Nov 222009

I am not a fan of scenesters. It’s more than just that I think the style resembles care bears on acid, it’s the attitude that seems to go hand-in-hand with the style. I try to remain open-minded and not to base judgments on appearances, but I have yet to meet a courteous, chill, scenester kid. I really haven’t. So I started this post in order to vent my frustrations about this group of youngsters, and to convey my confusion about why, why oh why, this style/scene is appealing.

*If anyone could give me a rational explanation for why males in this group insist on looking like the females, I would really appreciate it. This is what I’m confused the most about.


You know you’re a scenester if:

1) Season 13, episode 12 of South Park applies to you; not that you would ever admit this, but you know it, deep down inside your f**gy little self. I’m not spelling this word out in case people haven’t seen this episode and/or do not agree as enthusiastically as I do with the change of the word’s definition (to sum up, this word now refers to inconsiderate, loud, rude, obnoxious people with no awareness of their surroundings). I’m only here to offend a very particular group of people.

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