Dec 242011

I’m trying. This is the best I can do.

A new holiday-themed look and feel for the site: looks like shit, feels like slime.

Should I make it permanent?

Nice metal krampus after the jump.

  24 Responses to “HO HO HO”

  1. I fucking lol-ed.

  2. “Looks like shit. Feels like slime” Could be a marketing phrase for Phro’s new overtake on the field of entrepreneurship:

    I’D BUY ONE!

  3. Oh man, so thats on purpose? I thought my search engine had puked christmas teal all over my monitor. I guess Santa Cthulhu approves though

    Krampus says Happy Holidays

  4. Mad Santa on the blog

    Anybody know who the artist is?

  5. I call you out fake Islander, release the real christmas hating curmudgeon and crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

  6. He knows when you are sleeping… he comes to eat your soul…

  7. This new theme makes my dicks hurt and my balls shrivel.
    If I were actually using them for something, I’d Sue you for causing emotional distress.

    You’re lucky my anus is fine…you can keep your mansion full of gold.

  8. This makes me sad.

  9. I sense that the new theme is causing discontent among the faithful. I will have to come up with something . . . else . . . for That Day which is tomorrow.

  10. ARG! I wake up from a drug fueled flu haze to a different blog layout? With Christmas Satan Squid?

    Maybe trying to make my own cold medication wasn’t a good idea.

    Either way happy chrisataunukaunzamas to all you greasy motherfuckers

  11. Happy holidays you qhores! I originally meant to type “whores” but then I decided that I liked the “q” there more. BTW I got the new Krisiun album, haven’t listened to it yet, in fact I think I’ma listen to it tomorrow; regardless, I’m excited about it.

    • How the he’ll do you have the willpower to put off listening to it??

      • Hell not he’ll… Durrrrrr

      • Lol… I’m lazy and I don’t feel like putting it on my iPod at 10 at night… or it was 10 at night. I really want to listen to it though… but I suspect that I may have gotten an iPod touch for Christmas so I might as well wait until I can put all music on one thing.

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