May 252011

Some of you are likely regular readers of The Number of the Blog, in addition to our own humble site. If so, you may have noticed that TNOTB has been out of commission for a few days. We’ve been in contact with our metallic brethren and sistern at TNOTB and thought we’d tell you what we know.

It appears that TNOTB’s web host — the company that provides the servers that host the TNOTB site — has run into a bit of a problem. If you visit the TNOTB site, you’ll see a nasty announcement stating: “This Account Has Been Suspended.” Now, before you start thinking that TNOTB is just a bunch of deadbeats who don’t pay their bills or have run afoul of Homeland Security, you would see the same message if you were to visit the home page of TNOTB’s web host — which suggests to us that the web host is renting their servers from some other company and THEY are the deadbeats.

In other words, thanks to their douchebag web host, TNOTB has been the victim of non-consensual anal penetration, without so much as a reach-around. But, while seriously butthurt, TNOTB has refused to surrender. They are hunting for a new web host, and in the meantime they’ve gone old-school in a very funny way.  See what we mean after the jump . . .

Cribbing from an e-mail we received, here’s more info straight from the horse’s mouth (a horse otherwise known as TNOTB’s deseee):

Hey everyone deseee here for The Number of the Blog.   We’ve recently run into an issue with our hosting provider meaning that the site is currently down and it looks like we will be searching for a new one 🙁  

In the meantime we are still acting like a bunch of imbeciles on the Facebook page at and we’ve gone oldschool by temporarily becoming a printed/handwritten bulletin board! Check it out…
So yeah, we are all still alive, kicken and a bit peeved but otherwise no worse for the wear. 
We shall overcome!
We’re hoping TNOTB lines themselves up with a new web host soon, and that they’re able to manage a workable install of the site when that happens. That’s not likely to happen overnight, but don’t give up on them. They’ll be back — and we’ll let you know when they’re up and running once again.


  1. Now that really is “tr00” blogging.

  2. Great choice on the picture, Islander! One of the greatest scenes from one of the greatest movies ever. “Alright then, we’ll call it a draw!”

    Good luck, TNOTB!

  3. I was wondering what happened to them. I thought they might have F’d up horribly on some obsucre webhost ‘code of conduct’ thing and posted something ‘impermissible’ to do with tentacle porn. Thanks for updating, at any rate.

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