Oct 282011

About a month ago we discovered a German band called Vaulting through one of our MISCELLANY forays into the vast world of unexplored metal. What we heard back then was a five-track EP the band released in 2009 called Modus Humanis. It was damned sweet (read our babbling about it here). We discovered at the time of that post that Vaulting planned to release their debut album Nucleus on October 28. And so they have.

We’re pleased not only to announce that enticing news, but also to help Vaulting premiere a music video for a song from the new album called “Biorobot”. It’s extremely cool to watch, and the music is killer. “Biorobot” is the shortest song on the album — just long enough to tease us into wanting more. We’ve just received the rest of the album, and you’ll be reading more about it at NCS soon. For now, go past the jump and check out the new vid.

Here are Vaulting links:


  7 Responses to “VAULTING: “NUCLEUS””

  1. This is quite possibly the least nightmarishly disturbing video that I have ever seen.

    • The Metachaos video is a hard act to follow, but the Vaulting video is still very cool to me. “Satan Rosenbloom” described it well in that MetalSucks post which you can see via that link that showed up here in Comment 3 below.

  2. Showers are so metal. Especially decontamination showers.

  3. Cool video, but kinda leaves you hanging.

    Also, these guys obviously love them some ambigrams when it comes to their logos.

    • It does kind of leave you hanging. I wanted more of the song and more of the story. First time I saw it, I thought maybe it was an album teaser instead of a full track from the album. It just happens that the song is a short one, as many on the album are.

  4. Please don’t set videos to auto start when you embed them, it is annoying.

    And Vaulting also have a Bandcamp: http://vaulting.bandcamp.com/album/nucleus

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