Mar 302021


In our man Andy Synn‘s review of the latest full-length discharge by Scotland’s Scordatura, he referred to them as “one of the heaviest, nastiest, bands currently operating out of the UK”. And he summed up that album (Mass Failure, released last September through Gore House Productions) as “a neck-wrecking, gut-churning, bowel-loosening bombardment of jagged riffs, technical twists, and gruesome, glass-gargling gutturals that floats like an atom bomb and stings like a beast.”

If by chance you missed that album, it’s definitely not too late to be consumed by it. And as a further inducement we’re now presenting an official video for “Nothing But Dust“, an album track from Mass Failure that (as Andy wrote) “could give early Cryptopsy a serious run for its money”. Continue reading »

Sep 232020



(Here’s another edition of Andy Synn‘s continuing series focused on the review of records recently released by bands from his native land.)

Isn’t it great when things just kind of… line up on their own?

Case in point, just last week I was thinking that it was about time to put together another edition of “The Best of British”, especially with new albums from both Scordatura and Svalbard on the horizon.

But, here’s the rub, I didn’t have a third band lined up to round out the article. That is until a passing comment clued me into the fact that Scottish Post-Sludge trio Bosphorus were also set to release their long-gestating debut album this Friday, making for a killer triumvirate of new records all scheduled to come out on the same day.

Like I said at the start – isn’t it great when stuff just falls into place? Continue reading »

Jul 242020


On September 25 Gore House Productions will release Mass Failure, the third album by the Scottish death metal band Scordatura. We expect neither delicacy nor mercy, but instead the kind of brutish and blistering treatment that our pathetic world so richly deserves. Based upon the first single from the album that we’re premiering today, “Disease of Mind“, those expectations will be fulfilled.

Where did those expectations come from? Let’s remind you: Continue reading »

Mar 242017


Some death metal albums succeed in delivering a level of destructiveness so electrifying, so technically impressive, and so unrelenting in their explosiveness that they send adrenaline levels off the charts. Scordatura‘s new album is one of those. It’s the embodiment of a death lover’s thrill ride.

Self-Created Abyss is the name of this new piece of scorched-earth barbarity, and it will be released on March 24th (today!) by Gore House Productions. To make sure you don’t miss it, we’ve got a full stream of the album at the end of this verbiage. Continue reading »

Jan 232017


The knife-wielding horrors of Pär Olofsson’s imagination stare out at you from the cover of Self-Created Abyss, the new album by Scotland’s Scordatura that’s set for release by Gore House Productions on March 24, but those blood-chilling visages still don’t adequately prepare the listener for the barbaric savagery and explosive destructiveness of the music. It’s an electrifying (and electrocuting) experience, and we have a sample of it for your tender ears as we premiere the lyric video for a monstrous track called “Servants of Entrapment“.

The song hits with typhoon-strength power, the massive grinding riffs eviscerating and disemboweling at a high rate of speed, matched by the clatter and boom of spitfire drumming. With hoarse growls and incinerating shrieks as vocal accompaniment, the sound is merciless and marauding. It’s like being teleported into the munitions frenzy of a war zone. But that feeling of utter mayhem is only part of the sensations of the song. Continue reading »

Jun 222013

Happy fucking Saturday to one and all. In this post I’ve collected information about a random assortment of new tours that have recently been announced. But first, I have to mention a tour that it seems was announced a bit prematurely.


Two days ago it was announced that Fleshgod Apocalypse would be leading ‘The Lords Of Extremity Tour‘ in the UK this October, with support from Anaal NathrakhBound By Exile, and Scordatura. There were press releases, official-looking poster art, and sponsorship by the likes of Nuclear Blast and Terrorizer. And who in their right mind would miss the chance to see Fleshgod Apocalypze and Anaal Nathrakh on the same bill?

There was just this one little problem. Here’s a statement that appeared on Anaal Nathrakh’s Facebook page about 3 hours ago:

“For anyone hoping to see us in the UK in October: It appears we have been announced for a string of UK dates with Fleshgod Apocalypse in October. We did NOT agree to play these shows. Repeat: at no point have we ever said that we would play these dates, or that Mick would even be in Europe at the time. Continue reading »

Feb 022013

Work and work-related travel cut short my blog time the last couple of days, but I’m now back in the land of the grey and soggy, also known as home. So, last night and this morning I plunged through the sphincter of the interhole in search of metal things I missed, and here’s some of what I found. These are all new albums or songs that have appeared on Bandcamp over the last day or two — and they all fuckin’ blew me away.


Our blog brother MaxR (Metal Bandcamp) contributed a line-up of doom favorites in our 2011 Listmania series, and it included a song from an album (“Essence of Nine”) by a Colorado band named The Flight of Sleipnir. I’m pretty sure that was the first time I’d heard of them, and I’m also pretty sure I failed to check out their music even after Max praised them in these words: “Perfectly executed black metal rasps, beautiful clean singing, folk harmonies and a doomy groove. So atmospheric and, yes, mellow.”

Fast forward to last night when NCS supporter Utmu sent me a message about a new album by this band — Saga — that’s due for release on February 15. The album art (above) is awful damned cool, and so is the song from Saga that began streaming on Bandcamp yesterday. Continue reading »

Jan 062013

The world turns, time marches on, and good things from the past rise again.

Scordatura are a five-piece death metal band from Glasgow, Scotland, who we first wrote about early last year in a piece on Scottish metal. They’ve now finished recording their debut album, Torment of the Weak, which is set for on-line release on February 1, 2013, and today we’re pleased to give you an exclusive premiere of the album’s third track, “Neurotic Aberration”.

If you let your mind turn to the idea of a blender filled with scoops of Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, and Origin, set to puree, then you’ll have an advance idea of “Neurotic Aberration”. Though it may be your brain that gets pureed.

Scordatura twist and turn and slice and dice in a whipping fury of technically oriented brutality. And by “technically oriented”, I don’t mean a flurry of prog-minded note-wanking. I mean the whirring teeth of a meat grinder turning slabs of beef into finely carved tartar. It’s raw, red, and delicious. Continue reading »

Feb 122012

Calling this “Part 2” may imply that I intended to spend this weekend listening to music from Scottish bands, but instead, I’m just being my usual impulsive self. Yesterday, I combined music from four Scottish bands (and one South African one) in a post labeled with the unofficial Scottish national anthem penned by Robert Burns. Via our Facebook page and comments on that post, we got recommendations for other Scottish metal bands to check out. So I thought, what the hell, go for it!

Unlike yesterday’s post, where I featured bands I know and like, this one is more like what we publish in the MISCELLANY series — spotlighting bands whose music we’ve never heard before, not knowing what they will sound like or whether we’ll enjoy what they’re doing.

The bands I picked from yesterday’s recommendations are (in no particular order) Scordatura (Glasgow), Sufferinfuck (Livingston/West Lothian), Co-Exist (Glasgow), Threshold Sicks (Perth), and Zombie Militia (Inverness). I’ll tell you up-front that this is a divergent mix of metal, and it is all GOOD. So prepare for an underground roller-coaster ride.


I checked out this band (pictured above) based on a suggestion from Lisa Coverdale on our Facebook page. Scordatura have their own Facebook page here. They released a six-song debut EP in 2009 called Open Skies as well as a 2010 pre-production demo. When I visited their Facebook page, I discovered that they’re working on songs for a new album and released two of them last year in a promo that’s available for free download on Bandcamp. So I downloaded it (HERE) and listened. Continue reading »