Dec 022009

Psycroptic in Indonesia


We’re big fans of Psycroptic. First, they’re called Psycroptic. Second, they’re from Tasmania for fuck’s sake. Third, they play some awesome technical death metal. And fourth, when they tour, they go to places like Indonesia (Java and Bali to be precise) — and they draw big crowds there! I’m not shitting you. The photos up above are from Psycroptic’s Indonesian tour in November. The band’s amazing drummer Dave Haley released a report about the experience. Here’s an excerpt:

“We can honestly say we can’t wait to go back! Indonesia’s metal scene is huge, and feels more like a ‘community’ than just music fans. I can honestly say I’ve never seen so much enthusiam and passion for music anywhere in the world. What an amazing place…I wish every tour could be as good as that one was!”

Who knew?


Then on top of that, Psycroptic returned to Australia to learn that they had received a pile of awards at the first annual Australian Metal Awards show in Sydney, including best live band and — what did I tell you — best band name.

And they’re working on new music for release in 2010.

For more details about all these doings, go here.

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