Sep 282010


The video above has nothing to do with metal. It’s simply a gentleman from Brooklyn expressing his feelings about our hometown icon here in Seattle (that would be Starbuck’s).  But if you’ve spent any time at all visiting NCS, you’ll understand why I’m putting it up here today. It made my Starbuck’s coffee come out my nose in a hot torrent.

Enjoy the rest of your fucking day.

  9 Responses to “FAVORITE WORDS”

  1. I can see – er, hear – why you put this up. But this guy has a long way to go before he can be NCS’ spokesman.

    Here’s what I think he needs to do:

    1. Reference the cube.

    2. Reference a nasty disease, especially if it’s necrotizing fasciitis.

    3. Be more brutal, although we may be able to let him slide on account of his brutally honest opinions.

    4. Offer to invest in NCS Coffee. Served in coffee cubes. Cups are overrated.

    5. Be the emcee for the NCS inflatable raft cruise.

    • Second time in the last hour I irrigated my nasal cavities with coffee. Bravo!

      Maybe I can market an NCS brand of coffee that’s previously been filtered through the nose.

      • Nasal Coffee Secretions?

        • I think that works. Also good band name fodder for a brutal death band. I’m imagining the album cover/coffee label now . . .

          • And I’m thinking about rendering something related. Been a while since I’ve gotten anything done. Maybe post nasal cavity coffee, maybe an NCS Coffee Cube. Depends on how much I can get done before work or passing out, whatever comes first. Having a cold sucks.

            • Hey, sorry about the cold. A rotten cold just sucks all the enjoyment out of life, including even listening to music. Unless it’s something soothing, i.e., bad music.

              • NO BAD MUSIC!

                Well, my definition of bad music probably isn’t quite the same as yours. But still…

                I’ve been listening to Borknagar’s latest, Le Grand Guignol and Man-Eating Tree the past few days, with some other stuff thrown in for a bit of flavor. Were I to put on some bad music, I’d probably get hit with a migraine or cluster of epic proportions, feel nauseated and spend far too much time in the bathroom.

  2. Welcome to the 21st century, Grandpa. Funny as hell though.

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