Oct 012011

(TheMadIsraeli confesses to a guilty pleasure.  The jury is deliberating his sentence.)

Ok… we all have guilty pleasures, right?  I’m not the only one, right?  Inside all of us is that total douche who listens to Circa Survive and masturbates to his poster of “The Rev” directly across from his bed TO SOME DEGREE OR ANOTHER.  Right?  You do that, don’t you?

So at the risk of losing all respect and reverence (begging the question how much I had to begin with), I present to you: Guilty pleasures.  So who is my band of choice for this first installment?

Death By Stereo.

So, who is Death By Stereo?  Well, the band started out as a hardcore punk outfit, but guitarist Dan Palmer joined them, and after 2 albums they apparently decided that the hardcore punk sound sucked on its own and decided they needed to re-vamp themselves.  After the band decided to take a small break and regroup, they unleashed their third album, Into The Valley Of Death.  Suddenly, they were taking the sounds of punk, thrash, hardcore, melodeath, metalcore, and pop and mixing them together into one cohesive sound.  I mean, just look at their list of primary influences. (after the jump . . .)

At the Gates
Bad Brains
Bad Religion
Black Flag
Dead Kennedys
In Flames
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Minor Threat
Sick Of It All
Suicidal Tendencies

Yeah.  That’s a diverse array of shit, to say the least.

The only consistent members of this band since circa 2003 have been vocalist Efrem Schulz and Dan Palmer.  They are essentially the masterminds, you could say.  Efrem Schulz combines death growls, punk yelling, and purposefully not-quite-on-key clean vocals to maintain the punk atmosphere.  I LOVE this band because whether you like them or not, they have a truly unique sound going for them.  NO ONE sounds like DBS, no one.  Music below.  Laugh at me all you want.


  27 Responses to “GUILTY PLEASURES NO. 1”

  1. THAT’S your guilty pleasure???

    Okay, no way am I telling you guys my guilty pleasures……..

    • Islander forgot to note that this is my article -_- =p

      • Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!

        Well, the sentiment remains….

        When I think guilty pleasure I think of…I dunno, Lady Gaga or Phil Collins or something…(NOT my
        guilty pleasures). Not some bitching alternative punk band….

        • I do like this idea of a Guilty Pleasures series, though I agree that TheMadIsraeli’s inaugural confession isn’t as embarrassing as I thought it might be. I’m hoping other people, both our regular writers and guests, will embarrass themselves by confessing their hidden musical tastes. Just don’t expect me to join in the fun. I embarrass myself enough without even trying.

          • Well, I think everyone already knows I listen to country…

            Anything else would just…no. I’m not gonna be the weird outcast in both real life AND on the Internet.

            AND I’M NOT EVEN A FURRY! (Which, actually, I have no problem with…why does everyone shit on furries, anyway?)

            • I don’t think it’s possible for you to come up with any guilty pleasures since you’ve regularly been so free with your awful confessions. PonPonPon?!?

              • That’s one song, so it doesn’t count. It’s like accidentally bumping into another guy in the locker room. It’s embarrassing, but it’s not really a big deal.

                Now, I had the album, then it becomes a guilty pleasure. And I don’t. So, that doesn’t count.

          • I kind of had it more in mind to do a metal related guilty pleasures sort of thing, but if you want to talk guilty pleasure shit outside of metal, I’d be crucified. For sure.

      • It was a late night. I forgot other things, too. But I did just add the correct authorship credit.

  2. DBS aren’t even punk though! I dunno. Impossible to label if you ask me.

  3. Circa Survive are a completely guilt-free pleasure. Absolutely fantastic band.

  4. I’ve been a DBS fan ever since I saw them at Warped in… 03? AWESOME live band, they bring fucking energy. They also have been know to play decent Iron Maiden covers. Also another thing to note is that the band’s name comes from a quote from the movie The Lost Boys. Not guilty at all, these guys have always kicked ass! Well done.

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