decision to release Phantasmagorical Personification… on vinyl this coming March 26th. To help spread the word, we are today presenting a stream of that album’s second track in the running order, “Far Beyond Blood and Death“, along with an interview of Anarkhon vocalist/guitarist Aron Romero. Continue reading »

Feb 082021


What can you do with an 18-minute block of time today? Wash those dishes that have been in the sink since January? Ponder whether you should start showering more than once a week? Beat your head against the wall for wasting four hours watching that dull-as-dishwater Super Bowl? Rush through sex like you’ve got somewhere else to be?

We’ve got a better idea: Listen to Demon King‘s debut EP The Final Tyranny. Though to be fair, the odds are high you won’t stop with just the one listen. Continue reading »

Feb 082021


(NCS contributor Nathan Ferreira prepared the following introduction to our premiere of a song from the forthcoming third full-length by Kansas City-based Marasmus, which is set for release on March 20th by Transcending Obscurity Records.)

The “old school vs. new school” debate in death metal is a dead horse that’s been flogged repeatedly ever since I’ve been an enthusiast of the genre. On one side you’ve got the classic death metal camp, firmly grounded in some of the old Swedish and Finnish textures and modern bands that recreate their primitive, pioneering nature. On the other side you’ve got the modern extremophiles, lovers of all things technical and slamming. Death metal is around three decades old, and within those 30 or so years are two distinct phases of music, each with their own set of enduring, timeless classics. It’d be near-impossible for me to pick one or the other if I had to.

Fortunately, Marasmus figured out an even more novel solution: why not have both? Continue reading »

Feb 052021


We’ve mentioned before, and most of you have observed for yourselves, that the pandemic-driven proliferation of playthrough videos has been a mixed bag, even when the songs are really good. But when they hit instead of miss, they can make the experience of a good song even better, perhaps in part because they serve as (an admittedly bittersweet) reminder of the experience we used to have of live shows.

The playthrough video of the San Diego thrashers Beekeeper that we’re premiering today is unquestionably in the hit category, one of those experiences that combines a thoroughly electrifying song with seeing how a group of very skilled performers pull it off.

The name of the song is “Vegeta“, and it originally appeared on Beekeeper’s 2017 debut album Slaves To The Nothing. The occasion for the video is to draw attention to the vinyl release of that album by Metal Assault Records, which also plans to release Beekeeper’s second album later this year. Continue reading »

Feb 052021


From parts unknown and with identities concealed, a new black metal band named Koldovstvo have quickly begun to make a striking first impression. Earlier this year the opening track of their debut album emerged, and at least in the crevices of the underground that I frequent it created a buzz of appreciation and set tongues wagging with curiosity. With the track we’re premiering today (“IV“), it’s a safe bet that the hype around the album will spread.

The name of that album is Ni Tsarya, Ni Boga (Ни царя, ни бога) — Slavic words that mean “neither tsar nor god” (and could be interpreted in English as “no gods, no masters”). The band’s name itself seems to be Russian for “witchcraft” or “sorcery”. These may be clues, or misdirections, concerning the band’s origins, or simply a distinctive way of expressing the group’s inspirations and intentions.

A possible further expression could be found in the choice of the painting excerpted on the album’s cover — a depiction of an elegant (and voluptuous) woman standing half-crouched on her bed, her back against the wall, her bedroom filling with water, and rats scurrying onto the sinking ship of her mattress. Even though we can’t see the emotions in her face, what we can see is a frightening vision of beauty and peril and fear.

As it happens, those sensations come through in Koldovstvo‘s music too, but what the painting might be missing but is ever-present in the music is the sensation of having been transported into a supernatural realm, a place (as the band’s name signifies) of mystery and magic, where the sorceries become entrancing but don’t completely veil the present dangers. Continue reading »

Feb 042021


The Canadian band Plague Weaver was formed in 2018 by RM, and through both a self-titled debut EP in 2019 and the 2020 EP Through the Sulphur Eyes, the project displayed an intertwining of traditional black metal and doom-inspired atmospheres. In the summer of last year, new vocalist JC joined this infernal formation, and the duo began work on a debut album that has now reached completion.

Entitled Ascendant Blasphemy, the album reflects an evolution from the preceding EPs and increased diversity in the song-writing. As the band correctly observe, it’s still “a pretty cold journey from start to finish”, but the songs are more riff-driven and vary in their tempos and tones, ranging from savage attacks to more mid-paced excursions and more doom-drenched songs at the end. The album, as the band say, “aims to invigorate and distress the listener.”

Ascendant Blasphemy will be released on February 26th, and today we present a lyric video for a piece of musical diabolism called “Deicidal Usurper“. Continue reading »

Feb 032021


In the summer of 2020 the solo atmospheric/depressive black metal band Nordicwinter from Quebec, Canada (which was originally founded by evillair in 2006) self-released in limited fashion a new album named Desolation. That album seized the attention of Hypnotic Dirge Records, who in mid-January of this year gave it a more expansive release in a 6-panel digipack CD edition. But it turns out that this re-issue was also a precursor to the label’s plans for a further Nordicwinter release.

That next release is a new Nordicwinter album entitled Sorrow. As Hypnotic Dirge faithfully explains: “Laden with haunting melodies and cryptic vocals, Nordicwinter creates music that is crafted to obliterate all remnants of light and hope leaving only despair and death”. As a sign of how true those words are, we are today premiering a lyric video for the record’s opening track, “Somber Winds of Despair (Part I)“, in advance of its March 26 release. Continue reading »

Feb 032021


Black Hole Deity is a new name in death metal, but it has a veteran line-up, whose instrumental and songwriting skills are on full display in the band’s absolutely electrifying debut EP Lair of Xenolich, which we’re premiering in full today in advance of its February 5th release by Everlasting Spew Records.

The band was first conceived by Cam Pinkerton and Chris White, co-founders of the death metal band Chaos Inception, and they then recruited Alec Cordero (from the death metal bands Cruelty Exalted and Calcemia) to handle lead guitar duties, and finally got none other than Mike Heller of Malignancy, Fear Factory, and Raven to handle the drumming.

Drawing upon supernatural and sci-fi themes, what this fearsome foursome have created is an explosive assault that’s a pure adrenaline rush, as well as one that inflicts megaton levels of stunning destructiveness. Listening to the EP, it’s very easy to imagine that you’ve been teleported straight into an alien war zone where advanced technologies are being deployed with both machine-like precision and breathtaking ferocity. Continue reading »