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The knife-wielding horrors of Pär Olofsson’s imagination stare out at you from the cover of Self-Created Abyss, the new album by Scotland’s Scordatura that’s set for release by Gore House Productions on March 24, but those blood-chilling visages still don’t adequately prepare the listener for the barbaric savagery and explosive destructiveness of the music. It’s an electrifying (and electrocuting) experience, and we have a sample of it for your tender ears as we premiere the lyric video for a monstrous track called “Servants of Entrapment“.

The song hits with typhoon-strength power, the massive grinding riffs eviscerating and disemboweling at a high rate of speed, matched by the clatter and boom of spitfire drumming. With hoarse growls and incinerating shrieks as vocal accompaniment, the sound is merciless and marauding. It’s like being teleported into the munitions frenzy of a war zone. But that feeling of utter mayhem is only part of the sensations of the song.



Soon enough, these death metal destructors launch into a bout of enormous, pile-driving hammer strikes that are damned compulsive, with those brute-force rhythms laced with morbid guitar groaning. The stupendous grooves of the song are part of what make it infectious as the black plague, as well as thoroughly galvanizing.


Okay, you’ve been warned, as if Mr. Olafsson’s artwork weren’t warning enough. We leave you with a few words about the song from Scordatura vocalist Daryl Boyce, followed by a few more details, the album’s track list, and useful links:

“We feel this track represents the album in many positive ways. It has the brutality and grooves that every death metal song needs including elements of old and modern death metal. It has never been our thing to stick with the current trends so we hope that this track is what everyone is looking for in death metal.”

Self-Created Abyss was recorded by Rory Doherty at Crushed Ruby Studios and mixed/mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios (Sinister, Obscenity, Despondency) in Rhauderfehn, Germany. The album also includes a guest appearance by Danny Nelson (Malignancy).

Self-Created Abyss is set for release on CD and digitally on March 24, 2017, via Gore House Productions.

Track list:
1. Repulsive Miscreation
2. Godforsaken Castigation
3. Malignant Form Of Inhumanity (ft Danny Nelson)
4. Engineering Retribution
5. Consumed By Hatred
6. Servants Of Entrapment
7. The Vile Existence
8. Ritual Acts Of Malevolence
9. Self Created Abyss
10. Confessions Inscribed




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