Jul 312011

(Our man Israel Flanders has a few words and musical teasers for the forthcoming albums by Textures, Evile, and Revocation, plus his plans for upcoming reviews.)

Alright, I decided it was time to do one of these “post random shit” deals.  Mostly stuff I personally care about, but things you all might be interested in, too.

If you aren’t aware of who Textures are, I’d wager you’ve been under a rock for some time.  One of the very first djent bands to emerge after Meshuggah, these guys, I would dare have the nerve to assert, have more to do with modern djent as we understand it than Meshuggah does. With their unique brand of polyryhthmic grooving, clean ambience, and a history that has included two obscenely talented vocalists in their fold (ex-vocalist Eric Kalsbeek) and now ex-CiLiCe vocalist Daniel De Gogh, Textures has made their mark in a way that can’t be ignored.

Their new album Dualism arrives in September, and I’m absolutely psyched.  After the jump, I’m including the three studio reports released for this album, as the song clips included in these sound really awesome.  Also below is a VERY GOOD high quality video of Textures playing one of the new songs live.

And next . . .

I’m pretty psyched for this album.  As you too should be.  Recently, a teaser video was posted of a MINUTE AND A HALF OF EVERY SONG.  I’m looking forward to this more than the new Revocation; this really sounds like it’s going to be sick.  In addition to that teaser, I’ve also included the single “Eternal Empire”, just ’cause.


And speaking of Revocation . . .

Metal Sucks recently streamed a new Revocation tune “Dissolution Ritual”.  Check it out.  It’s uh… different.


While I’m here, I also thought I’d take this opportunity to let you guys know what’s coming down the pipe as far as reviews from me go.

Tony RohrboughThe Work
Fleshgod ApocalypseAgony
JastaSelf-Titled (yeah, fight me)
VaderReturn To The Morbid Reich (soon as I get my hands on it)
AliasesSafer Than Reality

I will also be doing a retrospective on the mighty enemy of all metalheads… no, not deathcore, or metalcore, or scene.  I will be engaging in a quest to find GOOD NU METAL.  I know, you all pity me.  I’ll see you at the funeral of my ears.

  13 Responses to “RANDOM STUFF”

  1. I’m not sure if you would like it, but HeavensDust is a Japanese numetal band with two vocalist (woman doing clean, and a man doing harsh) with some traditional Japanese instruments. They’ve gone through some line up changes, so the only albums I can vouch for are Without A Voice and Closure Leading the Way.

    No promises though. It can get quite gimmicky.

  2. The best Nu Metal band ever is SlipKnot… THE SEARCH IS OVER!!!

    • Their new material certainly does not reflect their Nu Metal beginning and when they did Nu Metal it sucked. So I don’t think they count, not to mention using Slipknot in his series seems to be somewhat of a cop-out imo.

  3. Please stop saying *djent* It has to be the dumbest term ever used in metal.

    • That’s strange, Metal happens to be an alloy characterized by its high electrical conductivity while djent refers to an actual guitar sound produced by down tuned guitars, palm muting and staccatos. Which is the less proper term?

  4. Ah you bastard, I wanted to do Vader. Damn your eyes!

  5. i would not go that far to call textures a djent band, but fuck it, what matters is that their music is superb, and their next album already sounds killer.
    as far as nu metal i dont know but system of a down and deftones were from the nu metal era and i like both bands even though i hate the genre, there are also a couple of slipknot songs from their iowa album that i kind of enjoy.
    revocation’s new song sounds very very diferent from their previous work, but unlike the rest of the internet i liked it a lot, except for the chorus.

  6. The only nu metal album that has survived my cull and is actively in my library is Five Pointe O’s ‘Untitled’.

    A few others which are still in my CD collection:
    * Flaw – Through My Eyes/Endangered Species
    * Spineshank – THoC/S-DP
    * downthesun – self-titled
    * Taproot – Gift
    * Deftones (early stuff considered nu metal?)
    * Mudvayne – L.D. 50
    * Sevendust’s early discography

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