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On October 15 Metal Blade Records will release the debut album by Rivers of NihilThe Conscious Seed of Light — and today we bring you the premiere of the album’s sixth track, “Mechanical Trees”.

We’ve been following this Reading, Pennsylvania band since January 2012, close on the heels of their second EP, Temporality Unbound. We didn’t know for sure what the future would hold in store for them, but the potential was undeniable. And, as things turned out, that potential blossomed into a contract with Metal Blade last December and then an intense recording session in St Petersburg, Florida, with Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal) at his Mana Recording Studio in March. And now we have the results.

The Conscious Seed of Light began with the idea that it would be the first of four albums, each one reflecting a particular season of the year. Vivaldi meets death metal? Bassist/vocalist Adam Biggs explains that this debut album “is intended to be representative of Spring and explores various themes concerning new beginnings, growth, and an attachment to the natural world in a post-human Earth.” That’s right — post-human. It is a death metal album after all, one graced by the cover art of Dan Seagrave, which isn’t exactly the typical imagery of spring. As guitarist Brody Uttley observes, “What we see on the cover is a landscape of a world that doesn’t need mankind, we are relics here, and the sun is the only true master.”

In mid-August, we saw the premiere of the album’s first advance track, “Rain Eater”. And now we present “Mechanical Trees”. It’s a savage beat-down, but much more than simple brutish mauling. The music is shot through with dark atmospheric touches, technically impressive instrumental performances, and dynamic changes, capped off with a ravenous vocal attack.

Brace yourselves:

Pre-order The Conscious Seed of Light here, and visit Rivers of Nihil on Facebook via this link.

In support of the new album, Rivers of Nihil have embarked on a packed schedule of touring. It began in August and in late October they’ll be taking part in another vicious expedition, with Dying Fetus, Exhumed, Devourment, and Abiotic. Get the tour dates here.

Finally, in case you missed “Rain Eater”, you can let it rampage through your head now:


  1. deckard cain says:

    Rain maker was a tad underwhelming, but my oh my Mechanical Trees blows any sense of doubt creeping in, out of the water.

  2. 365chaosriddendays says:


  3. SurgicalBrute says:

    While Im not really feeling the music, I cant deny thats some great old school death metal cover art..

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  5. LJ Cline says:

    Shiiiiiit that was sick as fuck! Cant wait to see these guys!

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  9. Plastered Painter's Radio says:

    Rivers of Nihil are a breath of fresh air. Cannot wait to get the album! Pre-ordered!

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