Jun 302011

Yes, yes, yes, Your Honor: I plead guilty to the charge of  Fleshgod Apocalypse sycophancy in the third degree. It’s true that whenever I see something that’s FA-related, I have a nearly irresistible urge to post about it on NCS. And when the “something” concerns a chance, finally, to see them perform live right here in The Emerald City, the urge is not just nearly irresistible, it’s completely irresistible.

And so it is that I’m embedding here at NCS the just-released video update from FA about the forthcoming SUMMER SLAUGHTER tour of North America in which they will be participating. It’s entirely possible I would have posted this even if it had only showed the dudes sitting around scratching themselves and picking their noses. However, it includes clips of the band rehearsing the song “Thru Our Scars”, which is just a fucken fantastic song.

It also includes a few words of tour promotion by frontman Tommaso Riccardi. I smiled at the fact that the only other band on the tour that he mentions is Dying Fetus. It’s certainly not an intentional slight directed at any of the other bands, just interesting that it’s the one that popped into his head. Allow me to say, Fuck Yeah!

We’ve posted before about the tour schedule, but this link provides the most up-to-date info. So, Your Honor, go ahead and pass sentence. I am unrepentant and do not request mercy.


  1. Drool.

  2. I should totally see if I’m free to attend the Boise show. Unfortunately, I return to Taiwan in August.

  3. I thought he mentioned TBDM when I watched it earlier… anyway w/e.

    I was excited to find out that Francesco Paoli is their drummer. I thought he was the frontman, when I saw Tommaso I thought that he wasn’t Francesco, obviously I was right, but then I go one MA to see if Francesco is still in the band, and I was surprised when I looked at the drummer and boom, there he is. I think I have an unrealized man-crush on that guy.

    I’m also excited to find out he can play like Mauro.

    • No. 1: You are correct and I am incorrect, as I so often am. Tommaso DID mention The Black Dahlia Murder. I missed it, which I attribute to my seriously sub-par hearing.

      No. 2: I think you’re confusing Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour of Penance. Francesco Paoli was the frontman for Hour of Penance — another awesome Italian DM band, for whom Mauro Mercurio was the awesome drummer until his shenanigans in Spain led to his ejection and Francesco’s departure from that band. Francesco has also always been the drummer for FA, in addition to contributing vocals.

      • No.1: Everyone makes mistakes 😛 it’s a no prob.

        No. 2: No, I know that he was the frontman for HoP, but I thought he was also the frontman of FA, Tommaso sounds similar to Francesco to me, which I suppose is where I got the idea that he was frontman for FA. Really wish Mauro hadn’t trashed that venue, then HoP wouldn’t have continued to have that revolving door for a lineup and we’d still have a vocalist and drummer we love. Good thing is that Giulio Moschini writes the music I think, so the next HoP album should sound like the last one (that is to say, AWESOME).

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