Mar 152011

You may have already seen this, since the release date appears to have been February 25, but I just discovered it — Relapse Records has made a “winter sampler” available for free download on Amazon MP3. It features new music from several bands, including Obscura, and overall it’s a very strong compilation of music — 25 tracks in all. The track listing from Amazon is right after the jump (because it’s a long one), and HERE is the link for the page where you can download the sampler.  Again, our apologies to non-US residents if the download isn’t available to you.


  1. Aye available out side of the US it is not!

    • Sorry dude. I was afraid of that.

      • Seems to be the way it goes, an odd thing to do when trying to promote metal being the world wide entity that it is to restrict who gets these samplers, I know it’s down to the record labels and territory and all that BS but still as a fan base we are one!
        I’ll just settle for IHSAHN at Bloodstock to brighten my day and definitely my festival going this year!

        • That was a cruel retort Bob, seeing as how Ihsahn has never played here and possibly never will.

          • I have a friend who works for a radio station so gets free tickets and gets to interview just about anyone, if he happens to interview Ihsahn I’ll see if he can slip in the “ever gonna tour the US?” question.

            • It would be great to find out if he has any plans in the works. Lots of Ihsahn-hungry people over here.

              • Hey, could either of you recommend a song by Ihsahn for me? I heard the song After, but it wasn’t really my thing, what’s something else that he’s written that isn’t too long?

  2. Woot! More free shit!

  3. Strange. Whenever you say US only, it doesn’t seem to work for people outside the US, but it works for me, even in Japan.

    Perhaps this is because I have an American account?

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