Aug 302011

“Love” is not strong enough a word to convey the depths of feeling I have for this music. Its sweet, subtle notes are seductive, awakening long-dormant passions, transporting the listener to realms inhabited perhaps by angels, but certainly not by mere mortals.

Listening to the album, like a walk through peaceful woods in the early fall, captures the lush sensations of surrounding nature — the soft caress of a breeze just beginning to carry a chill, the dulcet tones of a whippoorwill calling to its mate, the gentle rustle of leaves shifting against each other before the life departs them and they fall to blanket the forest floor, the glistening shards of light piercing here and there through the canopy overhead.

A sense of peace and tranquility suffuses the soul, inspiring thoughts of the sublime beauty of creation and the care of a mothering earth for her children. No, even that is inadequate; my poor words fail me.

Think instead of being lent the wings of a dove and soaring among the clouds for moments all too brief, the corporeal magnificence of the earth below, and above, the unfathomable mysteries of the universe receding into the limitless distance. Your heart bursts with elation, your mind fills with wisdom, but alas, the ethereal beauty of the album reaches its end, and so too does your tranquil journey through the skies.  (more after the jump . . .)

With a sense of longing, the listener returns to this mortal coil, and yet, unlike most losses, this one is only temporary. To pierce the veil between this world and the heavenly one in which we have rambled or soared with such bliss, one need only return to the beginning, and listen again.

From the shimmering serenade of “House of Flying Penis” to the muted eloquence of “Welcome Into My Butthole”, Extreme Bongfest is a listening experience like no other. Catch a glimpse of what otherworldly beauty lies beyond the veil:

[audio:|titles=Gorepot – house of flying penis]

Discover more about Gorepot here. Track list:

1. House of Flying Penis
2. Journey To The Center Of Your Dick
3. Fast Cum Dangerous Schlong
4. Diarrhea Bong Juice
5. Fuck your Father In The Shower And Have A Snack
6. Your mom is a dude
7. Trippy Hippie
8. Toilet Store
9. Peeing On A Cumbucket
10. Holy Knockers
11. Stoned And Raped By He-Man
12. Brain Hole Sexual Intercourse
13. Welcome into My Butthole
14. eHow Induced Orgasm
15. Pleasuring The Gooch Of Steel
16. Ganja Garden


  1. This made me projectile piss myself laughing.

  2. You have no idea how jealous I am that you got to discover this.

    The song titles along ensures that they have Album of the Decade.

  3. This reminds me of early Hatebeak, before they sold out.


    Seriously, though, FUCK Rosie O’Fatsackofshit in her stupid fat shit sack with a dead donkey.

    Also, apparently these guys are from Taiwan. Sweet!

    • That video . . . so tasteful, such depth of feeling, perfectly capturing the subtle truths embodied in “ChingChongChingChong”. I’m not too proud to admit that it brought tears to my eyes.

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