Nov 202023

(Andy Synn offers his thoughts on the new album from Racetraitor, which was released last week)

As I may have mentioned before, my original introduction into the “alternative” music scene came via Punk and Hardcore, with the latter in particular playing a fundamental and formative role in my early musical development.

And while my tastes eventually expanded and evolved, Hardcore has always retained a special place in my heart, with last year in particular doing a lot to renew my faith in the genre with its bumper crop of artists and albums representing the wide variety – from the melodic to the metallic, the punkiest to the proggiest – and resurgent vitality of the modern scene.

Unfortunately, by and large, 2023 hasn’t been anywhere near as good, with too many of the biggest and most hyped-up releases, in my opinion at least, making a lot of noise without really saying anything.

But that’s not an accusation that could ever be levelled at Racetraitor, and their new album is no exception.

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