Dec 202011

(Architecture of Aggression is a South African band who’ve been creating massive, bone-grinding, head-spinning, technically inventive, progressive death metal for more than 16 years (check out this post if they’re a name you don’t recognize). I asked one of the band’s co-founders, Van Zyl Alberts (aka Van666) to contribute to our year-end series of posts on 2011’s best metal, and here’s his list of recommendations.)

1. Pestilence Doctrine

Brilliant, epic, powerful, technical, and catchy, with great crushing riffs, and jazzy bass lines and guitar solos. A modern Classic. Like a slow cancer that consumes your body, Pestilence reminds everybody that playing as fast as humanly possible, which is the modern trend, doesn’t necessarily make you more heavy. For fans of Old School Death Metal.

2. Anthrax Worship Music

This album will rock your socks off, period! Uplifting, catchy as Hell, sing along, ballsy, powerful Thrash Metal. Best album since “Sounds of White Noise”. Feels like the perfect combination of “Persistence of Time” and “We’ve Come For You ll”. Sounds like the Big 4 tour recharged their batteries and put some fire in their bellies. Featuring original vocalist Joe Belladonna. Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer beware!

3. Supreme PainDivine Incarnation

Brutal and relentless, a great mix of Old School Death Metal song-writing with modern Death Metal brutality. Reminds me of Monstrosity, early Entombed, and Slayer.

4. ImmolationProvidence (EP)

Hypnotic, brutal, heavy, slithering Death metal.

5. Exhumed All Guts, No Glory

Excellent come-back album. A brutal grind extravaganza with catchy melodic moments and epic solos. If you love old school Carcass, then this is right up your ally.

6. Between the Buried and Me The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues (EP)

Epic, progressive, inventive, technical, and original. Never a dull moment. Some of their best work since Alaska.

7. Origin Entity

Crushing, brutal, catchy, fast, original, technical Death Metal. Not as groundbreaking as Antithesis, but a great album nonetheless.

8. Dying Fetus History Repeats (EP)

Brutal, heavy, blunt and to the point. Dying Fetus paying tribute to the bands that influenced and inspired their unique and brutal sound.

9. Animals As LeadersWeightless

A great follow up album on their 2009 self titled debut release. A modern progressive instrumental Metal album with great guitar playing and musicianship.

10. Septic FleshThe Great Mass

A dark, epic, moody, and powerful album. Less catchy than Communion, but still a great record . Really grows on you after a couple of spins.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I decided to check out music from a few of Van666’s picks that I hadn’t heard this year with. There’s some good shit here.

  4 Responses to “THE 2011 TOP 10 of VAN666 (ARCHITECTURE OF AGGRESSION)”

  1. Origin!

    I liked Entity more than Antithesis, but both albums rock my cum socks off.

  2. Nice to see Exhumed ranked this high on a *best of* list. Kudos on your display of supreme judgement.

  3. This was pretty f***ing awesome. Worst Metal album covers ever! My only question is… deathly hardcore and bad-ass can you be if it take you 2 hours to put on makeup everyday?

  4. I picked up Septicflesh after seeing it come up on a whole lot of lists over at Metalsucks. Awesome! think Carmina Burana mixed with metal, epic, spooky. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for most of the week (don’t tell Dr Katrina McFerrans –

    So much going on in this, and as a plus Seth’s cover artwork and the 80-minute behind the scenes bonus DVD top it all off.

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