Sep 152011

(TheMadIsraeli wrote this post about a UK band called Chapters.)

If your first thought about this video was, “Fuck, those are some savage vocals,” you wouldn’t be alone. The man you see in this video is vocalist/bassist of Chapters Joseph Nally ripping his own vocal chords a new asshole. So what are Chapters exactly? Death metal? Yeah. Melodic? Yeah. Progressive? You bet your ass. Disjointed song writing the likes of which hasn’t been heard since Death? Right here in spades.

Chapters is based in Reading, England, a place that has become an absolute hot bed for metal as of late, most notably for melothrashers Sylosis. Chapters has actually been a consistent touring mate for Sylosis, and has been hard at work for a long time on their debut album The Imperial Skies. Unsigned and approaching the project with an ambitious DIY ethic, it seems these guys may be ready to take the world by storm once this album drops. Which should be soon, although no date is presently set.

I can tell you just by the two songs this band has released that this is some of the most punishing yet compelling metal you’ll hear all year. Joseph Nally’s distinctive blood-curdling shrieks and roars offset the melodic (or non melodic) prog-textured riffing of guitarists Angus Neyra and Máté Bodor in a way I wish I would hear more of. Combine this with drummer Michael Williams’ technical yet to-the-point drum assaults, and I think we may be looking at a new MVP entering the metal world. (more after the jump . . .)

There is also just the factor of the feeling. You can FEEL that these guys are 100% giving it their all and have true emotional investment and expression in the music they’re making.

With that, I leave you with the bands’ two singles thus far, titled “The Imperial Skies” and “Chapters”. I hope you enjoy.

Now that you’ve been sufficiently blown away, go add and support Chapters over on their Facebook page.


  1. this review is both biassed and rubbish. the vocals suck and it doesnt sound like they are giving it their all. there doesnt feel like much emotion at all. comparing them to Death is blasphemy.

    • Thats a shame James, but we can’t win them all I guess!
      Death, chuck…is my hero, I would love to one day do 1/4 of what that guy did for the music we all love!

      Thank for you the great read to mate, nice to read stuff like this!


    • Harsh dude. I didn’t write this review, but I don’t get the accusation of bias. As I think of it, bias means some pre-existing prejudice that prevents a person from giving an objective opinion. The writer of this review was genuinely impressed with the music. You may not share his tastes or agree with his opinion, but that doesn’t make it biased.

    • Sounds like you didn’t even listen to the music.

  2. Chapters are absolutely MONSTROUS. With only 2 songs out, they’re already one of the best bands I’ve heard in a long while. I have a strong feeling “The Imperial Skies” will be one of those “Once in a lifetime” albums. \m/

    PS: Joe Nally’s vocals make MY throat hurt….

  3. The songs sound extremely pathetic. Got absolutely no soul in it. Nothing but a piece of trash.

    • Yup, really pathetic. Vocals have no power or distinction, guitars are none existent, Drumming far off time, bass a pile of cack and the arrangement leaves a lot to be desired…………

      One of the best new bands i have heard in a long long time

    • Sounds like someone listened to this music with an in depth ear and a real willingness to appreciate good metal.


  4. So I guess today is troll day huh?

  5. While this isn’t exactly my favorite style of death metal, how does this NOT show emotion? All y’all be tripping. Don’t hate the playa, hate the octo-cum in your ears. :p

    Seriously, though, it’s very competent song writing. A bit too melodeath for me (tonight, that is), but they did remind me of one of my favorite hardcore/death metal bands: Buried Inside. A lot more melodic than Buried Inside, but still…okay, maybe I, too, need to clean the octo-cum out of my ears. Also, is it just me, or are they using djent-like riffs and effects without sounding at all djenty???? I’m clearly going goddamn crazy…

    I blame the cube. I’m gonna go kill some goats just to be sure…

    • Killing the goats won’t help, unless you’re in the mood for cabrito, which is some damn good eating, btw. But there’s no way to appease the cube. I speak from experience. The cube does as the cube wishes, with neither rhyme nor reason. Begging, prayer, and goat sacrifices have no effect.

  6. Thanks mate!
    I have never checked buried inside, i will do now for sure!

    Not a fan of the djenty thing tho 🙁


  7. Well, I expected these guys to be djent given their name, so I guess that was off base. Musically… not bad. Doesn’t really do a lot for me, but that’s just me. I can appreciate how people would like this.

  8. this band rawwkkkzzz!!! \m/

  9. i might be 2 years late but im really digging this shit.

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