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Thanks to Streaming Chaos, I just discovered that Guitar World has premiered a new song by Origin from their new album Entity, which will be released on June 7. This album has been one of our most-anticipated releases of 2011, and the new song validates all our barely pent-up enthusiasm. It’s called “Saligia” and its a tour-de-force of technical death metal. It’s not just blisteringly fast and technically jaw-dropping, it’s loaded with unexpected, brilliantly inventive guitar leads and solos. Guitarist Paul Ryan is simply mind-blowing on this song. Mind. Blowing.

And if the drumming of John Longstreth doesn’t cause your jaw to hang down like the gape of a drooling cretin, I’ll be very much surprised.  Not that you’re a cretin. If you were a cretin, you wouldn’t be visiting NCS, because the kind of discrimination in your reading and listening habits that brings you here requires supremely high intelligence. I’m just talking about a momentary resemblance to a drooling cretin, which will last only as long as it takes you to finish this song.

I’m serious. Expect jaw-dropping, eye-popping, and sloppy salivating, maybe accompanied by soft moaning when you hear this. The player below will probably be restricted until Guitar World’s exclusivity expires, so to hear the song now, visit this location. UPDATE: The web-world being what it is, the song is now up on YouTube, so although Guitar World has a nice interview with Paul Ryan in addition to the song stream, we embedded the YouTube player for the song here at NCS — after the jump.

Origin “Saliga” by GuitarWorld

Oh, and also after the jump we’ve got a clip that will allow you to hear 30-second samples from every song on the album.


  1. All I have to say is:


    • True story: I just received a spam e-mail for some bullshit erectile dysfunction supplement, the subject line of which was “roof-breaking stiffie naturally”. I almost wrote back to say, “No thank you. I have Saligia instead.” Come to think of it, “Saligia” does sound sort of like it could be an erectile dysfunction remedy.

      And then there’s this beautiful line from the operator of Streaming Chaos: “i’ve listened to this track around about 5 times now (took a little break to have a cig as I like to have a smoke when i’ve just been fucked) and it seriously doesn’t get more Origin-ish than this.”

      The sexual metaphors just keep on comin’ . . .

  2. The only disappointing thing is that NONE of those songs were actually called “Megaton Head Explosion”.

  3. I’m not going to be able to leave my cubicle for a while.

    That was awesome.

  4. I can’t resist adding this because . . . it’s funny. As reported in the current issue of DECIBEL, Melvins’ front dude Buzz Osborne was given a track from the Origin album called “You Fail!” and listened to it without knowing who was playing the song. His comments:

    “Donald Duck with a typewriter. At least I hope it’s a typewriter. I don’t mean any of that in a bad way. It’s actually kind of good in a weird way. If they really were using a typewriter, I would buy 10 copies of this.”

    And then, at the back of he magazine, in the reviews section, the Origin album gets a rating of 9 out of 10. An excerpt from the review: “This band has remained on the fringes for too fucking long. It’s their time to barrel over every ounce of competition, and “Entity” is just bulldozer to do it.”

  5. It was like Cthulhu woke up one morning, strapped chain saws to his tentacles and raped my ears by way of my anus.

    • Welcome back! I was wondering what it would take to bring you out of hiding. Now I know. Just needed a new rapey Origin song.

      • Sorry! I wasn’t in hiding!
        I’ve just been out of it for the last however long. I might continue to disappear until next month.
        I’m taking a big test to prove I can read Japanese or something. I’m so close to passing with a great grade, but yet so far!!!

        • Well dude, thanks for taking a break long enough to check in. You know all your friends here at NCS will be pulling for you! Just don’t lose your concentration and start talking about anal tentacle rape in your answers. Unless you do that in flawless Japanese.

          • He’ll be fine talking about tentacle rape, after all everyone in Japan is either a school-girl or a monster, so it’s culturally relevant.

            • This is almost literally true — and the few people who are not school-girls or monsters are into school-girls or monsters, almost literally. Or so I’ve heard. From Phro.

              • 怒りの蛸の触手に穴が犯されちゃった!いい気持ちだったけど、、、

                Not flawless Japanese, but:
                My ass was raped by angry octopus tentacles. It felt good, but…

                For some reason, this site does not like it when I post from my cell phone.

                • Have no fear — I’m going to string up this site by its ankles and inflict some medieval discipline on it until it starts being friendlier to your cell phone.

                  • In retrospect, I’m pretty sure it’s my cell phone’s fucking fault.

                    I mean, I should be fucking happy that I can even access and listen to music on the internet from a fucking train on the other side of the fucking ocean.

                    But no, I bitch instead.
                    Louis CK would scold me. And I’d love it.

            • HAH!!!!

              That’s not quite entirely true…there’s a part of the population that is comprised of old women who are all bent over with disturbingly large and saggy boobs.

              They also like not wearing bras despite the low cut of their shirts.

              It’s not THAT large of a segment of the population. But it’s enough to make my dick scream for hours.

              • However, as I recall, they also have cab-drivers who wear white gloves with lace seat covers in the passenger compartment and doors that automatically open and close. I thought those were nice touches. Still not enough to offset the old, saggy boobs, though.

                • Those things are not only real, but the only kind taxis I’ve ever seen in Japan.
                  AND! They never expect (or seem to even be aware of) tips and are very polite.

                  • I’ve been to Tokyo and Osaka, but thought maybe those kind of taxis were just in the big cities. Pretty amazing. And so similar to US taxis.

                    • Everywhere I’ve gone, it’s exactly the same.

                      Well, some of the drivers are chattier than others.

  6. I am so excited for this fucking album. That was awesome. \m/>_<\m/

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