Aug 182011

On August 3, Dutch metal band Textures released the first song from their new album (“Singularity”), which we declared to be fucking good pancake. Now the band have premiered yet another new song called “Reaching Home”. Like the first one, it comes from the forthcoming Dualism album.

I have mixed feelings about this song. On the one hand, the instrumental part of the song is cool, anchored by the complex Meshuggah-connected rhythms that are a large part of Textures’ signature sound. And you won’t be surprised to hear that the song has an infectious melody, too, because that’s also a big part of this band’s style.

On the other hand, there are no harsh vocals in the song at all, and there’s not much of a metal edge to it either. As drummer Stef Broks candidly told REVOLVER magazine, it “sounds like a direct assault to the rock charts,” and may remind people of Tool, Depeche Mode, and U2. Perhaps that’s why the song is premiering on the REVOLVER web site (cuz, seriously, REVOLVER hasn’t been metal in a long time).

On the third hand, as Brok also said, it may also remind people of Devin Townsend, and I get that connection, too. There’s a dreamy ambience to the song that is appealing, and the appeal may grow if I listen to it more. If you’d like to listen, GO HERE (I can’t yet embed the song).

Dualism will come out on September 23 in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia, and on September 27 in North America.


  1. Also apparently members of the “Obscure T-shirt Fan Club”.

  2. I totally fuckin’ dig it but agree, a bunch of growling vocals, even if only accents, would have been of great reinforcement to the song. I’m still putting it on my list of to-be bought albums though. I have a sneaky feeling this’ll only get better the more often you listen to it.

    • Yeah, I’ve been listening to it more and it has grown on me quite a bit. Definitely qualifies as an Exception to the Rule around here. I also have a feeling, based on the rest of Stef Broks’ comments at Revolver, that this will be the most “accessible” song on the album, which means the rest of the album (like “Singularity”) is going to be more in line with the Textures sound I’ve always liked.

  3. I love this song! As much as I love extreme metal, I can get with catchy vocal melodies too. The rhythm in this song gets into your head and doesn’t leave. Even though it does sound kinda mainstream, I’m hooked. I plan to get this album a couple hours after it hits iTunes.

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