Jan 062013

The world turns, time marches on, and good things from the past rise again.

Scordatura are a five-piece death metal band from Glasgow, Scotland, who we first wrote about early last year in a piece on Scottish metal. They’ve now finished recording their debut album, Torment of the Weak, which is set for on-line release on February 1, 2013, and today we’re pleased to give you an exclusive premiere of the album’s third track, “Neurotic Aberration”.

If you let your mind turn to the idea of a blender filled with scoops of Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, and Origin, set to puree, then you’ll have an advance idea of “Neurotic Aberration”. Though it may be your brain that gets pureed.

Scordatura twist and turn and slice and dice in a whipping fury of technically oriented brutality. And by “technically oriented”, I don’t mean a flurry of prog-minded note-wanking. I mean the whirring teeth of a meat grinder turning slabs of beef into finely carved tartar. It’s raw, red, and delicious.


Torment of the Weak was mixed by Scott Fuller of Abysmal Dawn and mastered by Fuller and Max Karon. The track list is as follows:

1. Necromantic Disposition
2. Visceral Disembowelment (Feat. Enrico H Di Lorenzo of Hideous Divinity)
3. Neurotic Abberation
4. Torment Of The Weak
5. Back To Crack
6. Incestual Convulsions
7. Sutured Flesh
8. From Chin To Hole (Bonus Track – only on physical copies)

The album art is by Dave Coia (Vile Logos & Design), and the album includes guest vocals by Enrico H Di Lorenzo (Hideous Divinity). It’s currently available to pre-order on the band’s merch store, along with some new shirt designs. Here are relevant links:

Facebook – www.facebook.com/Scordaturaofficial
Merch Store – www.scordatura.bigcartel.com
Bandcamp – www.scordatura.bandcamp.com
Youtube – www.youtube.com/ScordaturaGlasgow



  1. Very fucking nice! But,who told these guys they could use images of my basement?

  2. Do they actually use scordatura on this album? I’ve never seen a guitarist or bassist actually do it, only violin and cello. (Yes, I’m a music geek.)

    • Scordatura is absolutely commonplace in metal and all guitar playing. If you’re not tuned in E standard, you’re using scordatura. Like…MOST metal bands play in some sort of scordatura.

      • I made a mistake in posting that joke – I’ve only ever seen the term “scordatura” used in a very particular context, that of Baroque alternate tuning techniques. As a Biber aficionado, I was under the impression that the term only referred to alternate tunings involving re-stringing the instrument, not simple alternate tunings. I stand corrected; as a bassist, I use scordatura all the time.

        • Yep! I rarely hear the actual term “scordatura” used, but it’s come to be interchangeable with “alternate tuning”, which most people say. Only one of my professors ever uses “scordatura”. I can see why it’d be confusing, I suspect “scordatura” is probably used more widely in the world of orchestral strings, and not so much the contemporary guitar world.

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